For any college student who has dreamed of a life of working the professional sports world, entering this competitive industry can seem like an impossible task. After all, the world of sports is fiercely competitive, both on and off the field or the court.

When you’re contemplating a career in sports, the most important thing to remember is that each and every person who works in sports started out just like you did. However, they made the right educational and career choices to help them get to where they needed to be to work in their dream career.

If you want to get on the path that will take you to where you need to be to work in sports, then follow this guide.


Decide What Exactly You Want To Do

The world of sports is larger and more multi-faceted than just about any other industry. There are so many moving parts that go into the industry as a whole. There are broadcast television professionals who set up the live telecasts of games and matches. There are advertising professionals who ensure that the team or franchise is being properly marketed. There are medical doctors who work directly for teams. Heck, there are individuals who make full time careers out of calculating NBA betting odds in Las Vegas.

It can be overwhelming to decide what exactly it is that you want to do, but it’s crucial that you do so. Franchises and teams won’t be impressed by applicants who just want to work for a professional sports organization in some capacity. Rather, they want people who are passionate about a specific role. If they’re hiring someone to do their social media marketing, they don’t just want someone who’s passionate about the team, but they want someone who lives and breathes Twitter and Facebook. This is why it’s essential to choose an exact career path and stick with it.


Get the Right Credentials and Degree

Once you’ve determined what path you want to set out on, you need to acquire a degree and credentials that will help you to fulfill this role. Determining which major will best help you to achieve your career goals is typically fairly simple, but if it seems vague, talk to your academic advisor. While in school, do your best to obtain the best grades possible. Remember, the sports world is competitive and organizations are usually looking for the best of the best.


Pursue As Many Internships and Unpaid Opportunities as Possible

Internships and unpaid opportunities might feel like slave labor, but they are absolutely critical for anyone who wishes to work in the world of professional sports. As a student, these internships and other opportunities are plentiful and should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Many teams hire interns to do “grunt work,” such as promotions and assorted duties during games. Although you’ll be working hard for nothing more than college credit, the perk is that you’ll get free admission on game day and oftentimes insider access to events.

These internships will also allow you to network and meet people who can help you once you are graduated and looking for your first job. Sporting organizations can oftentimes be quite nepotistic, but in a good way. Franchises and teams like to work with candidates who have a history within the organization.

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work and perseverance are put on a pedestal in the sports world. In a world centered on athletes, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Give your first internship or your first job the same hard work and dedication that a player would give to the first game of the season. Eventually, you’ll achieve your career goals.

If you follow these tips, a career in sports is absolutely attainable. Remember, everyone working in the world of sports was once just getting their start as well.