Greater Richmond Convention Center – Things To Do With Your Team

The land in which Richmond is located was settled by English colonists in the early 1600s. The city’s official founding took place in 1737. Since then, Richmond has played a vital role in the founding of the United States. At one point during the Civil War, it served as the Confederate capital. Through the centuries, Richmond has grown into one of Virginia’s largest cities and its capital. If you and your team are heading there for a tournament at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, take some time to explore this great, historic city.


Things to Do

The American Civil War Museum

Richmond was a pivotal city during the Civil War, specifically for the Confederacy. During the war, it was one of the South’s capitals. You and your team can witness the story of the war and examine many intriguing artifacts at The American Civil War Museum. There are two locations for the museum in Richmond. Both of them are within walking distance of the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Embark on a guided tour and set foot in the Confederacy president’s, Jefferson Davis, mansion. The building has been restored and houses many original pieces of furniture and other objects from that time period. Uniforms, flags brought into battle, guns, and more artifacts are all on display. These relics help tell the interesting and bloody story of the Civil War.

The other site starts off with a film discussing why the war broke out and outlines all of the issues that divided the country in the 1860s. The Tredegar center focuses on telling in-depth stories of the Unionists, Confederates, and African American soldiers. Like the other museum location, many artifacts aid in bringing the stories to life. The exhibit goes beyond the war and illustrates how it shaped the country after its conclusion. For both places, groups of 10 or more will receive group discounts and for every 10 kids, one chaperone will get free admission. 1201 E Clay St, Richmond, VA 23219; 500 Tredegar St, Richmond, VA 23219


Virginia Holocaust Museum

One of Richmond’s most humbling and moving museums, the Virginia Holocaust Museum is devoted to educating visitors on the atrocities of the Holocaust. The museum incorporates a diversity of temporary exhibits throughout the year focused on different facets of the event such as the camps, treatment of prisoners, and commemorating survivors.

There are permanent exhibits that you can count on being there all year. Step into a cramped train car where the Nazis stuffed prisoners into while they were transported to the camps. Follow the experiences of the Ipson family. The Ipsons managed to escape the Kovno ghetto and hide out in Lithuania during the war. An accurate recreation of the Nuremburg courtroom, where high ranking Nazi officials were put on trial is another key exhibit to check out.  The Virginia Holocaust Museum will captivate the entire team with its powerful displays. 2000 E Cary St, Richmond, VA 23223


Virginia State Capitol

Bring the team to the Virginia State Capitol for a free guided or self-guided tour. The type of tour you can do depends on the size of your group. Any parties with 10 or more people qualify for a guided tour. If you have at least 10 people and are interested in visiting, call ahead to make a reservation, so the capitol can guarantee that they have a guide for you. You’ll be able to tour the capitol building, the executive mansion, learn about statues and portraits of influential Virginians throughout history, and more. 1000 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23218


Black History Museum

A museum focused on honoring the struggle of African Americans in Richmond, Virginia, and the country as a whole, the Black History Museum in Richmond is a small, but very interactive attraction. Photographs, documents, popular songs sung by African Americans, textiles, and other artifacts provide an all-encompassing history of African Americans. There are a lot of touch tablets located throughout the museum too that offer a lot of detailed information about the pieces. Temporary exhibits are rotated every couple of months as well, in an effort to keep the museum’s displays new. Take a self-guided tour of this facility while you’re visiting the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Any groups of 10 or more can qualify for group discounts. 122 W Leigh St, Richmond, VA 23220


Greater Richmond Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsCanal Walk

Richmond is a beautiful city. See some of the sights for yourself while you enjoy a blissful stroll along the James River on the Canal Walk. This mile and a quarter long trail has entrances on almost every block between 5th and 17th street, making it a very accessible activity while at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Today, the canal and trail are used for walking, biking, and sightseeing. Going back through the decades however, the canal was a major shipping highway that traders used to transport their goods throughout Virginia and beyond. There’s a lot of history to discover while you walk the trail. 12th & Canal Sts, Richmond, VA


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Places to Eat

Secret Sandwich Society

It’s not classified information that Secret Sandwich Society makes some of the best sandwiches in Richmond. In fact, they have 15 different awesome sandwiches on their menu that they make daily! Stuffed with ingredients like succulent pork shoulder, roast beef and bacon, or spiced homemade meatloaf, all of this sandwich shop’s meals are winners. Hamburgers and soups are also included. So is a kids’ menu. 501 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219


Wong Gonzalez

A fusion between Asian and Mexican, Wong Gonzalez serves some traditional Mexican cuisine, some Asian, and some combinations. You’ll be able to order standard tacos and burritos or Korean style ribs, stir fry, noodles, and fried rice dishes. But, the fusion meals are really where this eatery shines. Things like a burrito stuffed with wok fried chicken covered in sweet glaze sauce, Asian barbeque tacos, and spicy chorizo fried rice are only a few of the combined cuisine meals you’ll find at Wong Gonzalez. 412 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219


Max’s On Broad

Max’s On Broad is a reasonably priced French brunch, lunch, and dinner place near the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Some items that your team will be interested are Max’s Pretzel, poutine, calamari, and French onion soup. They also have a solid list of sandwiches, Belgian waffles, and dishes like shrimp and grits, and multiple eggs benedict recipes. 305 Brook Rd, Richmond, VA 23220


Greater Richmond Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsJ Kogi

Korean food has a lot of dishes that appeal to kids. Many of their meals consist of rice, meat or fish, and cooked vegetables, sometimes topped with a fried egg. Get your fix of Korean at J Kogi. The featured meal of this place is a customizable bowl where you get to pick what kind of meat, rice, vegetables, and sauce. They also make a traditional Korean dish known as Gimbap, which is essentially a Korean style sushi without the raw fish. They also have Korean style chicken wings. 325 N 2nd St, Richmond, VA 23219


Don’t miss out on discovering Richmond’s exciting attractions. There are more than enough things to do near the Greater Richmond Convention Center that can keep you and your team busy for the duration of your trip. The city is full of historic sites that warrant a visit while you’re there.