The Canyon Softball Sports Complex is located in St. George, Utah. Equipped with a multitude of softball fields, the park attracts visitors by hosting various professional competitions. This park has played host to such teams as the Women’s Softball Huntsman World Senior Game, and the Men’s and Women’s Heat Stoker Softball Tournament. The Canyon Softball Sports Complex is also a recreational neighborhood park. This scenic park provides guests with a picnic area equipped with a covered pavilion, a fishing pond, a playground, and walking trails. Athletes and park-goers alike will be interested to learn that The Canyon Softball Sports Complex is Wi-Fi accessible!

Things to do

The House of Jump

The energy of your team will be harnessed at The House of Jump. This facility has been praised as Southern Utah’s only trampoline park offering various extra features. These unique features include two dodgeball courts, five basketball hoops, and two 16 foot themed climbing walls. The various attractions at the House of Jump will have your team hopping and playing for the duration of your visit. It will be a delightful challenge to keep track of everybody!

The attractions at the House of Fun offer a variety of sports activities. Guests will be continuously entertained by 25,000 square feet of 65 trampolines! Does your team like playing dodgeball? At the House of Jump your team is invited to combine the fun of bouncing on a trampoline, with the thrill of dodgeball. For the basketball fanatics on your team, you are invited to test your skills with five basketball hoops which hang from trampoline lanes. If the activities on the trampoline do not provide enough action for you, try the Stunt Pit. Here, you are invited to test your acrobatics on a giant air bag meant for extreme sports. The House of Jump will provide your team with hours of exhilarating entertainment. 415 S. Dixie Dr. St. George, UT 84770

Fiesta Fun Center

Fiesta Fun Center offers a plethora of fun activities for all ages! Your team will be interested in a variety of athletic activities and won’t have far to go if coming from Canyon Softball Sports Complex. The attractions at Family Fun Center will entertain your team for hours. Compete with your teammate to knock down as many bowling pins as possible. 20 lanes of bowling will enable you to engage in light-hearted competition. For your avid golfers, come try mini-golf. Guests will enjoy 18-holes on spacious mini-golf courses. This game is fun for all ages! Enjoy the soft sunshine as you are surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls. Is your team in the mood for a classic ride with a creative twist? Enjoy a classic bumper boat ride, as you sail ahead with your own water cannon. Drench your opponents with water from 30 feet away! For this activity, Fiesta Fun Center requires that drivers are at least 44 inches tall and passengers are asked to be at least 36 inches tall.

The other activities offered by Fiesta Fun Center include go karts, kiddie karts, an arcade, batting cages, and laser tag. If your team has exhausted themselves with these fun activities, go and relax at the Barre Grill. The Barre Grill serves a delicious assortment of food. Pizza, burgers, fries, salads, wraps, and desserts are included in this dining experience. Your team will be excited by the myriad of activities, and the delectable dining offered at Fiesta Fun Center.  171 E. 1160 S., St. George, UT

Mystery Escape Room

Mystery Escape Room is a wonderfully challenging experience for your team. Mystery Escape Room houses three themed rooms where teams are encouraged to work together in order to solve puzzles and riddles. Each team is allotted 60 minutes for each room. In these games, you and your friends will be transported into fanciful worlds with just a little threat of danger. Have you ever wished you were the character who could save the day in a book or movie? Adapted from the beloved children’s story, Alice in Wonderland, this game challenges your team to find Alice before the Queen can execute her sinister plan.

If this fanciful world does not captivate your interest, maybe you would like a western-themed game instead. Butch Cassidy hid treasure before his departure from Utah. While the treasure has been located in his hideout, it is still thought that this cowboy left traps for any unsuspecting treasure hunters. Your team is tasked with finding the treasure before traps ensnare them. If these games are not enough of a thrill, try “Bio Base 5”. Shrouded in mystery, this game requires you to find a cure for a fatal disease. Mystery Escape Room offers your team different ways to enjoy the same venue.

Your team is invited to explore escape rooms online with, “Online Escape Adventures.” Find partners from around the world to virtually explore exciting challenges. Please check the website for more details. Your team will be spell-bound by the exhilarating nature of these games! 46 W. St. George Blvd. St. George UT 84770

Happy Trails Adventure

Would your team like to see the natural beauty of Utah? Leave Canyon Softball Sports Complex behind. You are invited to Happy Trails Adventure for a visit! This is a tour guided activity, which is accommodating to groups. You and your team are invited to explore one of the most renowned national parks on foot. Zion National Park stretches over 229 square miles and has an elevation change of 5,000 feet. During your tour, you will be able to see a variety of animals, as well as many different rock formations. Happy Trails offers your team the opportunity for either a half-day or full-day custom adventure. Some examples of previous adventures include a picnic below a natural arch, or scouting an old, western mine. In addition to Zion National Park, Happy Trails also offers your team the chance to see beautiful landscape of Southern Utah through a tour bus.

