If you’ve stayed at a DoubleTree by Hilton hotel before, chances are you’ve sunk your teeth into and blessed your taste buds with one of their signature cookies. Packed full of gooey chocolate chips and crunchy walnuts, these decadent treats are given to all DoubleTree guests upon checking in.

After a long day of travel, these cookies are a warm welcome that has, over time, become one of the chain’s most defining characteristics. Whether you choose to eat it in your room, while you’re on the elevator, or right there in the hotel lobby, these cookies make every DoubleTree location feel a little bit more like home, no matter how far away home actually is.

But as familiar as savvy travelers may be with the famous DoubleTree cookie, even they might still be surprised by some of the following fascinating fun facts.


DoubleTree has been welcoming guests with their warm, delicious cookies for more than 30 years.

Although the concept of the DoubleTree cookie might seem like a recent development to some; myself included; the chain actually began offering them decades ago in 1986. Back then they were given to guests during turndown service. Then, in 1995, DoubleTree made them available at the front desk; a tradition they continue to uphold at locations all around the world.


DoubleTree Cookie

Approximately 75,000 DoubleTree cookies are given out each day, adding up to more than 27 million per year, and over 384 million overall.

With more than 500 hotels worldwide and guests checking in all the time, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that DoubleTree’s cookie output is nothing short of astronomical. If these numbers are enough to make your head spin and your mouth water, take a deep breath before reading the mind-blowing chocolate chip statistics coming up next.


DoubleTree uses more than one million pounds of Ghirardelli chocolate chips per year. About 20 chips go into each individual cookie.

Ever experienced the disappointment of biting into a cookie and not tasting a single chocolate chip? Yeah, you won’t have that problem with a DoubleTree cookie. With so many chips it’s no wonder why each cookie weighs in at more than two ounces.


Every DoubleTree cookie is baked fresh daily at each hotel.

While you might’ve traveled hundreds of miles before reaching your DoubleTree destination, rest assured that your cookie hasn’t. In order to make them taste as fresh and delicious as possible, DoubleTree cookies are baked on site every day at all of their properties.


DoubleTree Cookie

Wondering how DoubleTree has a warm cookie waiting for you around the clock? Warming drawers built right into the front desk!

When the receptionist at the front desk hands you your cookie, you might notice that they’ve pulled it out from a warming drawer behind the check-in counter. Yep, DoubleTree goes that far to ensure that even guests checking in at the crack of dawn or the middle of the night can still enjoy a warm, gooey cookie that tastes like it just came out of the oven.


To commemorate the opening of their 500th hotel, DoubleTree unveiled their first-ever cookie cookbook.

Ever wondered how to incorporate DoubleTree cookies into a dish like rack of lamb or in a crafty cocktail? Okay, probably not. But after skimming through the pages of We Have Cookies: Taste the World of DoubleTree by Hilton, the hotel chain’s digital cookbook, you might find yourself tempted to try your hand at making some fun, cookie-inspired recipes. There are 33 in all, ranging from a savory DoubleTree cookie burger to a rich DoubleTree cookie bread pudding.


In 2017, DoubleTree began offering a nut-free alternative to their classic cookies.

Everyone loves DoubleTree’s cookies. As long as they aren’t allergic to walnuts, that is. However, now guests with nut allergies can snack on a bag of nut-free chocolate chip mini cookies from Homefree. They’re a brand that makes cookies in a facility free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, and gluten. Better still, their cookies are also vegan, non-GMO verified, and contain no artificial ingredients.


Here’s the secret to getting more free DoubleTree cookies during your stay…

Just ask! Yes, it’s really that simple. In some cases, you don’t even have to be a guest at a DoubleTree to get one. Some people claim that if you walk in and politely ask for one, the front desk staff are usually more than happy to oblige.


There are days where every DoubleTree hotel gives out a complimentary cookie to anyone who stops by, whether or not they’re a guest.

These days include National Chocolate Chip Day and National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which fall on May 15 and August 4, respectively. You can also get your free cookie fix during DoubleTree’s 12 Days of Cookies. This seasonal event takes place from December 13 to December 24.


DoubleTree cookies have been in outer space.

DoubleTree Cookie

No need to do a double take; you read that right. Now DoubleTree cookies don’t just taste out of this world… they’ve literally been out of this world! In fact, they are officially the first cookie to be baked in space. What a time to be alive.

DoubleTree pulled off this monumental feat in 2019 with the help of Zero G Kitchen, a company that’s making it possible to cook in space. Also involved in the effort was NanoRacks, an industry-leading space station services provider.


You don’t have to visit a DoubleTree hotel to enjoy one of their warm, chocolatey cookies.

DoubleTree Cookie

Order them online here and enjoy DoubleTree cookies in the comfort of your own home. Cookies are sold in tins of six and as raw, uncooked cookie dough. Both products are sold through Christie Cookie Company, a Nashville-based bakery that supplies dough to many DoubleTree hotels.

Want a DoubleTree cookie without stopping by one of their hotels or waiting for a tin of them to be shipped? Why not try making your own? There are plenty of imitation recipes available online and this chocolate chip cookie recipe from Crazy for Crust claims to be even better than the DoubleTree original. That’s a bold claim to back up, but maybe there’s some truth to it. We’ll let you be the judge.