Billings – Things to do with your Team

Much like the rest of Montana, natural beauty runs throughout Billings. Two-thirds of the city is located in the Yellowstone Valley, the Yellowstone River runs through the southeast portion of Billings, and, perhaps most notably, it is home to a series of massive sandstone formations known as the Rimrocks.

Although Billings is known for its impressive landscapes and natural landmarks, there’s just as much unique fun to be found indoors as there is out. Being that Billings is the largest city in Montana there’s no shortage of fun attractions to enjoy with your team. So, whether your team likes to explore the great outdoors or is just looking for a fun time while they aren’t competing, Billings has got you covered.


The Rimrocks

Montana is a state well-known for its natural beauty and one of the best places to experience it is the Rimrocks, one of Billings’ most popular outdoor attractions.

Billings - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4Teams

At the Rimrocks you and your team will experience sprawling views of the city that are second-to-none as you traverse this series of geological sandstone formations that were formed over the course of 80 million years.

Atop the Rimrocks there are multiple parks that your group can visit as well, including Zimmerman Park, Swords Park, and the Four Dances Natural Area. Zimmerman and Swords Park are great for hiking, biking, bouldering, and even have some spots to rock climb and rappel from. Located in a more secluded area of the Rimrocks, Four Dances Natural Area offers fantastic views of the Yellowstone River from cliffs high above.

Even if your group isn’t feeling up to exploring the miles of trails that run throughout the Rimrocks on foot, you can still appreciate the sights from your car as your drive by. Rimrock RdBillings, MT 59303



At ZooMontana, Montana’s only zoo and botanical park located conveniently in Billings, you and your team can get acquainted with wildlife native to the state, as well as those native to the Rockies and other cold temperature regions at or above the 45th parallel.

Canyon Creek runs through the center of the zoo’s 70-acre grounds, making for a natural and tranquil setting perfect for visiting animals like the red panda, Canada lynx, grizzly bear, and nearly 100 more. Animals from warmer climates like the laughing kookaburra, green iguana, and three banded armadillo can be found in the zoo’s Discovery Center.

The botanical gardens of the zoo include the one-acre Jane Reger Sensory Garden, consisting of both native and exotic plants that intend to stimulate the senses; a Montana Garden, which highlights the region’s native foliage; Dotty’s Garden, which is home to plants with low water requirements; as well as other natural spaces.

ZooMontana also hosts fun events like Family Fun Night and Breakfast with the Animals, so be sure to check out their Zoocalendar for any upcoming events as you plan your team’s visit. 2100 S Shiloh Rd, Billings, MT 59106


Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a beautiful park where you and your team can spend the day in the great outdoors. The park features plenty of grassy patches perfect for picnics as well as a trail system that runs through the park. Other amenities include sand volleyball courts, barbecue grills, park shelters that you can rent for the day, and much more.

Best of all, Riverfront Park is situated right next to Lake Josephine so your group can admire the lakeside views no matter how you decide to spend your time there. 7277-7337 State Secondary Hwy 416, Billings, MT 59101


Reef Indoor Water Park

For a day of wild fun in the water, Reef Indoor Water Park is second to none; mostly because it’s the largest indoor water park in the state of Montana. Your team is quite fortunate that it’s in Billings.

Billings - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4Teams

In this football field-sized water park your team can climb three stories up and rocket down the Barracuda Blaster or the Tropical Twister, play a game of water basketball, or ride three-foot waves in their 55,000 gallon wave pool. All the while you can relax in the 20-person hot tub that’s always at a soothing 102 degrees; guaranteed to melt away the troubles of a busy day.

If you’re visiting Reef Indoor Water Park with a group of young children they’re sure to have a great time exploring the interactive playhouse designed just for them. The playhouse features slides, mini-tubes, squirt guns, tunnels, and even a 250 gallon dumping bucket!

Reef Indoor Water Park is dotted with tables both indoors and outside on the enclosed patio area; perfect for your group to gather at while you all enjoy some food from Ripp’s Café. 1801 Majestic Ln, Billings, MT 59102


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Rimrock Mall

If you and your team are looking to shop ‘til you drop during you visit to Billings, or are just in need of something to do on a rainy day, head to the other Rimrock in Billings: Rimrock Mall.

This mall is the largest in the state and offers more than 90 stores like Dillard’s, JCPenny, and H&M, so there’s something for everyone at this standout shopping center. Rimrock Mall also features Wynnsong 10, a 10-screen movie theater where you and your team can catch the newest releases after a day of shopping, as well as a selection of quick-service eateries. 300 S 24th St W, Billings, MT 59102


Dehler Park

Sometimes there’s nothing better than watching a minor league baseball game as you enjoy a ballpark hotdog and a cold soda, and Billings’ Delher Park is a great place for you and your team to do just that. Home to the Billings Mustangs minor league baseball team, Dehler Park was constructed recently and opened in 2008 as the replacement for Cobb Field, which had been a fixture in Billings since the 1930s.

Featuring plenty of amenities that are sure to enhance everyone’s time at the ballgame, Dehler Park is as modern as Cobb Field was old. The park features 2,571 stadium seats, 500 bleacher seats, a grass berm, and an outdoor suite.

On the concourse, each baseline has concession stands and restrooms that are greatly expanded compared to the same facilities at Cobb Field. The concourse also includes a Picnic Pavilion for barbecues and large group outings and a Kid Zone play area for children. 2611 9th Ave N, Billings, MT 59101


The Grand Escape Room

At The Grand Escape Room there are three rooms for your group to choose from but only one way to escape! In Diner Disaster your group must solve why the entire staff just walked out of the diner, as well as get it operating again before it opens in an hour. In Abandoned! you are a detective assigned to solve the case of a missing scientist. Shipwrecked, as the name suggests, is a struggle for survival onboard a sinking cruise ship with only 60 minutes to be rescued. Children ages 13 and under must be accompanied by at least one adult. 801 14th St W, Billings, MT 59102


AMC Shiloh 14

AMC Shiloh 14 is the perfect place for a night out at the movies with the team, or to go see a matinee while there’s some downtime during the day.

Notable features at AMC Shiloh 14 includes IMAX presentations if your group is looking to be immersed in the latest action-packed blockbuster and Coca-Cola Freestyle soda fountains with over 100 refreshing beverage choices all in one place. 1001 Shiloh Crossing Blvd, Billings, MT 59108


Nicknamed “Big Sky Country,” Montana runs abound with natural beauty that you won’t find in any other state. If you have the time, try to see some of Billings’ incredible outdoor attractions. If your free time is too limited to do so, no need to worry; there are plenty of other fun things for you and your team to do.