Adventure through one of the most scenic areas of the country! A chartered shuttle bus is available to let your group explore the various national parks in comfort. You and your team will ride in a spacious bus, with extra-large panoramic windows. While this bus will drive visitors through the park, it also will drive you to a destination within the park, allow you to enjoy it by dropping you at the location, and then pick you up again. Happy Trails Adventure is welcoming to groups, and it is their desire to serve you and your team to the best of their ability. You and your team will have a lifelong appreciation for the natural beauty of these wonderful parks! 1884 S. Convention Center Dr. St. George, UT 84790

Tuacahn Amphitheater

Tuacahn Amphitheater is an entertainment venue for all artistic tastes. Whether bringing your team to enjoy a concert, hear comedy, or to watch a musical, you have come to the right place. The concerts at the Tuacahn Amphitheater will introduce your team to award-winning music! HOTEL CALIFORNIA, a tribute band to the Eagles, has earned world-wide popularity over the past 20 years. Would you like to see a former “American Idol” performer who has now reached international fame? Drop on by to the concert by David Archuleta. Maybe you or your team are more captivated by comedy. Come see late night comedian, Jay Leno.

Maybe you are more the classic musical type? The musicals at this venue are based off of popular films. Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella features a modern take on a timeless tale. If this contemporary musical adaptation of a classic movie does not strike your fancy, you are invited to experience The Prince of Egypt. This new musical is based off of the popular 1998 DreamWorks’ movie of the same name. In this adaptation, music will be performed by the academy award winning composer Stephen Shwartz. An experience at the Tuacahn Amphitheater will be a memorable event for your team! 1100 Tuacahn, Dr. Ivins, UT 84738

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Places to Eat


Is your team hungry for Mexican Cuisine? Angelica’s is an authentic Mexican restaurant that’s just a short drive from the Canyon Softball Sports Complex. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu at this restaurant features tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and a mulita, which consists of cheese, meat, and pinto beans wrapped in six inch corn tortillas. If your team would like to try authentic Mexican beverages, Angelica’s serves Mexican Coke! This restaurant is closed on Sundays. 101 E. St. George Boulevard St. George, UT

George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub

Is your team interested in a little history of the town of St. George? George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub has taken the place of a former restaurant, Big Hand Cafe. Opened in the 1930 and 40s, Big Hand Cafe became a popular destination for the town. An advertisement for Big Hand Cafe read, “Especially Good Food.” George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub aims to preserve the past of St. George. One of their preservations reverberates through the ages as a sign has kept the old restaurant’s advertisement, “especially good food.”

George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub is open for lunch and dinner. Their menu items include small bites and appetizers, sides, salads, burgers and sandwiches, and main plates, which include barbecue ribs. This restaurant provides guests with a choice of either gluten free or vegan options. George’s Corner Restaurant & Pub celebrated its 5th birthday on July 4, 2017.  2 W. St. George Blvd., St. George, UT 84770

Ahi’s “Taste of Asia”

Ahi’s “Taste of Asia” is an Asian restaurant near The Canyon Softball Sports Complex. For over 12 years, Ahi’s “Taste of Asia” has maintained its reputation as the best Asian restaurant in St. George. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu items for Ahi’s “Taste of Asia” include Ahi’s Asian Classics, Ahi’s Noodle Bowls, and Ahi’s Oriental Soups. As a family-friendly gesture, Ahi’s “Taste of Asia” provides a “lite eaters and children’s” section to its menu. While open six days a week, this restaurant is closed on Sundays.  157 E. Riverside Dr. St. George, UT 84790

The Granary Cafe

The Granary Cafe is a French restaurant. Executive chef and owner Patricia Nevot-Johnson takes pride in creating each recipe from scratch. This restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch from Wednesday through Sunday. The breakfast and lunch menu items for the Granary Cafe include brunch, crepe topped with Chantilly cream, and savory crepes. Bring your team to this restaurant for a culinary tour or France! Dinners are offered Friday and Saturday only. Check their website for details. 3105 Santa Clara Dr. Santa Clara, UT 84765

The Canyon Softball Sports Complex is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. Southern Utah provides memorable outdoor activities, as well as fun indoor activities. After visiting this region, Southern Utah will become a top destination for your team!