Last week, we published a list of roadside attractions in all 50 states, which you can read here. Featured on the list are roadside oddities ranging from a replica of Stonehenge made of cars in Alliance, Nebraska, to the world’s smallest church, which floats out on the middle of a pond near Syracuse, New York.

If you’re planning to take a road trip with your family come summertime, chances are you’ll be in the vicinity of at least one of these attractions. If you are, consider making a quick detour to see it in person. It’s not every day you get to visit the World’s Largest Ball of Paint or step inside a house shaped like a shoe, after all!

These attractions are only the tip of the iceberg, though. The roadways of America are littered with fun and funky sights to see as you rack up miles on your car’s odometer. To find more roadside attractions along your route, download the nifty travel app Roadtrippers before you go.

Unlike apps like Google Maps and Waze, Roadtrippers isn’t about getting users from point A to point B as quickly as possible. It’s instead meant to take you off the beaten path in search of the hidden gems that will make your drive one to remember.

According to their website, Roadtripper’s database contains “millions of the world’s most interesting locations.” It’s safe to say that no matter where it is you’re headed, there’s bound to be a few places worth a pit stop along the way.

Travel App

Planning a road trip itinerary with Roadtrippers is easy, especially if you’re already familiar with navigational apps like Google Maps.

Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a simple, streamlined interface. From there, select “Start New Trip,” then input your starting location and destination, as well as the kind of places you’d like to visit along the way. These places are divided into categories such as “Games & Amusement,” “Monuments,” and “Tours & Excursions.” Roadtrippers can even estimate how much you’ll spend on gas once you’ve chosen a route.

When it’s time to hit the road, print out a copy of your itinerary or stay on course using the app. You can also share your itinerary with your fellow road trippers along with any family and friends who might want to know where you’re headed next.