Fayetteville – Things to do with your Team

Nestled in the outskirts of the Boston Mountains deep within the Ozarks, Fayetteville is a nature-lover’s dream.

This scenic city boasts more than 50 parks and natural areas, including Wilson Park, a favorite spot among locals, and the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, which showcases the diversity and range of the region’s natural beauty. If you and your team simply can’t get enough of being in the great outdoors, you’re in for a great time during your visit to Fayetteville.

If you’re traveling with a younger team who might require more stimulating entertainment than walking through wooded areas, Fayetteville has got the answer. There are just as many fun, kid-friendly indoor attractions located in Fayetteville as there are parks, such as Arkadia Retrocade and Starlight Skatium.

Whether your team prefers their fun indoors or outside, Fayetteville makes for a fantastic team travel destination!


Wilson Park

Conveniently located in the center of Fayetteville, Wilson Park is the city’s first and oldest park.

It’s also one of Fayetteville’s most popular parks, and for good reason: Wilson Park features a veritable bounty of amenities.

If your team is looking to hone their skills at basketball, softball, tennis, or volleyball, they can do so at one of the park’s many courts.

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There’s also a gazebo, picnic areas, a playground, and a greenhouse if you would all just rather relax and take in the sights of this well-kept gem of a park.

One of Wilson Park’s most well-known features however, is its “Castle.” The Castle was first constructed in 1981 in an effort to cover up an unsightly concrete spring house.

Nowadays the Castle has become a popular spot to relax for locals and tourists alike because of its picturesque surroundings. If you’re traveling to Fayetteville with young children they’ll have a blast climbing up to the top of the Castle where they can enjoy the view of the park.

During the summertime from June to mid-August, Wilson Park Pool offers visitors to the park a great way to cool off for a very modest price. 675 Park Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701


Arkansas Air & Military Museum

If you’ve got a team that can’t get enough of cool planes and military memorabilia, a visit to the Arkansas Air & Military Museum makes for a perfect activity while you’ve got some time off during your stay in Fayetteville.

Housed in a vast, all-wood white hangar that was once the former headquarters for one of the United States’ many aviator training posts during World War II, this attraction features numerous displays of original artifacts and aviation memorabilia.

What makes their collection particularly special is that many of the planes on display can still fly!

Discounted admission rates are available for groups. 4290 S School Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701


Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Welcoming more than 80,000 visitors annually, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is one of Fayetteville’s most prominent outdoor attractions. There you and your team can explore the collection of twelve uniquely-themed gardens, as well as the region’s only butterfly house.

The Japanese Garden, Vegetable and Herb Garden, Children’s Garden, and Ozark Native Garden are just a few of the fantastic collections of foliage you’ll find at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.

The garden also offers a variety of educational programs for guests of all ages. Admission to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is free for children under the age of five. 4703 N Crossover Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72764


Arkadia Retrocade

You and your team will have a blast from the past as you get your game on at Arkadia Retrocade. This funky Fayetteville flashback of an attraction harkens back to gaming’s glory days in the ‘80s and ‘90s with classic arcade machines like Frogger, Pac-Man, Centipede, and more, as well as vintage home gaming consoles like the Nintendo 64.

There’s no need to have everyone fill up their pockets with a week’s allowance worth of quarters like back in the day either; for only five dollars you can play all day! 1478 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703


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Gator Golf Fayetteville

“Putt” an end to a dull afternoon by taking the team to Gator Golf Fayetteville! Nestled in the heart of the serene Ozark Mountains, this custom-designed mini-golf course includes many unique features like magnificent waterfalls and life-sized statues of African animals that will turn a leisurely round of golf with your team into a memorable adventure full of fun.

Gator Golf Fayetteville sits on two acres and has not one, but two 18-hole courses. That way there’s enough space for everyone to play at their own pace. If your team’s up for the challenge, you can play both courses for one combined price.

Then, after you’ve tallied up everyone’s score, stop by Gator Golf Fayetteville’s snack bar for a quick treat before heading back to the hotel. Group discounts are available. Children age five and under can play for free when accompanied by a paying adult. 2692 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703


Starlight Skatium

At Starlight Skatium you and your team can strap on some roller skates and hit the rink for a few hours of affordable, old-fashioned fun.

Starlight Skatium features unique space-themed décor, a modest arcade area, and a concession stand with plenty of seating, ensuring that you and your team are in store for some out-of-this-world entertainment.

Even if it’s some of your team members’ first time skating they’ll still have a great time, thanks to Starlight Skatium’s selection of different roller skates and devices that help novice skaters get accustomed to wheeling around. 617 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72701


Ozark Escape

Fayetteville - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsPut your team’s teamwork to the test at Ozark Escape, Fayetteville’s premiere escape room.

If you and your team have never been to an escape room before, you’re in for a great time; and even if you’re a group of escape room veterans, Ozark Escape is sure to be a cut above many of the escape rooms you’ve visited before.

At Ozark Escape there are a variety of rooms you can choose from.

There’s Monster in the Closet, where you and your group will be locked in a room filled with monsters that might just be able to help you escape.

In The Hidden Elixir you play as an acolyte of a powerful wizard who must find an antidote after being poisoned by an enemy of your master.

Spy Game is a thrilling adventure that takes place in the office of an arms dealer that you have managed to infiltrate.

Lastly, Blood Bath is an escape room adventure not for the faint of heart where you and your team have been kidnapped, separated, and locked away by a notorious serial killer. You only have 60 minutes to reunite with everyone and escape before he returns!

Each room allows for a maximum of four to 10 players. You can either book your escape room visit online ahead of time or simply walk in and make a reservation. 509 W Spring St, Fayetteville, AR 72701


Fayetteville Downtown Square & Gardens

If your group wants to experience Fayetteville like locals, spend some time at Fayetteville Downtown Square & Gardens.

This charming downtown district is the focal point for many local activities and events, such as the Fayetteville Farmers Market, which you can check out if you’re visiting the area anytime from April to November.

It’s also home to a variety of unique shops and restaurants, as well as historic buildings like the original Fayetteville post office, the Old Bank of Fayetteville Building, and more.

It doesn’t get much more Fayetteville than this! East & Center St, Fayetteville, AR 72701


Every year thousands of visitors head to Fayetteville for one reason and one reason only: there’s so much to see and do there!

So, be sure to plan ahead, because whether you and your team only have a few hours or a few days to experience this wonderful city, you’ll leave feeling as if there’s still a lot more to explore.