Cunningham Park, located in Fresh Meadows, NY, has a rich history. In the early 1900s, as a result of an economic boom, the state of New York dedicated large portions of land for public use. The property, which would eventually become known as Cunningham Park, was originally the nation’s earliest automobile highway. However, after the highway fell on hard times, it was donated as parkland. Thus, Cunningham Park was born.

Today, this park contains an array of sports fields. 23 baseball fields consist of turf, regulation, or little league surfaces. The basketball courts may be found on the upper playground. A once-a-year flag football league is co-sponsored by the Parks Department and the National Football League. In addition, this public park is home to soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, cricket fields, dog friendly areas, and of course, dining options.

But, one of the best parts about Cunningham Park is its location. Being that it resides in Fresh Meadows, which is a neighborhood in Queens, you and your team can count on an overflowing list of attractions and restaurants you can check out.


Things to Do

Active Kidz Long Island

Active Kidz Long Island has a variety of thrilling games for your team. Put your speed and agility to the test with Aeroball. Combining the excitement of basketball with the speed of volleyball, this game adds a new twist to the traditional ball games. It is played with two players on either side of a trampoline. You are challenged to throw a ball over a wall, and into a basket, before your efforts are thwarted by your opponent.

If this game is too tame for you, you are invited to play Cannonball Blast. This exhilarating game consists of two teams sending foam balls flying from a cannon air blaster. The challenge presented by this activity is to aim the foam balls for your competitor’s basket. After these games, enter a different environment all together in the laser tag arena. Explore a post-apocalyptic world comprised of terminators and transformers. Guests are asked to battle larger than life droids, as they are suspended over a city-setting. This facility asks that children are at least six years old in order to participate. In addition, there are three giant inflatable activities, a rock climbing wall, and more.

After these high-energy games, come refuel at the snack bar! The snack bar at Active Kidz Long Island serves pizza. However, they are willing to adapt their food to various dietary needs, including Kosher. 200 Robbins Lane Jericho, NY 11753



Cunningham Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsIs your team interested in trying unique rides? If so, leave Cunningham Park behind and head to Adventureland. This fun-filled, theme park is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. Your team will swing, spin, twist, and drive through a delightful day of adventure.

On the ride, Frisbee, your team will rotate through the air as if they were flying on a huge Frisbee thrown by a giant. This facility requests that guests are over 48 inches to ride Frisbee. Would you or your team like to ride on the only spinning coaster on Long Island? Try the Turbulence Coaster. Adventureland requires that guests are 48 inches to ride alone, or 44 inches to ride with an adult.

From spinning to driving, Adventureland will keep your team in constant motion. The car enthusiasts will be excited for the opportunity to drive an antique car. This car travels on a track, which journeys throughout Adventureland.

Once you have driven around this expansive park, come to the Lady Bug Coaster. This mini-coaster takes visitors on a ride where they will “race and twist.” If this ride has whet your appetite for a thrill, give Drop N Twist Tower a try. This ride plummets guests down the through the air at back-breaking (not literally) speeds.  Adventureland requires that riders are 48 inches to ride alone, or over 42 inches to ride with an adult.

After your team has enjoyed these rides, please explore the water park. Adventure Falls is a popular ride that takes customers on an boat ride through a canal. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? It’s not. The boats zip through the water. Couple that with falls up to 11 meters, and you’re in for a bumpy, eventful ride. If this ride awakens a daring streak within you, maybe you should try Crocodile Run. In this game, guests are constantly on alert as they ride through water, hunting for crocodiles. Please check the website for more details.

If your team needs to re-energize after all these rides, Adventureland has you covered there too! Adventureland offers a family-style restaurant. Here, the menu items include pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, and wraps. Would you rather try a stop at a snack bar? No problem, this theme park is full of them! With various locations around the park, the menu items for the snack bars include hot dogs, fries, ice cream, popcorn, churros, and cotton candy. Your team will adore this theme park. There is truly something for everyone at Adventureland. 2245 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735


New York Aquarium

New York Aquarium, located in Brooklyn New York, will let your team explore a variety of marine life. You will be given the opportunity to learn about these fascinating creatures through various educational platforms.

The 4-D Theatre blends together a 3-D film with built-in sensory effects. Guests will be delighted by the playful sea creatures swimming toward them on the screen! Your experience will be enhanced by the sounds of bubbling water, combined with the sounds of various underwater friends! If this peaks your curiosity about marine life, come see a sea otter during its feeding time. Visitors can see these sea otters sniffing and pawing at their food, as it is presented to them. As the feeding schedule changes daily, please check the website for more details. While here, visitors will be able to learn basic information about this sleek and beautiful creature.

