Try not to get lost if your team is playing a tournament at Aurora Sports Complex. This place is massive! This 220-acre parks sees over 350,000 visitors every year. There are 12 fields for baseball and softball and 27 multi-use fields sprawled out throughout the complex. Four of the 39 fields are lighted turf fields. Other amenities the Aurora Sports Complex provides are five concession areas, four playgrounds, and seven picnic shelters.

Aurora Sports Complex is also surrounded by many thrilling attractions and various restaurants for your team to take advantage of while they’re in Aurora.


Things to Do

Aurora History Museum

Learn some new, fascinating facts at Aurora History Museum. Delve deep into Aurora’s history dating all the way back to a time before European settlers lived there.

The museum has amassed a diverse collection of Native American and early European settler artifacts like arrowheads, clothing, jewelry, and other relics. Gaze at extremely old photographs of Aurora and follow its development as a city. One of the museum’s most proud exhibits is the fully restored 1913 trolley car.

An interactive gallery can also be found. Perfect for those tactile learners who like to get involved. One of the best parts about Aurora History Museum is that it’s free! 15051 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80012



Think of a place where kids congregate. If you made a list, malls would invariably be in the top three. Malls are a great place to take the team whenever you travel. They take little to no planning, are loaded with things to do, and kids feel right at home going to one.

When you’re near the Aurora Sports Complex, there’s no better mall around than Southlands. Your team could spend hours exploring this mall due to its enormous size. There are 189 individual stores and 16 anchors! That’s a lot of window shopping. Let them loose to walk around Southlands’ storefront packed two floors and take a break from chaperoning.

If you do decide to spend an afternoon there, your team will have many dining options available to them. Don’t worry about anyone going hungry at Southlands. 6155 S Main St, Aurora, CO 80016


AMC DINE-IN Southlands 16

A giant mall needs a giant movie theater. Whether you’re already at Southlands or you’re heading there just to go to the movies, AMC DINE-IN Southlands 16 offers the best movie selection in Aurora. Indicative of its name, the theater plays 16 movies every day. Each movie has multiple show times too, so don’t fret if you missed a show time because you were busy.

If you’ve never been to an AMC theater before, than you’re in for a treat. Serving much more than popcorn and candy, AMC has a full kitchen and menu for you to order off of. Once you sit down, a server will come over and take your order. Shortly after the movie starts, your food will be served and you can enjoy the movie while you eat a hot meal. 23955 E Plaza Ave, Aurora, Colorado 80016


Great Plains Park

Looking to change settings and get away from the Aurora Sports Complex for a little bit? If it’s a nice day out, you can head to Great Plains Park.

This 50 acre park is a relaxing place to spend a little time. Lounge around in the grass or run around on the playground. A spray ground water area can be found in the park as well. It’s just the spot to cool off on a hot day. Great Plains Park also has a baseball field, half basketball court, and a lot of structures for some shade. These structures also make nice picnic areas. 20100 E Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80013


Beck Indoor Pool

Aurora Sports Complex - Travel - Hotels4TeamsIs it scorching out, or are you simply just trying to find a place to swim when you don’t need to be at the Aurora Sports Complex? Beck Indoor Pool is the destination for you.

This 25-yard, six-lane pool is more than big enough to handle your team’s aquatic antics. The pool is equipped with a diving board and water slide for even more fun. Cool off while you play some games, or swim a couple laps.

Beck Recreation Center also has a hot tub that fits up to 14 at a time. Unwind after a long game and let the tub do some magic. Remember to pack your bathing suit! 800 Telluride St. Aurora, 80011


Mission Escapes

Give your body a rest and your mind a work out at Mission Escapes. This exciting escape room experience will stump you time and time again as you try to solve the clues and make your way out in under 60 minutes. When you visit, you have two room themes to pick from.

Attempt the Treasure Hunt room and work with your team to open locks and solve puzzles. You have 60 minutes to try and uncover where the mysterious man, whose office you’re in, hid his treasure. Otherwise, you’ll leave empty-handed.

Mission Escape’s other room, Lunar Escape, has quite an interesting premise. The lights in the world have been absent for a long time and the planet as descended into the Dark Ages. The moon is the only light source still existing. Find a way to bring the lights back to Earth and turn them all back on again. 3000 S Jamaica Ct, Aurora, CO 80014


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Places to Eat

The Donut House

A spot so popular in Aurora, they needed two locations. For all those sweet tooths on your team, The Donut House will be one of their favorite places to visit. Included on PopSugar’s top 50 U.S donut shops, The Donut House has been recognized for having some of the tastiest donuts in the country.

Fresh, homemade donuts are made daily, ensuring that every customer has a delightful experience. You won’t be able to find a more delectable donut in all of Colorado.

Aurora Sports Complex - Travel - Hotels4Teams

The variety of donuts will surprise you. They have the classics like glazed and jelly-filled, but they go far beyond those. You can order their “Legend” donut dishes. These donuts are decked out with all sorts of topping like brownies, fresh fruit, and more. Do yourself and the team a favor, and make The Donut House one of your must-see destinations when you visit the Aurora Sports Complex. 360 S. Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80017


Ma Ma Olivia’s Pizza

Every kid loves pizza. It’s cheesy, can be covered in toppings, and from a money stand point, it’s very inexpensive.

After a long day at the Aurora Sports Complex head to Ma Ma Olivia’s Pizza. Mama Olivia’s makes some of the most delicious handmade pizzas in Aurora. Order one their specialty pies, with various toppings, or create your own pizza with up to as many as five toppings on it. As is expected with pizzerias, Ma Ma Olivia’s makes calzones and strombolis as well. 477 Sable Blvd, Aurora, CO 80011


East China

An Asian restaurant that specializes in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine, East China has quite the menu. You can expect the classics like egg rolls, spring rolls, dumplings, friend rice, and noodle dishes, but East China cooks up much more than that. There are dozens and dozens of Thai dishes like pad Thai and Thai curry and Popular Vietnamese cuisine like rice noodle bowls.

East China provides dishes for those who are less daring with their food choices, but has a diverse selection for those who are interested in trying something new. 15510 E Centretech Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80011


Senor Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant

Senor Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant is an affordable Mexican eatery that serves up all of the favorite Mexican dishes. You’ll find cheaply priced tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and much more. Senor Miguel’s also has full entrees that come with sides like beans and rice.

You can even order a few different hamburgers there. Some more standard American style, others with a Mexican twist.

Only about 10 minutes away from Aurora Sports Complex, Senor Miguel’s is a convenient spot to refuel the team after a game. 894 S. Buckley Rd, Aurora, CO, 80017


When your team is playing at Aurora Sports Complex, they’ll be able to choose between a variety of activities. The Aurora Sports Complex alone is big enough that they can spend some time there when they aren’t playing. When you want to branch out, however, Aurora has a wealth of attractions and restaurants.