Chicago – Food Trucks

Food trucks are one of the most popular ways to eat on the go in Chicago. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the city or a native on your lunch break, you might be on the lookout for some satisfying food trucks. There are many to choose from, so we’ve narrowed down nine of the most popular and highest-rated food trucks in the city.


The Happy Lobster

In 2014, three friends decided to leave their corporate jobs and chase their dream of opening a food truck. They were fans of lobster rolls and wanted to bring that delicious sandwich to customers around Chicago. This is how The Happy Lobster food truck was born.

The truck serves generous portions of lobster, and patrons can choose between the classic “happy lobster” or the spicy “angry lobster.” There’s even the option to get two small, adorable junior lobster rolls, which are perfect for sharing. The Happy Lobster food truck also serves French fries and highly recommended mac and cheese, which perfectly round out a delicious dining experience.


Aztec Dave’s Food Truck

ChicagoYou don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar restaurant to enjoy homemade Mexican dishes. At Aztec Dave’s Food Truck you’re getting authentic Mexican food on the go. The owners and chefs at this food truck follow traditional family recipes and season their meats with their own secret blend of spices, creating a flavor like no other.

Aztec Dave’s Food Truck opened in 2015 and has been satisfying Chicago foodies ever since. You can feel good supporting this family-run business as they put their hearts into serving authentic, freshly made Mexican food to customers. In order to experience this delicious food, keep an eye on their social media to see where they’ll be next!


La Cocinita Food Truck Chicago

Fans of Latin American food are going to love La Cocinita, which translates to “little kitchen.” This food truck, owned and operated by a married couple, brings Venezuelan street food to Chicago.

La Cocinita has earned lots of recognition and has been featured on CNBC, Food Network, Cooking Channel, and even The Wall Street Journal. The chef and co-owner, Benoit Angulo, was also on an episode of Top Chef on Bravo. If those accolades don’t convince you to check out La Cocinita, nothing will!


The Corner Farmacy

If you’re looking for healthy food, The Corner Farmacy is the place to go. This food truck is driven by the belief that by prioritizing healthy eating, we’re able to live our best possible lives.

Their menu changes regularly in order to feature seasonal ingredients and create new, healthy dishes for customers to enjoy. The Corner Farmacy believes in the importance of eating and drinking local, which is why they source their organic ingredients from local farms. This sets the stage for the ideal food truck experience for those looking for a healthy and satisfying meal.


Yum Dum Truck

Yum Dum Truck hit the road in 2014, founded by chef and owner Jeff Wang. Wang grew up in a restaurant family, so it has been his lifelong dream to serve food inspired by his mom’s delicious home cooking to a wide audience. By maintaining the quality and authenticity of their food, Yum Dum Truck grew a huge following and was named one of “Chicago’s Best Food Trucks” by Time Out Chicago.

Chef Wang built this fantastic reputation by taking traditional food and adding a modern twist. For example, Yum Dum Truck’s “kimcheesy” rice balls are made of a mixture of kimchi, rice, and cheese. This delicious combination is one of the most popular items on the menu. Customers also enjoy Yum Dum Truck’s baowiches, which come filled with ingredients like Korean chili chicken and crispy shrimp.


Da Pizza Dude


It’s always a good time for pizza, especially in Chicago. The Windy City has more to offer than just deep-dish, though. This is where Da Pizza Dude food truck comes in.

Chef and owner Frankie, the pizza dude himself, traces his roots back to Naples, Italy, where he learned Italian cooking from the best. His truck travels to various neighborhoods, bringing everyone the opportunity to try some delicious pizza.

They’ve got multiple options, including Margherita, meatball, veggie, pepperoni, and even a “Sunday Morning” pizza. This specialty pie features eggs, bacon, sausage, and green peppers all on top of a delicious and fluffy, yet crunchy, crust. Hunt down Da Pizza Dude’s bright red truck to try some fresh, hot pizza yourself!


The Fat Shallot

You might recognize The Fat Shallot from their brick-and-mortar locations throughout Chicago. Their food truck brings the same delicious, quality food to the streets of Chi-Town.

The husband and wife team that started The Fat Shallot have shared a love for food since they met in high school. This passion is what has driven them to create such a successful chain.

This delicious food truck offers warm and friendly customer service, along with unique creations you won’t find anywhere else. What more could you ask for? Customers rave about their chicken Buffalo sandwich, truffle BLT, and spicy sesame fries.


Smokin’ BBQ Chicken

You’ll smell Smokin’ BBQ Chicken’s enticing aroma before you even see their truck. They serve up delicious barbecued meats like chicken, lamb, and pig. The meats they put in their sandwiches are smoked for 14 hours before they’re doused in housemade barbecue sauce and placed on a warm bun. Many customers enjoy the mini pulled pork or beef brisket sandwiches.

If you’re visiting the food truck with a meat-free eater, not to worry! They can try out Smokin’ BBQ Chicken’s large portobello mushroom filled with grilled veggies, topped with cheese, and drizzled with their famous cilantro sauce. Add a side of mac and cheese and you have yourself a fantastic barbecue meal.


The Little Red Donut Truck

ChicagoAfter chowing down on some hearty meals for lunch or dinner, try to find The Little Red Donut Truck for dessert. This truck keeps their flavors simple and focuses on quality and flavor instead of trendy creations.

During the fall season, customers rave about their miniature apple cider donuts. When they are available, customers wait in hour-long lines and buy dozens at a time. The apple cider donuts are crispy around the edges, while soft and fluffy on the sides, and covered in cinnamon sugar. If you happen to see The Little Red Donut Truck, jump at the opportunity to try some of the best miniature donuts in Chicago.