Finally, you and your team are invited to the Aquatheater. California sea lions steal the show, as they perform tricks for the trainers and audiences alike. Visitors will be entertained as the sea lion swims, dances, and does flips. Your team will be captivated by the fun and enjoyable opportunities at the New York Aquarium. Surf Ave and West 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11224


Queens Zoo

Would your team like to see a host of animals from the Americas? Queens Zoo, a family-friendly zoo in Corona, New York will allow you to see the animals in their natural habitat. Your team will fall in love with the many animals on exhibit.

Bring your team to a popular exhibit, Animal Trails. Open all year, this exhibit features a multitude of animals including, a Puma, Bald Eagle, Coyote, American Bison, a Canadian Lynx, and more.

Are you looking to bring the younger members of your team to an exhibit where they are allowed to pet and feed the animals? Check out the Domesticated Animals Exhibit. Here, you will see animals such as the Flemish Giant Rabbit, weighing in at an incredible 20 pounds! Visitors will also see Texas Longhorns, with horns measuring six feet. Guests can also see a Jacob’s Four Horned Sheep. Younger members will be delighted with this exhibit! Good news, Queens Zoo is less than a 15 minute drive from Cunningham Park. 53-51 111th St, Flushing Meadow Corona Park Queens, NY 11368


Louis Armstrong House Museum

Louis Armstrong House Museum focuses on one of the preeminent jazz musicians in the United States. This musician defined the concept of Jazz, Swing, and American Popular Music during his time. Your team will be interested in exploring the house of this world-renowned musician and his wife. In his former house, you will also discover where “Old Satchmo” recorded his music. Explore some of the impressive Louis Armstrong collection. This collection consists of 1,600 recordings 86 Scrap Books, 5,000 photos, awards, and plaques. His “den” or his “man cave” looks exactly the way it did during his lifetime!  What a Wonderful World! Advanced reservation is required for groups of 8-40 people. 34-56 107th Street, Queens, NY 11368


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Places to Eat

Gyro Corner

Cunningham Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsGyro Corner is a Greek restaurant in Flushing, New York. Your team will enjoy traditional Greek menu items along with American classics. The extensive lunch and dinner menu items at this restaurant include lemon potatoes, french fries, cheese fries, buffalo wings, chicken lemon soup, Greek salad, Caesar salad, gyro sandwich, falafel wrap, and much more.  32-69 Francis Lewis Blvd Flushing, NY 11358


Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen

Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen aims to “recreate the traditional, Irish pub scene with a modern and distinguished menu.” Their menu recreates old-time Irish favorites such as Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash, and Fish and Chips. Their macaroni and cheese includes bacon and three different, Irish Cheeses. Guests are also able to order salads, salmon, and traditional American burgers. Your team will enjoy a hearty meal! This restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is just a short drive from Cunningham Park. 108-22 Queens, Blvd Forest Hills, NY 11375


Koliba Restaurant

Koliba Restaurant is an authentic Slovak restaurant. It has been hailed as, “the best Czechoslovak restaurant in the New York City Area.” The staff at this restaurant lovingly prepares your meals with original recipes. Koliba has been featured on the Cooking Network. Your team will enjoy the rustic “mountain-lodge” atmosphere, complete with hunting trophies on the wall.

Open for lunch and dinner, the menu for this restaurant includes potato Spaetzle with sheep cheese, mixed house salad, dumpling cubes with eggs, beef soup, beef goulash, boiled beef with dill sauce, and more. However, this restaurant is closed on Mondays. Are you planning a party with your team? Koliba will host private events for up to 40 people. Bring your team to enjoy traditional entrees from Central Europe. 3111 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105


Acquista Trattoria

Family owned and operated, and right near Cunningham Park, Acquista Trattoria is an awesome Italian restaurant for teams. The Acquista family is all about big portions, a casual atmosphere, and most importantly, good food. It doesn’t matter if you order one of the many pasta dishes, a hot sandwich, pizza, or another classic Italian dish; the team will leave Acquista Trattoria happy and full. 178-01 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366


Cunningham Park in Fresh Meadows, Queens is a wonderful place for your team to visit. With so many entertaining activities for your team, this visit is sure to be talked about long after your departure.