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June's Hot Travel Destinations - Hotels4Teams

June’s Hot Travel Destinations

If you’re in need of some vacation inspiration, this list of travel destinations that hold a one of a kind event every June will come in handy. It might even get you thinking about where you want to go next year!

New Bill Could Ground Smaller Airplane Seats

It seems like space-saving airplane seats might never get cleared for takeoff thanks to a new bill known as the SEAT Act. The bill aims to ensure that passengers are able to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of an emergency by standardizing the minimum seat size on commercial planes.

Tips to Help Kids Cope With In-Flight Ear Pain

If you’re a new parent or will be one soon and plan to travel frequently with your child in tow, chances are these useful tips for helping kids cope with in-flight ear pain will come in handy at one point or another.

Top 40 U.S. Beaches

Choosing which beach to go to is kind of a big deal. Summer doesn’t last forever, so you definitely don’t want to waste a day visiting a beach that’s lousy. Fortunately, Cheapism has recently published two articles listing the 20 best beaches on the East and West Coast.

Don’t Want to Lose Your Luggage? Avoid These Airlines

On occasions where I have to check my bag, I’m left wondering how reliable the airline I’m flying on is at handling passengers’ luggage. Next time that happens I won’t have to wonder, thanks to this helpful article from The Active Times that lists the top 12 airlines most likely to lose a passenger’s luggage.

What to Look Forward to at Disney Parks in 2018

While it seems like there’s always something exciting going on in the wonderful world of Disney, 2018 might just be their biggest year yet. Those planning to visit Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California this summer can expect to find many new additions at both parks. These additions include new rides, new […]

New Fast & Furious Ride Now Open at Universal Orlando

If you’re planning to visit Universal Orlando this summer, buckle up. This week marks the opening of the park’s newest ride, Fast & Furious – Supercharged. The ride is inspired by the wildly popular Fast & Furious film franchise, which has altogether grossed more than five billion dollars, making it Universal Pictures’ biggest franchise to […]

Make the Most of a Layover with These Fun Airport Activities

Nobody likes being stuck in an airport, especially if it’s the result of  layovers or delayed flights. After all, airports are almost always crowded, dreary, and above all, dreadfully boring. You may not always be able to book a hotel room nearby, either. To stay sane, most travelers spend their time in airports putzing around […]

New Airplane Seats Could Make Coach Standing Room Only

Just when you thought flying in coach couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Italian aircraft seat manufacturer Aviointeriors introduces their latest innovation: Skyrider 2.0. This seat, which is an updated version of a design Aviointeriors debuted back in 2010, allows for increased passenger capacity on flights; an increase of 20 percent, to be exact. While that’s […]

From Airports to Hotels, New Technology Modernizes Travel

The world of travel is ever-changing. It’s only a matter of time before travelers will no longer have to dread inconveniences such as standing in long lines at airport security, losing a hotel room key, or the time-consuming process of booking a trip. That’s because technology continues to evolve at an increasingly breakneck pace, which […]

Pets on a Plane: Tips for Traveling With Animals

On multiple occasions throughout the past few months, United Airlines has gotten itself caught up in some serious bouts of pet-related turbulence. The most tragic of these incidents was the death of Kokito, a 10-month-old French bulldog who died after spending a three-hour flight in an overhead bin. The very next day United made headlines yet again […]