Evansville – Things to do with your Team

The region known today as Evansville has been a hotspot for millennia.  Various Native American tribes have called the area home dating back about 10,000 years.  From that time the region has consistently been inhabited and eventually grown into the bustling city of today.  If you and your team are heading to Evansville, you’re in luck.  Evansville has been a tourist destination in Indiana for quite some time.  Filled with tons of attractions your team will enjoy, Evansville is one of the best places to visit in Indiana.


Dream Car Museum

Have any car aficionados or people who enjoy learning about and looking at cars?  Visiting the Midwest’s most extensive car collection would be something they’d remember forever.  Dream Car Museum is a must see while you’re in Evansville.  This museum’s collection includes not only cars, but trucks and motorcycles as well.  Walk through display room after display room and appreciate these awesome feats of engineering.  Vehicle types ranging from exotic, muscle, race and more are all assembled under one roof for you to check out.  Dream Car Museum not only has vehicles, it also has memorabilia showcasing a more thorough look into the history of cars.  This is one of the most unique attractions around, so if you and your team are in Evansville don’t pass up the opportunity to go. 2400 N Heidelbach Ave, Evansville, IN 47711


Walther’s Golf & Fun

Evansville - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsWalther’s Golf & Fun is a kid’s paradise.  There’s so much to do that your team won’t know where to start.  The main attractions are Walther’s two 18-hole tropical mini golf courses.  With one indoor and one outdoor course, your team can have the luxury of playing both, weather permitting.  Each course will challenge even the most experienced mini golfer.

If mini golf isn’t your thing, Walther’s laser tag arena is sure to get you up on your feet and having fun.  Fitting a maximum of 25 players, this laser tag arena guarantees an intense game every time.  Peeking around one of the many corners or fighting for the best vantage points in the arena, can you help your team fight their way to victory?  Did you think that was it? Walther’s isn’t finished yet.  When you’ve had your fill of mini golf and laser tag, try your hand at one of their 50 arcade games.  Make sure to visit Walther’s when you have a lot of free time because the team is going to want to spend a few hours there. 2303 N First Ave, Evansville, IN 47710


USS LST Ship Memorial

During WWII, Evansville constructed a massive shipyard complex to support the war effort by building landing-ship tanks or LSTs.  Evansville was the nation’s largest inland producer of LSTs while the United States was fighting in WWII.  Today a monument of Evansville’s efforts and the courageous soldiers who fought and gave their lives rests in the Ohio River.  The USS LST Ship Memorial, a decommissioned LST ship, now stands not to fight, but to educate visitors on its eventful history.  Take a guided tour or walk the galleys by yourself and learn to appreciate this amazing vessel.  This ship was one of the many LSTs involved in the Normandy Beach Landing.  Explore the engine room, crew quarters, and decks while learning about the sailors that served on the ship.  Be warned, the ship is not air conditioned and as a result temperatures get extremely hot in the summertime. 840 LST Dr., Evansville, IN 47713


Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden

Evansville - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsAnswer the call of the wild at one of Indiana’s larger zoos, Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.  Venture to Asia and encounter the rare double-humped camel, vicious tigers, and a hefty rhino.  Then, travel to Africa where you can find ostriches, zebras, and other African native wildlife.  After, you can span the rest of the globe and observe animals from every corner of the world.  You can even feed giraffes!

At the Children’s Enchanted Forest section you can interact with animals on a more personal level.  Remember to stop by the otter exhibits to see what silly antics they are up to.  A quick trip to the Botanic Garden is recommended.  You will regret missing out on the beautiful sights and sweet fragrant, exotic flowers.  You might end up spending more time examining the flowers than you initially thought once you realize how spectacular they are. 1545 Mesker Park Dr, Evansville, IN 47720


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Bosse Field

Take your team out to the ball game and enjoy a memorable night out at Bosse Field.  Cheer for the Evansville Otters as they play their hearts out on the field.  This Independent Frontier League team knows how to show the crowd a good time.  Their ballpark, Bosse Field, is one of the oldest operating venues in the country, so while you’re there, walk around the stadium and appreciate its rich history.  You may recognize the ballpark from somewhere once you arrive.  Bosse Field was the location used to film the popular 1992 film, A League of Their Own.  Group discounts are available for groups larger than 10. 1701 N Main St, Evansville, IN 47711


Evansville Museum

Evansville Museum covers all the bases of a museum.  Interactive history and science sections and a large rotating collection of fine art, this museum’s large number of exhibits will interest all who enter.  The fine art wings might not be your cup of tea, but the museum is still worth a visit since there is plenty more to see and do.  Permanent history exhibits like a 19th century street and shops are always on display.

Rotating and traveling exhibits change frequently.  Remember to check the museum’s website before you arrive to find out what they have on display at that time.  Check out Koch Immersive Theater, the museum’s planetarium, and explore the pitch black unknown of space.  Fly through the galaxy or shrink down to microscopic size and examine the building blocks of our universe.  Because there is so much to see, a group tour might be a valid option to make sure you don’t miss anything. 411 SE Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN 47713


Sky Zone

Is your team running a little wild while you’re in Evansville?  Do they have a lot of excess energy that they can’t get rid of?  One trip to Sky Zone will alleviate that.  Bounce around and showoff some backflips on the freestyle jump section.  Turn up the intensity and play some trampoline dodgeball or catch some major air and dunk a basketball on their Skyslam basketball hoop.  Conquer the hanging Skyladder.  Don’t worry if you fall, you’ll have a soft landing into a foam pit.  Regardless of what you do at Sky Zone you can be sure that when you leave, you won’t have any extra energy. 49 N Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715


Eastland Mall

Pressed for time, or need a cheap and easy spot to grab a meal?  Head to Eastland Mall.  Browse the malls two floors, three anchor stores, and 133 specialty stores.  Eastland Mall offers a variety of dining options making it the perfect place to eat, shop, or walk around if it’s raining or you don’t have time to go anywhere else. 800 N Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715


A Midwest tourist destination, Evansville is an ideal city to travel to for a tournament.  Providing a unique list of options, you and your team won’t have a dull moment while there.  Chances are you won’t even get to see everything you want.  That means you will have tao plan a trip to come back and explore everything you missed out on the first time.