After visiting Capital One Arena, your team may be ready to check out the many attractions scattered throughout Washington, D.C. This city is the perfect place to enjoy national monuments and world-class museums with your team, all for free.

In addition to those tried and true destinations, your group may want to explore some options off the beaten path. We’ve put together a kid-oriented guide that ensures your athletes won’t get too tired of history lessons while visiting Washington, D.C.

Things to Do

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Capital One ArenaA three-minute walk from Capital One Arena is the Smithsonian American Art Museum, an establishment that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This museum sparks imaginations through modern art, photography, video games, and more. The American Art Museum’s website recommends a few exhibits that are most entertaining for kids.

The Luce Center on the third floor of the museum also organize scavenger hunts to make the art interactive and fun. Through this activity, your athletes will explore to everything the museum has to offer. Prompts include finding an art piece with a license plate for their state, and walking on water via the museum courtyard’s interactive fountain feature.

Another interactive part of the museum is the Art-O-Mat. This former cigarette dispenser is now filled with small cards featuring art pieces from around the museum. Kids can pull the lever and receive one to take home with them.

One of the most eye-catching art pieces in the museum is The Electronic Superhighway. This enormous neon creation is the shape of the United States and is filled with various television sets. The screens show clips of movies, television shows, and other miscellaneous content on a loop.

The best part is, you get to be a part of the art! There is an unnoticeable camera at the top of the sculpture that films viewers and displays their image on one of the televisions. Have your team see if they can spot themselves!

Make sure to check the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s calendar on their website, as they regularly host kid-friendly events.


Madame Tussauds Washington, D.C.

Capital One ArenaMadame Tussauds Washington, D.C. is always a beloved destination for kids, and there’s a reason the museum is so successful. Kids love to run through the museum, taking goofy pictures with their favorite celebrities and “meeting” presidents. At this location, the wax figures include the internet sensation Grumpy Cat, Michael Jackson, John Adams, Marie Antoinette, and Tiger Woods. Each figure is accompanied by a short description of the person’s life and legacy.

Madame Tussauds is a go-to spot for families, so your team of youngsters won’t feel out of place. At the end of the experience, kids can make a wax figure of their own hands as a souvenir.

This classic photo opportunity is only a six-minute walk from Capital One Arena.


Smithsonian National Museum of American History

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History is a 12-minute walk from Capital One Arena. The goal of the museum is to educate people on the past and relate it to the present. The museum has more than 1.8 million artifacts, making it the most thorough collection of historic American items in the world.

Your group will explore exhibits on innovation, medicine, money, and business, war, transportation in the U.S., presidents, and first ladies. One of the most important artifacts in the museum is the original Star-Spangled Banner.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History provides kids with even more activities to enjoy during their visit. The Draper Spark!Lab is an interactive exhibit for kids from six to 12 years old. Here, they can experiment and invent objects using STEM principles and creativity. The Draper Spark!Lab is full of tabletop activities and challenges to engage the museum’s young visitors.


Discovery Theater

A 20-minute walk or six-minute drive from Capital One Arena is the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater. This theater puts on live, educational performances for young audiences throughout the greater D.C. area. The goal of the Discovery Theater is to share diverse and culturally relevant shows in an entertaining way.

Some of their past performances include Black Diamond, a show that highlights the struggles of the first black Major League Baseball players. Tigers, Dragons, and Other Wise ‘Tails’ explores the Asian countryside, sharing traditional stories from China, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea. Jojo’s Backyard Safari brings viewers on a musical journey to meet all different types of animals in the wild.

Check the Discovery Theater’s schedule to see what shows are playing during your visit to the Capital One Arena.


Places to Eat

Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

Family-style meals are an effective way to feed your large, hungry team. That’s why you may want to check out Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. The decor of the restaurant transports guests to the 1930s with warm ambiance, spacious dining area, and a traditional menu.

There are plenty of classic Italian dishes to choose from, and your team can have a little bit of everything thanks to the family-style servings. Popular choices include chicken parmigiana, penne alla vodka, cheese ravioli, lasagna, and shrimp scampi. Carmine’s generous portions provide guests with so much food they feel like a part of an Italian family’s feast.

In addition to Italian classics, Carmine’s features a separate menu of gluten-free options.

It’s recommended that you make a reservation for your team before heading over to this popular D.C. eatery, that’s only a three-minute walk from Capital One Arena.


Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza

Capital One ArenaPizza is a convenient meal for sports teams, making Ella’s Wood Fired Pizza a great choice. This popular pizza joint opened in 2003 and focuses on using high-quality, fresh ingredients to create simple and delicious pizza.

Your team will love classic, kid-friendly pizzas, while coaches and parents can try other, unique flavors. For example, the Genovese pizza features pesto, Parmesan, fingerling potatoes, and prosciutto.

In addition to pizza, Ella’s offers wings, half a dozen entree salads, steak, risotto, and sandwiches. This eatery is only a five-minute walk from Capital One Arena.


Ollie’s Trolley

If concessions aren’t cutting it for you, Ollie’s Trolley is a 10-minute walk from Capital One Arena. This family-owned restaurant has been feeding Washington, D.C., for more than 30 years, so they’re definitely doing something right! Retro knick-knacks and decorations fill this kid-friendly restaurant, giving the eatery a 1950s dinner vibe.

At Ollie’s Trolley, you can’t go wrong with their signature Ollieburger. Ollie’s uses a patty made of 100% fresh, all-natural black Angus beef, seasoned with an assortment of herbs and spices, and cooked to order. They toss their famous fries in the same 20-plus herbs and spices, giving them a signature flavor. To top it all off, many customers recommend their thick strawberry milkshakes. Your team will love this mom and pop eatery that feels like home.


Ted’s Bulletin

A self-proclaimed family restaurant, Ted’s Bulletin will provide your team a vibrant eating experience. They serve up comfort food, including all-day breakfast, with a side of nostalgia. Televisions throughout Ted’s play vintage shows like I Love Lucy while patrons sip on milkshakes.

The large portions at Ted’s Bulletin will ensure that no athlete will go hungry. You can enjoy the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese or a juicy cheeseburger. Visitors may also want to indulge in crab cakes, made with locally sourced crabs. When your group is done with this large meal, treat yourself to a homemade Pop-Tart!

Ted’s Bulletin is only a 12-minute drive from Capital One Arena.


Your team’s visit to Capital One Arena may be for a specific event, but there are plenty of kid-friendly experiences to have before or after your event. Make the most of your time in Washington, D.C., by taking your team on a journey through American history, expanding their imaginations in museums, and sharing heart-warming meals with teammates. This trip to Capital One Arena will be one to remember!