Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex, located in Fort Dodge Iowa, is a 100 acre sports complex. This complex is equipped with 11 softball and baseball fields, and has 13 soccer fields. The Boulevard of Champions Entrance happily contains four concessions stands. The mini major fields are youth fields modeled after Yankee, Wrigley, Dodger and Veterans fields. Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex has welcomed Fort Dodge Baseball Association, Fort Dodge USSA Girls Fast Pitch Association, Fort Dodge Slow Pitch Association, and the Fort Dodge Soccer Association. Every year since 1970, the sports complex has hosted the Iowa Girls High School Softball Tournament.

Things to do

Fort Frenzy

Does your team enjoy a variety of games? Fort Frenzy, praised as “the regions go-to family entertainment center,” provides energetic activities in which your entire team can partake.

You are invited to come explore an exciting twist on a traditional activity. The Bumper Boats at Fort Frenzy rock, spin, and spray. Adding to the excitement, players compete against their friends with squirt guns attached to the boats. For the player who requires time to ease their way into the action, try squirting the squirt guns from the pools edge! Please check the website for details of the rules for this game. If the excitement of the bumper boats has awakened a daring streak within you, come drive the go-karts! Participants will race against 30 electric go-karts on an outdoor 850+ “foot banked” track. A seasonal attraction, go-karts are available from April to November.

If your need for speed has grown to include a need for catapulting, you are welcome to try a new attraction. Water Wars is a classic balloon game with a new twist. Guests will be provided with a bucket of water balloons and a launcher, before catapulting the balloons to your opponents’ battle station. A seasonal attraction Water Wars lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day. When your team has exhausted these outdoor activities, continue the enthusiastic play inside!

Your team will enjoy a themed Earth Quest Lazer Tag. This state of the art arena is 2500 square feet. Players are provided with fiber optic vests, laser shooting phasers, and other essential equipment. This attraction is indoors and open year-round. Would you like to experience a new attraction with your team? Spin Zone Bumper Cars, enhances the traditional bumper cars experience. Zero radius bumper cars spin in place, move forward, backwards, and allow you to collide with your competitors. For this ride, single passengers must be 36 inches or 5 years old.    In addition, double riders must have an adult who is twenty-one years or older. Please check the website for additional details. Fort Frenzy also provides guests with the opportunity to play mini golf, and mini bowling.

After building your appetite, come to the cafe. Frenzy Cafe happily offers pizza with an assortment of toppings. In addition, their other menu items include salads, pretzels, nachos, icees, and soda. Fort Frenzy also provides their guests with the opportunity to order cake treats!

Fort Frenzy is an exhilarating event for your team. 3232 1st Avenue South Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Bladen Memorial Art Museum

Would your team like to explore one of the major cultural attractions Iowa has to offer? Well you’re in luck because there’s one near Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex. Bladen Memorial Art Museum is a hub of art and culture for North Central Iowa. This museum offers free admission which gives guests access to a wide array of national as well as international artistic treasures. Your team will be glad to participate in Bladen Memorial Art Museum’s earnest attempts to involve the general public.

A much anticipated exhibit, 85 Years of the Bladen Collection, is housed in the West Gallery. This exhibit will focus on the vast collection accumulated over the past 85 years by the Bladen Memorial Art Museum. The exhibit will include the first artifact donated in 1932, and spans 85 years of Bladen Memorial Art Museums extensive collection. You and your team will be captivated by the various works of art coupled with ancient artifacts. But hurry, 85 Years of the Bladen Collection, is only available through June 2018.

Maybe your team would like a more interactive introduction to the world of art? Come to Bladen’s Art Festival! Each June, this fun-loving museum dedicates itself to art and music. The entertainment is performed by New York Times bestselling author and wellness activist, Chris Karr, and retired songwriter, who once wrote for the popular Fast and Furious movie franchise, Chad Elliot. There is truly something for all members of your team at Bladen’s Art Festival. The kids tent includes air dry clay sculptures, beads, and spin art. In addition, kids may practice wheel throwing. A lump of clay is placed on a pottery wheel, and is either squeezed, lifted, or shaped according to how the wheel turns. Pick up a souvenir at the Artists Tent. Here, artists sell various pieces of art in different mediums.

Your team will appreciate learning about cultural attractions in a Midwestern setting. 920 Third Ave. S Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Humboldt County Dragway

Humboldt County Dragway is a speedway in Northern Iowa. It has been hailed as “Iowa’s Oldest Dragway”. Open to the public, this historic raceway features a 1/8 mile concrete track. Are you or members of your team captivated by classic sports cars? Then you will be amazed at this event! Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you and your team watches the race from the lush, green grass. Here you will be able to see a multitude of classic sports cars racing on the track. The Humboldt County Dragway has hosted such professional groups as the, “Brotherhood of Street Racers Minnesota Division”. Please note, the Humboldt County Dragway is a seasonal attraction. 2141 Penn Ave, Humboldt, IA 50548

Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center

Looking for an entertaining summer activity close to Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex? Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center is happy to meet your aquatic needs. This pool allows its guests to beat the heat by immersing themselves in clean, clear, and refreshing water.

