Bank of Springfield Center

Originally called Prairie Capital Convention Center, the Bank of Springfield Center is a multipurpose arena that can accommodate up to 7,700 people. The building has 44,000 square feet of exhibit space available for various kinds of events, like a tournament for example. The City of Springfield, Illinois may sound familiar to you. That’s because it’s where beloved president Abraham Lincoln spent a good chunk of his life and began his career in politics. You’ll find many attractions related to and statues of Lincoln throughout Springfield.

Things to Do

Illinois State Museum

You won’t find a more detailed, all-encompassing Illinois history museum than the Illinois State Museum. Located near the Bank of Springfield Center, this museum focuses on presenting snapshots of Illinois’ history through the millennia. In the exhibit Changes: Dynamic Illinois Environments, you can learn about the drastic changes in environments long before man ever walked the Earth. You and your team can examine authentic fossils, including a collection of mastodon bones anatomically arranged, audio and video snippets, and models of extinct animals.

Another display is devoted to Anthropology, specifically in regards to artifacts made and used by Native Americans of Illinois. The museum’s collection of pottery, baskets, clothing, weapons, and tools is impressive. These relics help reveal what the lives of Native Americans were like. Alongside this exhibit is a display of Native American human models that present them in situations of normal life. From tending to crops to hunting animals, the displays help complete the picture of how Native Americans of Illinois lived. Your group may be able to qualify for discount prices. Tours are also offered if you would prefer to have a guide as you explore the museum. 502 S Spring St, Springfield, IL 62706

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum & Lincoln Home

Celebrate Springfield’s most famous figure, Abe Lincoln, by visiting the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. This museum allows guests to follow the eventful life of Lincoln from his childhood up to his assassination. Step foot in a replica of the rustic log cabin where Abe was born and spent his childhood years. Next, delve into Lincoln’s personal life and his relationship with Mary Todd and his rising political career in Springfield. Then, see the years of his presidency and the trying times and problems he had to deal with during his term. Finally, say goodbye to Lincoln while you learn about his assassination. The museum involves guests into the exhibits through films, 3D holograms, artifacts, and more to provide an entertaining and educational trip. Groups of 15 or more will receive cheaper admission.

Down the street from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Lincoln Home is a great attraction to visit in conjunction with the museum. You and your team can take a tour of the home Lincoln lived in for 17 years. Walk through the parlor room, Lincoln’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and more. Each tour lasts 20 to 25 minutes and can take up to 15 people at once. The admission is free. 112 N 6th St, Springfield, IL 62701; 413 S. 8th St, Springfield, IL 62701

Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Museum

Check out the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Museum for a comprehensive look at the Civil War. This museum specializes in educating visitors on the roles that the Grand Army of the Republic and Woman’s Relief Corps had during the war. Displays of guns, swords, uniforms, pictures, and other items from the 19th century are shown, each with a description of what the item is and was used for. You can elect to take a self-guided tour of the museum and move through it at your own pace, or have a docent go exhibit to exhibit with you and provide even more context about the artifacts showcased. Admission to the museum is free, but donations are greatly appreciated. 629 S 7th St, Springfield, IL 62703

Old State Capitol

Take a self-guided tour of the iconic Old State Capitol. Only a short walk from the Bank of Springfield Center, this legendary building was where Abraham Lincoln spent much of his career in Springfield. As an up and coming Illinois politician, Lincoln worked in this building before leaving for Washington to take on the role of the president. The Old State Capitol building was in fact the site where Lincoln delivered his famous “House Divided” speech in 1858. In that speech, he warned of the growing schism of the nation and that if the problem continued, the country would not be able to sustain itself. As you walk through the building’s hallowed halls, you will encounter court rooms, see Civil War displays, politicians’ offices, and other historic places. 1 Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701

Union Square Park

Get some fresh air and enjoy a scenic view at Union Square Park, located within walking distance from the Bank of Springfield Center. This is the perfect place to go after you leave the Presidential Library and Museum because it’s right across the street. The park has copious grassy fields where you can have a picnic, lay down and do some cloud watching, or play some games and run around. You’ll find benches and a gazebo in Union Square Park as well. Keeping with the tradition of Springfield, statues of Lincoln also reside in the park. Take a break from being inside the Bank of Springfield Center and appreciate a nice, sunny day at Union Square Park. 500 E Madison St, Springfield, IL 62701

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Places to Eat

Gallina Pizza

Who doesn’t like a hot slice of pizza? When you’re figuring out dining options every night, you can always count on your team approving a pizzeria. The best one to eat at near the Bank of Springfield Center is Gallina Pizza. They cook up all the types of pizzas your team could want. They also offer other selections like strombolis, calzones, sandwiches, and a ton of pasta dishes. Everyone on the team is going to leave Gallina Pizza content and full. 432 E Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701

Tacology 101

A taco joint with a small, but delicious menu, Tacology 101 can satisfy any craving your team might have for tacos. When you order, you can get up to three tacos per meal. You can choose from chicken, brisket, carnitas, fish, or fried cheese tacos. If one is calling your name, you can get three of the same, but if you can’t decide on just one, you can get three different tacos. Tacology 101 also serves sides like yucca fries and chips with salsa or guacamole. 219 S 5th St, Springfield, IL 62701

Cafe Andiamo

Cafe Andiamo is the spot to go for a great breakfast or lunch. Start your day off the right way before you head to the Bank of Springfield Center. You can order favorites like omelets, pancakes, and customizable breakfast sandwich. During lunchtime, you have choices like pizza, sandwiches, soups, and salads. You can also get a really good cup of coffee or espresso drink at Cafe Andiamo. 206 S 6th St, Springfield, IL 62701


An American restaurant with familiar foods your team knows and loves, Arlington’s makes something for all palates. They have shareables like chicken wings, meatballs, and onion rings. Their menu consists of a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, and hamburgers, perfect food for your team. You can order a salad too if you want to go a healthier route. 210 Broadway, Springfield, IL 62701

Springfield has many attractions close enough to the Bank of Springfield Center that you can walk to them in no time at all. Between the entertainment options and great restaurants, your team will have plenty of places to enjoy in Springfield. By the time you leave Springfield, you will be an expert on Abraham Lincoln. Make your trip to this historic city one to remember.