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A Historic Look at MLB’s Oldest Ballparks

Baseball is America’s pastime. MLB as we know it today has existed for over 100 historic years. Here are some of the sport’s oldest ballparks.

A Historic Look at FBS College Football’s Oldest Stadiums

In the FBS alone there are dozens of college football stadiums built before 1930 still standing today. Here’s a look back at of the 10 oldest stadiums.


Top 5 Championship-Winning Men’s College Basketball Programs: Part 3

Winning a national championship is no easy feat. Winning eight national championships seems insurmountable. Not for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Top 5 Championship-Winning Men’s College Basketball Programs: Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of the Top 5 Championship-Winning Men’s College Basketball Programs:
This article will take a look at number three on the all-time list of most championships in college basketball.


Top 5 Championship-Winning Men’s College Basketball Programs: Part 1

With the 2018 men’s college basketball national championship in the books, you may be finding yourself craving more. You aren’t alone. The 2018 tournament was an absolute blast to watch, largely in part because of how many upsets occurred. But number one seed Villanova managed to take home the title, their second one in three […]

Five Obscure but Great Sports Upsets

No matter the sport, we all love a good upset. When the underdog finds victory despite adversity and unfavorable odds, it never fails to bring joy to neutrals and partisans alike. Throughout the years, upsets have kept us all entertained and been the bane of bookmakers at the same time. 5. Wimbledon v Liverpool – […]

Hockey Rules: What is Overtime in the NHL? - Hotels4Teams

Hockey Rules: What Is Overtime in the NHL?

Hockey overtime is among the most exciting moments in sports. The instant ecstasy or sudden defeat can be palpable, and the story is often told for years.

The History of the Modern Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games is an international sporting event that has been subdivided into Summer and Winter Games that take place every four years. Up through 1992, the Summer and Winter Games occurred in the same year. After that, the Summer and Winter Games have been separated by a two year gap. In 1994, the […]