Fort Collins – Things to do with your Team

Fort Collins, and Colorado in general, are famous for their awe inspiring landscapes and scenic views.  So many natural formations are crammed into the state.  In Fort Collins alone you can expect to see snow-capped mountains, winding rivers, and lush forests.  While you’re there, you will have much more to do than gawk at the beautiful landscapes around you since the city is rich with exciting activities to take part in.  Make sure to find a balance between enjoying Fort Collin’s nature and all of the attractions it has to offer.


Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

Fort Collins - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsDiscovering is just another word for learning.  Fort Collins Museum of Discovery caters to the curious mind in a tactile way that kids of all ages find amusing.  Take a trip back in time through displays of animals and plants native to the Colorado region.  Learn what kinds of amazing animals once walked where you do today.  Get a better picture of Colorado’s landscapes in the museum’s meticulous environments and natural area exhibits.  Observe live animals and discover some fascinating facts about them.  Let out your inner scientist and experiment with one of the many interactive activities like building pipe tracks or investigate light and color.  Fort Collins tackles many of the major scientific fields and educates visitors in a special way.  Attached to the museum is the OtterBox Digital Dome Theater.  The theater runs shows throughout the day on topics like asteroids, the search for extraterrestrial life, and dinosaurs.  Your team never had as much fun learning as they will at Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.  408 Mason Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80524


Fort Fun

A destination with so many options it’s almost impossible to choose what to do first.  Fort Fun lives up to its name.  For the speed demons, Fort Fun’s quarter mile go-kart track allows them to let loose.  Drivers for individual cars must be at least 10 years old and 54 inches tall.  Those who prefer their entertainment at a slower pace will be happy to know that Fort Fun has two mini golf courses, each with their own challenging set of obstacles designed to add strokes to your score.  If you want to run around, a laser tag arena is the perfect activity to work up a sweat and spend your time.  Fort Fun also offers an arcade, bumper boats, a giant slide, and even more!  This place has so many choices; it’s incredibly easy to spend a day here.  1513 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80524


Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

During your stay in Fort Collins you should experience some of Colorado’s marvelous scenery.  Located a town over, Horsetooth Mountain Open Space is the best park to visit near the Fort Collins area to get a taste of Colorado’s nature.  There are over 20 hiking trails available to your team.  Each of which is filled with their own remarkable views.  Depending on the trail you take, you can expect to see mountains, rivers, and native wildlife.  It doesn’t matter which trail you hike, bringing your camera is a smart idea so you can preserve these astonishing views forever.  A pavilion can be reserved for your team as well, so you can enjoy a meal in the shade.  S Ridge Trail, Loveland, CO 80538


Fly High Trampoline Park

An awesome trampoline park for a below average cost, Fly High Trampoline Park will be a big hit with the team.  Providing an energy packed bouncing adventure, Fly High is one of the most fun ways to burn some calories.  Your team can warm up in the park’s free jump section.  Floors and walls lined with trampolines make it a great spot to get acclimated.  After that, they can jump or dive into the giant foam pit or rocket towards a basketball hoop and dunk like a pro.  Trampoline dodgeball is also on the table for those who always wanted to play a more intense version of the game.  218 Smokey St, Fort Collins, CO 80525


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Chipper’s Lanes

Fort Collins - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsBowling is a classic form of entertainment.  One that people always have a good time doing.  Taking the team to Chipper’s Lanes will ensure an hour or two of amusement at the very least.  Grab a few lanes, lace up your bowling shoes, and bowl some strikes.  Chipper’s isn’t your average bowling alley though.  It raises the bar for bowling alleys with all of the other awesome things there are to do.  Like most bowling alleys Chipper’s has an arcade, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  You can head outside with some teammates and spike some balls on their volleyball court.  There is also a laser tag arena that your team can use.  Chipper’s Lanes will keep the team busy for quite a while with all there is to do. 217 W Horsetooth Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525


The Farm at Lee Martinez Park

Get up close and personal with some farm animals at The Farm at Lee Martinez Park.  For a cheap price you can make some new friends and pet goats, horses, cows, and other farm animals.  There is even an option to ride a pony.  Besides the animals, The Farm allows you to explore their barns and old tractors.  This is a great place to bring the animal lovers on your team who want to play with some cute creatures.  When finished with The Farm, you can enjoy a packed lunch or go for a short walk in Lee Martinez Park.  600 N Sherwood St, Fort Collins, CO 80521


Cinemark Fort Collins

Not everything you do has to require walking or running around.  In fact, between those kinds of activities and playing in a tournament, you are sure to get tired after a while.  Why not take a load off and go to a movie?  Head to Cinemark Fort Collins for a cinematic treat and some much needed relaxation, where you can pick between 12 movies.  The theater’s friendly staff makes sure the cinema is clean and always stocked with those movie theater snacks you can’t do without.  4721 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525


Fort Collins Escape Room

There are a surprising amount of escape rooms in Fort Collins, but Fort Collins Escape Room provides the most unique experience.  Sporting a distinctive escape room theme of steampunk/Victorian, their room, Escape the Machine, requires you to solve complex puzzles and find clues to aid you in your attempted escape.  Do you have what it takes to make it out before the 60 minute time limit expires?  Eight people are allowed in the room at once, so if need be you can split your team up into groups and take turns trying to solve the room.  4025 S. Mason St. Fort Collins, CO 80525


During your trip to Fort Collins, you and your team will have a variety of attractions you will want to check out.  While witnessing some of Colorado’s picturesque views is a must, there’s still so many other things you’ll want to see in the small amount of time you will be there.  Don’t fret too much and instead enjoy as much of Fort Collins as you can.