Greater Tacoma Convention Center – Things To Do With Your Team

Tacoma has been recognized as being one of the most walkable cities in the country. With its high density of attractions and easy to navigate layout, Tacoma is a fantastic city to visit for a tournament. If you’ll be at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center with your team, the list of options available to you in terms of entertainment will be rich. The facility itself is world-class and has five floors to house events. The staff is good at what they do, and your tournament will go off without a hitch.


Things to Do

Washington State History Museum

Washington may be young in terms of its statehood when compared to other states, but its history is full of interesting stories and facts. Find out some of that history for yourself by going to the Washington State History Museum, located near the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. One of the main displays at the museum outlines the history and development of the state from the time of the Native Americans through the post-world war era. Peruse all sorts of artifacts like Native American clothing, aircraft body frames, mining equipment, and historical photographs.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on exhibit, then the History Lab is the place to go. This one and a half hour guided activity takes your team through Washington’s history and allows them to work with artifacts while they learn about the state’s past. Visit during the holiday season, and you can witness the museum’s wonderfully arranged model train display. The Washington State History Museum also runs temporary featured exhibits that change every few months or so. Groups of 10 or more will be eligible for reduced admission costs. 1911 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


Greater Tacoma Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsDorky’s Arcade

What’s not to love about an arcade? It’s an activity that’s fun for all ages. Bring your team to Dorky’s Arcade, so they can play 67 different arcade games. From a variety of pinball machines to games like Fruit Ninja, Donkey Kong, NFL Blitz, Tron, and Pacman, Dorky’s has a game for everyone. Your team could most likely spend a good chunk of time at this place. Try and budget out a decent amount so you can experience Dorky’s to the fullest extent. There’s no need to leave if your team gets hungry either. You can buy pizza right at the arcade. 754 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


Wright Park

Being in a bustling city for a while can get exhausting after a while. Retreat to a Wright Park for a little peace and quiet. This park has plenty of lawn space to lay and relax or run around for those who can’t sit still. A calming lake where you can watch some ducks and skip rocks is also nearby. Your team can enjoy a playground and if it’s a warmer day, the sprayground. Just remember to have a change of clothes or your bathing suit handy for that one. Make sure to take a walk through the park. There are several charming views and over 600 trees spread throughout. 501 South I St, Tacoma, WA 98405


LeMay America’s Car Museum

You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to appreciate the incredible collection of cars at LeMay America’s Car Museum. They have all kinds of cars on display. Check out their super car collection which includes a Ford GT, Ferrari, and Indy car. Another exhibit shows off a collection of NASCAR automobiles through the decades. You can easily trace the evolution of the sports cars and the technological advancements through the years.

There are even some cars from the 1920s, like the 1925 Model T, which was one of the very first car models ever made. Some classic muscle cars from the glory days of the 1960s also reside in the museum, such as the 1969 Chevy Camaro SS Sport Coupe and the 1966 Ford Mustang. The LeMay America’s Car Museum extends its focus to not only cars, but the resources that run them. They have a display on the different cars and sources of power like solar, electricity, gasoline, and steam. This is a really cool museum to check out and spend an hour or two away from the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. 2702 E D St, Tacoma, WA 98421


Children’s Museum of Tacoma

A museum geared toward the younger crowd of eight and below, Children’s Museum of Tacoma is the perfect place to take a younger team during a visit to the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. This facility is stock full of interactive activities and displays that kids go wild for. You can let out your inner artist and draw or paint a masterpiece in the art studio. Construct and arrange tubes and other materials to make a track that your ball can navigate through. There are some water activities at the museum as well. Have some splashing fun with your teammates. A spaceship playground climbable structure is another fun thing to check out while you’re at the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. The museum offers group rates. Remember to ask about them when you show up. 1501 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


Adventures by Appointment

Schedule a session at Adventures by Appointment for a challenging, yet exciting escape room activity. This place has two different rooms you and your team can choose from to attempt. The first one is called The Last Escape. In this room, you find yourself in a psychic’s house. The spirit of a great magician is trapped inside the house, as are you. You are his only hope to free him and escape yourself. The other room, The Scorpion Extraction, promotes you to a position in the FBI. You are instructed to pick up the mob informant whose been helping you. The only problem is you aren’t sure which person is the informant. Don’t pick the wrong one. 1102 A St #410, Tacoma, WA 98402


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Places to Eat

The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen

When you can’t decide what to eat, a consistent go-to always seems to be pizza. If you find yourself having trouble figuring out where to go to eat near the Greater Tacoma Convention Center, go to The Rock Wood Fired Kitchen. They make 17 specialty pizza options, and if none of those are calling to you, you can build your own pizza and pick from a large list of toppings. This restaurant also serves hamburgers, mac and cheese, ribs, sandwiches, and fish tacos. They have enough of a variety to satisfy everyone on the team. 1920 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


Mexico Magico

Do you have a craving for Mexican food? If so, check out Mexico Magico. They have all of the fan favorites that you know and love. Beef, pork, and seafood meals are sure to fill you up. They also serve enchiladas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, and quesadillas. You can’t go wrong with Mexican cuisine. Make sure to stop by Mexico Magico after you leave the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. 1128 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98444


The Swiss

Enjoy a meal in a well-maintained historic building from 1913 at The Swiss. Their menu is brimming with many kid friendly dishes. Pass around some appetizers like chicken tenders and fries or shredded pork and cheese nachos. Then, for your entrée, you can order from a big selection of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, brats, and other entrees. 1904 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


Greater Tacoma Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsTHEKOI Japanese Cuisine

THEKOI Japanese Cuisine is the place to go if you’re at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center and you have a hankering for Japanese food. You’ll enjoy some really fresh fish and unique sushi rolls there. THEKOI’s sushi menu is extensive and is priced very reasonably. In case there are people on the team who won’t want sushi, a grilled menu is also available. You have the option of multiple teriyaki style meat, noodle, or rice dishes that you can order. 1552 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402


Your trip to Tacoma is certain to show you and the team a fun time. Use the Greater Tacoma Convention Center’s convenient location to your advantage and venture out into the city as much as possible. By the time your trip is over, you’ll have plenty of stories to go home and share with loved ones.