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Travel Gear & Apps

Best Travel Accessories - Hotels4Teams

Best Travel Accessories

Free up some space in your suitcase; after using the travel accessories featured on this list once, you’ll wonder how you ever went anywhere without them.

Travel Gear of the Week: GRID-IT! Organizer - Hotels4Teams

Travel Gear of the Week: GRID-IT! Organizer

Aptly named, the GRID-IT! Organizer is a grid made of woven elastic bands. These taut bands keep objects of all sorts of shapes and sizes securely in place while the interwoven pattern makes the GRID-IT! Organizer endlessly configurable. Since it doesn’t have pockets, the layout is entirely up to you.

Travel Gear & App Wrap-Up: May - Hotels4Teams

Travel Gear & App Wrap-Up: May

In case you missed some of our travel gear and app selections for May, here’s a summary of each.

Travel App of the Week: SitOrSquat - Hotels4Teams

Travel App of the Week: SitOrSquat

Like Yelp! has done for local businesses, SitOrSquat is doing for public restrooms. No longer will you have to worry about where your next bathroom break will take place. Download SitOrSquat on your smartphone and it’ll point you in the direction of the area’s most pristine porcelain thrones.

Travel Gear of the Week: Travelon Bag Bungee - Hotels4Teams

Travel Gear of the Week: Travelon Bag Bungee

The Bag Bungee is yet another product from Travelon that’s so practical, you’ll wonder how you ever went anywhere without it. The Bag Bungee allows travelers to carry more with less effort by securing additional items such as a bag or coat to the extended handles of a rolling suitcase.

Travel App of the Week: Roadtrippers

The roadways of America are littered with fun and funky sights to see as you rack up miles on your car’s odometer. To find roadside attractions along your route, download the nifty travel app Roadtrippers before you go.

Travel Gear of the Week: Freehand Travel Drink-Caddy

As the world’s first and only self-leveling cup holder that attaches to your luggage, Freehand puts an end to having to juggle your bag, phone, and that oh-so-important cup of coffee. Unless you’ve got three hands, Freehand is bound to come in handy next time you travel.

Travel App of the Week: iExit

There are some aspects of a road trip that no amount of planning can prepare you for. It’s those unpredictable moments that will make you glad you downloaded iExit on your smartphone before hitting the open road. This travel app, available for free for iPhone and Android, is the ultimate road trip companion.

Travel Gear of the Week: Torro Bracelet

At first glance, the Torro Bracelet looks like any other piece of jewelry. Undo the clasp and you’ll find a USB 2.0 plug on one end and a Lightning plug on the other. Faux leather braids disguise an Apple MFi-certified cable with both charging and data transfer capabilities.

Travel App of the Week: LiveTrekker

One of the greatest joys of traveling is returning home with new memories and stories to tell. That said, keeping track of all the fun experiences you had can be difficult. LiveTrekker is a travel app designed to solve this dilemma by creating a digital map of your journey.

Travel Gear of the Week: Steamfast Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Despite its small size, the Mini Steam Iron boasts enough power to take care of big wrinkles and create crisp, neat creases. It’s also much more nimble than traditional irons, allowing you to get into small spaces where other irons can’t. It’ll take up way less space in your suitcase too.

Travel Gear & App Wrap-Up: April

Here are our selections for travel gear and apps for the month of April.

Travel App of the Week: PackPoint

Praised by a range of publications from the Los Angeles Times to Lifehacker, PackPoint is a handy travel app that aims to optimize the packing process. With PackPoint, you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to bring flip-fops on vacation or returning home without your toiletry bag.

Travel Gear of the Week: Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Those looking to up their water intake without dealing with the burden of a bulky bottle should look into getting the Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle. This 22-ounce water bottle is made of thick, yet pliable, BPA-free silicone, allowing it to be rolled, folded, or squished when space is limited.

Travel Gear of the Week: Travelon Deluxe Packable Shelves

No matter how much you might plan and prep, getting ready for a trip almost always seems to turn into a stressful ordeal. It’s easy to forget some of your clothes in the chaos, regardless of if you’re packing for a week-long vacation or a two-day business trip. After all, you probably have to sort […]

Travel App of the Week: Instacart

Although there are some people out there who actually enjoy grocery shopping, they’re definitely few and far between. But even that rare breed would have to agree that getting groceries for the week is one of the last things they want to worry about after finally returning home from a long, hectic trip. Thanks to […]

Travel App of the Week: Splitwise

You’ve just finished a delicious meal with everyone you’re traveling with at a charming little restaurant right down the street from your hotel. Then the bill comes. You forgot to ask your server to split it up ahead of time so now it’s up to all of you to figure out who owes what. Good […]

Travel Gear of the Week: Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful day outside taking part in activities like lounging on the beach, enjoying a picnic under a shady tree, or watching your child’s team compete in a great game on the field. That is, until you get up from where you were sitting and realize that you got dirt […]

Travel App of the Week: Google Trips

In 1997, Google revolutionized the way we surf the web. Then in 2005, Google revolutionized the way we get from point A to point B with Google Maps. Now Google is attempting to further revolutionize the way we travel with one of their newest innovations, Google Trips. Lauded as one of the company’s most exciting […]

Travel Gear of the Week: Anker PowerPort Solar

Whether you’re spending the day on the field watching your team compete or exploring a city you’ve never been to before, the last thing you want is for your smartphone to run out of battery power. Without our phones we can’t make calls, send and receive texts, take pictures, or browse social media. Better find […]