During the summer in Iowa, enjoying a swim has become a summer staple. This outdoor community pool allows guests to ease into the water in the comfort of the summer, sun. The Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center asks that at least one adult will accompany children who are under the age of 4. In addition, children must be 9 years or older in order to enter the pool deck unaccompanied. Although swimming for leisure can be fun, the Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center also provides visitors with the opportunity for a fitness swim. For this activity, guests are required to be at least 16 years old. Please check the website for more details of how you may enjoy a safe swim. Your team will be pleased to learn that you can further enhance your fun with water rides!

The Family Slide is a wide slide which allows guests a speedy and energetic entrance into the pool. Riders must be 48 inches tall. Would you like to float along in a circular motion before being dumped into the pool? The Swirl Bowl is happy to oblige! Riders are required to cross their arms behind their head, and cross their legs while in a laying down position. This exciting ride is designed for strong swimmers, and contains deep, moving water. The Blue/Green Slide is a long slide with plenty of curves. Participants can choose from either a single or double tube. While on this ride, enjoy the rush of the water, as it propels you and your tube down the slide. You and your team will enjoy the fun and exciting Rosedale Rapids Aquatic Center. 1111 N 32nd St. Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Dolliver Memorial State Park

Is your team interested in basking in the beauty of nature? Come to Dolliver Memorial State Park . Part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Dolliver Memorial State Park provides visitors with historical lodging, trail activities, and timeless water excursions. Your team will be interested in the group activities offered by Dolliver Memorial State Park.

This park contains two rustic historic lodges. Built in the 1930s, they are still available for day use and great for group events. These lodges can be reserved via the “Parks Reservation System.” Similarly, picnic shelters can be reserved online. Take a break from your busy sports schedule to appreciate the welcoming atmosphere offered to groups. Additional amenities include a dining hall, showers, and ten sleeping cabins. Once you have explored all these generous accommodations, you are invited to delve into water recreation.

Please partake in 18,000 miles of waterway. These waters cater to every canoeing or kayaking skill level, from beginner to advanced. You and your team will row in miles of peaceful water while you are surrounded by picturesque green trees. After your trip back from the waterways, you and your team may even want to try more land activities.

Visitors to the Dolliver Memorial State Park are invited to explore miles of trails. Choose from traditional mediums of transportation such as hiking or biking, or the less conventional mode of cross country skiing.

Dolliver Memorial State Park is an unforgettable experience that will have your team talking about this event long after you have left. 2757 dallier Park Ave. Lehigh, IA 50557

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Places to Eat

Hacienda Vieja

Hacienda Vieja is an authentic Mexican restaurant nearby Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex. Owners Raul Guitron and Salvador Lepe have over 30 years of experience. Free chips and salsa are included with every order of food. Guests are welcome to dine in or take out lunch. The menu includes enchiladas, chimichangas, Chille Relleno, chalupas, burritos, tacos, and chicken or steak fajitas. Hacienda Vieja is also home of the 15 minute Express Lunch. This restaurant provides a kids menu, for children ages 12 years or younger. The dinner menu for Hacienda Vieja includes fajitas, salads, steaks, beef, seafood, and chicken. Additionally, this restaurant offers desert.

Planning an event with your team? Hacienda Vieja will cater it. Catering recipients can even choose to hold the event in a party room. This party room is able to fit 20 to 70 people comfortably, and is free of charge!  217 S 25th St. Suite D-14 Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Mineral City Mill and Grill

Mineral City Mill and Grill has been known as a “Fort Dodge Iowa Family Restaurant.” Open for lunch and dinner, the menu for this restaurant features appetizers, authentic pastas, seafood, burgers, and steak salads. Apart from these mouthwatering items, the menu also includes signature sandwiches. Choose from chicken parmigiana, Tuscan turkey, or more. Every Sunday, Mineral City Mill and Grill hosts a special Sunday Breakfast. The lovely staff at Mineral City Mill and Grill would love to serve you inside their beautiful restaurant. However, this establishment also offers car-side-to-go! 2621 5th Ave. South Fort Dodge IA 50501 

Seneca Street Saloon

Is your team looking for an enjoyable time? Then look no further than Seneca Street Saloon. A laid back restaurant, Seneca Street Saloon has 8 High Definition Televisions on which you can watch a sports game. This restaurant adds to the fun by providing their customers with a chance to play a game of darts, and shoot pool. Relax with these activities while you enjoy a variety of comfort foods. The menu for this restaurant includes appetizers, specialty pizzas, subs, salads, and sandwiches. Perhaps before you leave, your team may find they have been inducted into Seneca Street Saloon’s Hall of Fame! 919 Seneca Street Webster City, IA 50595

Pizza Ranch

Is your team looking for pizza, a short drive from Fort Dodge? Pizza Ranch is the perfect dinning establishment for you! The menu at Pizza Ranch includes pizza, chicken, beverages, and desserts. This restaurant also provides guests with the opportunity to choose a “Ranch Pack.” Choose the “Chicken Pack”, an eight piece chicken box, six biscuits, family mashed potatoes, and gravy. You also have the option of choosing a, “Combo Pack.” This includes a medium pizza, eight piece chicken box, family mashed potatoes, and a small cactus bread. Planning an event with your team? Pizza Ranch is available to cater your event. Please check the website for more details. Ever accommodating, this restaurant also offers online ordering. 3311 5th Ave South Fort Dodge, IA 5050

North Central Iowa is a unique place for your team to visit. You will love the variety of activities, along with the various palate pleasing choices near Harlan Rodgers Sports Complex.