Is your family planning on taking a road trip this summer? If you are, expect it to go one of two ways. One: Everything goes according to plan. Two: Not so much. I’ll let you guess which outcome is more likely.

The key to a stress-free road trip is proper planning. Planning can help your road trip go off without a hitch, making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. After all, the last words any parent wants to hear is “Are we there yet?” less than one hour into a long-haul road trip.

There are some aspects of a road trip that no amount of planning can prepare you for however. For instance, you can never know when you’ll need to stop to replenish your snack supply or for your kid to take a quick bathroom break.

It’s unpredictable moments like these that will make you glad you downloaded iExit on your smartphone before hitting the open road. This travel app, available for free for iPhone and Android, is the ultimate road trip companion.

While en route to your destination, open iExit and select “Find me on the highway.” iExit then uses GPS to pinpoint your current location and provides you with a directory of the next 100 exits. You can then click on an exit to see point of interests located within a couple miles of the off-ramp.

Travel App

Points of interest listed on iExit include places like gas stations, restaurants, and lodging. Best of all, iExit integrates useful information such as gas prices and restaurant reviews form third party companies like GasBuddy and Yelp. This way you know where you should stop and where you should skip.

You can also “favorite” the chains your family likes best. iExit then notifies you whenever you’ll be passing by them. Now you won’t have to worry about missing that Cracker Barrel or Chic-fil-A 10 miles back.

You don’t have to be on the road to use iExit, by the way. The app also lets users plan ahead by letting them search through a directory over 500 major highways across the U.S.

No matter where you’re headed, with iExit, you can always know what’s in store.