Eugene – Things to do with your Team

Known as The Emerald City before Seattle gave itself the distinction, but after Frank Baum created it in his renowned novel The Wizard of Oz, Eugene is a city overflowing with gorgeous natural views and thrilling attractions.  The city is home to the state’s largest college, University of Oregon, and is its second largest city behind Portland.  Being a college city, a lot of businesses have flocked to Eugene and contributed to its expansion over time.  Sporting such a wide array of activities for you and your team to take advantage of, a trip to Eugene will be one that your team remembers for years to come.


Cascades Raptor Center

Eugene - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsFounded and operating for a noble purpose, Cascades Raptor Center devotes its time and resources to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of birds, specifically raptors.  Now these aren’t the dinosaur kind of raptors, sadly.  Raptor is another term for birds of prey.  Observe various species of owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles when you visit Cascades.  Private tours can be scheduled and are recommended with larger groups to get a more immersive experience.  Learn about the 50 or so birds that reside at the center and meet a few of them while an instructor discusses facts about these birds and how the center cares for them.  This is a unique attraction that warrants a visit while you’re in Eugene. 32275 Fox Hollow Rd, Eugene, OR 97405       


Museum of Natural and Cultural History

A glimpse into Oregon’s past awaits you at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.  Discover Native American tribes that inhabited Oregon long ago and what their lives were like through artifacts and interactive displays.  As you traverse through the museum, you will stumble upon a detailed history of native northwestern animals, some that are extinct, others that are still around today.  You will be shocked by some of the creatures that used to call Oregon home.  A National Geographic exhibit is also being showcased at the museum.  A collection of astounding and rare photos are on display!  Exhibits are frequently being rotated and added to keep the museum fresh and exciting. 1680 E 15th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401


Camp Putt Adventure Golf Park

Camp Putt Adventure Golf Park combines two very awesome things: mini golf and pizza.  Divide your team up into groups and find out who’s the best mini golfer.  Camp Putt has two beautiful, scenic 18 hole mini golf courses.  Both of them are challenging and full of obstacles designed to add strokes to your score.  Camp Putt offers group discounts for any groups of 12 or larger.  After a couple rounds of mini golf, walk over to Roaring Rapids Pizza, located directly next store to the courses, for some tasty pizza.  Then, once you refuel, you can head back out for some more mini golf.  4006 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, OR 97403


PK Park

Instead of playing a sport, why not spectate one?  Visit PK Park for some explosive class-A short season minor league baseball.  The Eugene Emeralds call PK Park home, and boy do they know how to play an exciting game of baseball.  PK Park also does an exceptional job of getting the fans involved whether through chants or fan games between innings.  If any of the kids get restless in their seats during the game, they can head to Sluggo FunZone.  Located behind the left field bleachers, Sluggo FunZone allows kids to climb and run through an inflatable obstacle course and jump around in a giant bounce house.  PK Park’s food menu is also extraordinary.  They have a chicken barbecue that you need to try if you go there.  If you have 20 or more people in your group, PK Park advises you call ahead of game day so they can make sure you all sit together.  They will also offer a discounted rate on tickets. 2760 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Eugene, OR 97401


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Oregon Air and Space Museum

For those who have an interest in aviation and space history, this is the place to go.  Oregon Air and Space Museum possesses a fascinating collection of older aircrafts for you and your team to examine and learn about.  These seven aircrafts are the focal point of the museum, but there’s plenty more to see.  Explore a room full of plane engines, aviation uniforms, a space exhibit, and more!  This size of the museum may not wow you, but the large assortment of displays certainly will.  Groups of 10 or more qualify for a group discount. 90377 Boeing Dr, Eugene, OR 97402


Get Air Trampoline Park

Let loose, and catch some air at Get Air Trampoline Park.  This facility is sure to be one your team remembers during your trip to Eugene.  Jump around on the massive open trampoline section, practice flips, and see how high you can get.  Ricochet off a trampoline into a cushiony foam pit, climb a suspended rope ladder, or attempt to balance on the slackline.  Don’t worry if you fall off the slackline or ladder because you’ll land right into Get Air’s foam pit.  For those who are seeking a little more intensity in their trampoline activities, you will be happy to know that Get Air offers trampoline dodgeball and a slam dunk area where you can dunk basketballs into hoops with the help of, you guessed it, trampolines.  There is a kiddie area available as well if you are traveling with younger children.  Group discounts are applicable for crowds of 10 or more. 4211 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402


McKenzie River National Recreation Trail

Eugene - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsEugene is famous for its scenic landscapes.  While you’re there, you should experience some of it for yourself.  McKenzie River National Recreation Trail is the perfect place to do so.  The park has multiple paths winding through the area, all of which have their own breathtaking views.  Enjoy a peaceful hike and the great outdoors and get away from the bustling city travel for a few hours.  Remember to check out McKenzie’s stunning waterfall; it’s one of the highlights of the park for a reason.  Nonslip shoes are heavily suggested for safety reasons when hiking in the park. McKenzie Hwy, Blue River, OR 97413


Dare Escape and Adventure Rooms

You’ve been working out your body all trip when playing in a tournament.  Why not work out your mind for an hour?  Head to Dare Escape and Adventure Rooms and see if you have what it takes to solve the clues and escape in time.  Dare Escape offers three choices for your team: the Explorer Room, Carnival Midway, and Zombie Room.  Call ahead to schedule for a group of 10 or larger, you may be able to rent two rooms out and receive a group discount. 2160 W 11th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402


Eugene is a city full of luscious natural surroundings and exciting amusements.  A city truly in a league of its own, Eugene will provide many lasting memories for your team.  You will quickly realize that you won’t have enough time to visit every attraction you will want to during your time there.  Make sure to schedule a return trip to Eugene at some point to experience all that you missed out on the first time.