El Paso – Things to do with your Team

Situated along the Rio Grande River, El Paso, Texas, is a really unique place for your team to visit.  The city has been voted the safest large city in the United States from 2010 to 2014. Better yet, it has been in the top three since 1997.

If your team has a tournament in El Paso, make sure to bring plenty of water because it gets hot there.  El Paso has a lot of fun activities that your team can take advantage of during your stay.  Remember to stay hydrated, and have a good time.


El Paso Zoo

Recognized locally as the best place to take kids, El Paso Zoo is spread out among 35 acres, teeming with animals from three different regions of the world.

Your team can observe American alligators, blue and gold macaws, and Galapagos turtles in the Animals of the Americas section. Amur leopards, Asian elephants, Malayan tigers, and Sumatran orangutans can be found in the Asia section. Lastly, the Africa section is full of African lions, Grant’s zebras, giraffes, and meerkat.

The zoo has daily events that your team can be a part of as well.  Enjoy watching training sessions as zoo keepers work with the animals.  Enrichment programs are also an option if you want to learn more about elephants, lions, orangutans, or other animals at the zoo. 4001 E Paisano Dr, El Paso, TX 79905


Southwest University Park

Going to a baseball game is always a fun night out.  At Southwest University Park you can enjoy a minor league game for a minor league price.  Grab a hot dog or some Dippin’ Dots and cheer for the home team!

The El Paso Chihuahuas; yes, you read that correctly; are a Triple-A affiliate for the San Diego Padres, and they always put on a good show.

Regardless of where you sit, you’ll have a good view of the game, but if you can, try and sit where there’s some shade because it gets hot in El Paso.  The stadium has great food options and fireworks after the game on designated nights. 1 Ballpark Plaza, El Paso, TX 79901


Bob-O’s Family Fun Center

Bob-O’s Family Fun Center is a great place to work up a sweat and escape from the heat.  Start with their outside attractions like go-karting, mini golf, and dizzy drums.  Then, before you go inside, hit the bumper boats to cool off and douse your teammates with water.

After that, play some laser tag at their Laser Odyssey section, or try and set a new high score in their 2,400-square-foot arcade.

Bob-O’s has all the kid staples like hot dogs, pizza, and wings at their snack bar for when you work up an appetite. 3851 Constitution Dr, El Paso, TX 79922


Cielo Vista Mall

El Paso - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsThere are three malls around the El Paso area, but Cielo Vista Mall is the largest, and is therefore the best option for you and your team.  The mall has five anchor stores and over 140 specialty stores to browse and shop at.

Since El Paso gets so hot, Marble Slab Creamery is a must-visit destination while you spend some time at Cielo Vista Mall.  The smell of the creamery’s homemade waffle cones greet you the second you walk in, and are sure to get your mouth watering.  Marble Slab Creamery is all about choices: pick your waffle cone flavor, ice cream flavor, and preferred toppings.

Cielo Vista Mall offers a wide variety of dining options, so everyone can find a place their happy to eat at.  This mall is the perfect place to take refuge from the El Paso heat. 8401 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79925


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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Movie theaters are a go-to place when it’s sweltering outside.  Whether you and your team need to escape the heat or not, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides an excellent movie-going experience.

The theater has nine different movies showing at any given time so you have an abundance of choices to choose from.

Good news for the big eaters in your team, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema serves bottomless popcorn and soda, so you can eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Besides the never-ending popcorn and soda, Alamo Drafthouse’s menu is not what you would expect from a move theater.  Loaded fries, wraps, and a lot of burgers make up a small fraction of the cinema’s dish options.  There is also a kid’s menu for those who are a little pickier.

At Alamo, you can order your food right from your seat and servers will bring it to you while you watch the movie. 250 E Montecillo Blvd, El Paso, TX 79912


Fort Bliss & Old Ironsides Museum

El Paso is home to a lot of various federal and military organizations.  Its strong military presence has resulted in a city rich in military history.  Taking a trip to Fort Bliss & Old Ironsides Museum gets you access to some amazing historical military displays.

Because the museum is housed in Fort Bliss, an active military base, you will need to get visitor passes from the base before gaining admittance to the Old Ironsides Museum.

Once inside, the museum will take your team back in time in the form of old tanks, helicopters, military vehicles, and many other exhibits.  Your team is even allowed to try on some old military clothing. This will grant them some insight into how soldiers dressed.  Make sure to create your own dog tags for a keepsake from the museum. 1735 Marshall Rd, Fort Bliss, TX 79906


Scenic Drive

A quick and easy attraction, Scenic Drive will captivate your team with its spectacular views.  From this overlook you can see the magnificent landscape of the Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, and Juarez, Mexico.

This is a perfect spot to eat lunch with your team if you’re looking for something nice to look at. Scenic Dr, El Paso, TX 79902


Franklin Mountains State Park

El Paso - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsRemember to bring lots of water if you visit Franklin Mountains State Park.  Try and get there earlier in the day before it gets too hot to hike.

Franklin Mountains State Park will leave you breathless with its scenic hiking trails.  The Aztec Trail is only about a mile long, and a great trail option to consider.

This state park is a great opportunity to see some desert topography.  If you don’t get the chance to see sights like these, make sure you check out Franklin Mountains State Park while in El Paso. 1331 McKelligon Canyon Road, El Paso, TX 79930


El Paso may be hotter than what you’re used to throughout most of the year, but some of its outdoor attractions and activities are well worth putting up with the heat.

You will be dazzled with some amazing sights during your trip and when it gets too hot, you and your team can enjoy some of the city’s many kid-friendly indoor attractions.