Bangor – Things to do with your Team

Bangor owes much of its existence to trees.  Without them, the city would not be what it is today.  Because of its advantageous geographic location, Bangor was a prime spot to process lumber from the woods of Maine.  Much of Maine’s lumber industry was run through Bangor.  By the 1860s, Bangor held the title of the world’s largest lumber port, housing 150 saw mills.

Being that the city was constructed along a river, shipbuilding became an influential industry as well.  The lumber and ships made in Bangor were transported all over the United States and even China, South America, and the West Indies.

As time moved forward, Bangor adapted its major industries and began manufacturing paper with a lot of the wood it processed.  Thanks to timber, Bangor has become one of Maine’s largest cities filled with exciting attractions for teams.


Blackbeard’s Family Fun Park

Bring your team to a place that you know they will love.  Packed with a variety of entertaining activities, Blackbeard’s Family Fun Park will keep the team busy for a couple hours at least.

Bangor - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4Teams

Get a little group together and play on either one of Blackbeard’s 18-hole mini golf courses.  Both of these courses will surprise you in terms of how beautifully landscaped they are.  Work on your putting while being surrounded by lush gardens and spraying fountains.  Navigate your golf ball through caves, waterfalls, pipes, around rocks, and deal with other obstacles as well.  Mini golf not your thing?  Blackbeard’s also has batting cages if you’d prefer to swing a bat instead of a golf club.

Those who have a need for speed can check out the quarter mile go-kart track.  The track provides one and two person karts in case there are people who do not qualify to drive themselves around the track.

Once you feel you’ve gotten enough sun for the day, head inside to the arcade and snack bar and spend some time there.  Blackbeard’s assortment of games and activities make it a great destination for your team while you’re in Bangor. 339 Odlin Rd, Bangor, ME 04401


Cole Land Transportation Museum

A unique kind of museum located in Bangor, Cole Land Transportation Museum gives its visitors an in-depth glance at historic vehicles once used not only in Maine, but all over the country.

Get up close and personal with many remarkable cars, trucks, and motorcycles that you most likely have never seen before.  Trace the evolution of fire trucks through the centuries while you observe the museum’s collection of them.  Cole Land even has real, once operational train cars for you to learn about.

Very early versions of snowplows can also be found here.  You probably didn’t know, but the snowplow was invented in Maine.  After it was patented and began mass production, people all over the country scurried to their local suppliers to buy them to aid in their snow removal difficulties.

Cole Land is full of fascinating vehicles and memorabilia.  The plaques and displays give you a detailed history of them, but if you find yourself still curious, the museum staff is very knowledgeable and happy to help answer any questions you may have. 405 Perry Rd, Bangor, ME 04401


Family Fun Bowling Center

Enjoy some frames, and tackle that 7-10 split with your team at Family Fun Bowling Center.  The 20 lane bowling alley is the perfect place to spend an hour or two, especially if the weather outside is frigid.  For very affordable prices, you and your team can bowl a few rounds and have some fun.

A snack bar and game room equipped with pool tables and arcade games are located right in the alley too so your team has even more options for entertainment. 15 Hildreth St, Bangor, ME 04401


Maine Discovery Museum

Bangor - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsLet out your inner scientist and explore all that Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor has to offer.  The large quantity and quality of the exhibits will shock you.

Ever wondered exactly what the inside of your body looks like?  You can find out at the museum in their larger than life body model.  Learn about the functions of your organs and how organ systems work in tandem with each other to keep you alive.

Stop by the live animal section and say hello to some of the museum’s residents.  Expect to see a lot of reptiles and amphibians.  No cute, cuddly mammals here.  In conjunction with the live animal section, MDM has constructed an exhibit that allows you to encounter the ecosystems of Maine.  While walking along the river you’ll see fish, frogs, and other inhabitants.  You even get the chance to enter a beaver dam where you can appreciate the architectural complexity of this wooden structure.

Another bonus about MDM is you can bring in your own food, making this an ideal spot to see some amazing things while enjoying lunch with your team. 74 Main St, Bangor, ME 04401


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Bangor Mall

Malls are an excursion that require little to no planning, which is a welcomed characteristic when you’re planning a trip such as this.

Bangor Mall is the perfect spot to let the team roam around on their own for a little while.  If you’re in a bind and need something to do for an hour, or just need shelter from inclement weather, Bangor Mall is worth checking out.  Its stores are all located on the same floor making your shopping trip very convenient. 663 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401


Bangor Mall Cinemas 10

Not everything you do has to require walking or running around.  In fact, between those kinds of activities and playing in a tournament, you are sure to get tired after a while.  Why not take a load off and go to a movie?

Head to Bangor Mall Cinemas 10 for a cinematic treat and some much needed relaxation, where you have the option of 12 movies to choose from.  The theater’s friendly staff makes sure the cinema is clean and always stocked with those movie theater snacks you can’t do without.

The theater is located directly in the Bangor Mall, so if you’re already there shopping, this is a great place to catch a movie. 557 Stillwater Ave, Bangor, ME 04401


Bangor City Forest

Get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangor and head to Bangor City Forest for a peaceful retreat.  A dense forest awaits you right in Bangor.  Take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk trail, through the trees.  You will almost certainly run into some butterflies, birds, and other forest dwellers on your walk.

Since the majority of this trail is in a forest, the bugs will be out in full force.  For your own sake, bring copious amounts of bug spray! Tripp Dr, Bangor, ME 04401


Bangor Escape Rooms

Solve clues and find hidden objects with your team at Bangor Escape Rooms.  Choose from one of four themed escape rooms, each with their own situation and guidelines.

Locate the safe Grandma Ethel left you before your family finds it.  Escape the locker room before you get stuck in the school for the weekend with a ghost.  Attain the launch code and prevent the launching of a nuclear missile before it’s too late.  While working for a brewery, you arrive at a contest with your prized beer for the judges, only to get locked in your hotel room.  Find a way to breakout and make it to the judging on time. 1528 Hammond St, Bangor, ME 04401


The diversity of activities Bangor offers your team makes it a phenomenal city to visit.  Your team will be very lucky if they end up playing a tournament there.  If they are visiting during the winter, you all won’t be as lucky since it’ll freezing, but nonetheless you are still in store for an awesome time.