Jackson – Things to do with your Team

As the capital city of Mississippi, Jackson is an epicenter for activity in the state. With plenty of family-friendly attractions and no shortage of natural beauty that you can experience in the city’s parks and gardens, it’s easy to ensure that every day your team spends in Jackson will be a memorable one.


Mississippi Children’s Museum

The Mississippi Children’s Museum is the perfect destination to awaken your team’s imagination. With exhibits like the Exploring Mississippi heritage gallery; the World at Work science, technology, and industry gallery; and the Healthy Fun health and nutrition gallery, the Mississippi Children’s Museum is a great place to ignite your team’s curiosity and creativity while they spend the day playing and having fun. After a busy day of play, have your team refuel at Red Rocket Café, the museum’s full-service café, serving up sandwiches, pizza, crisp salads, fruit, and sweet treats, in addition to seasonal specialties like pancakes, soups, and fresh produce. The fun continues with a visit to Louis LeFleur’s Trading Post, where each member of your team can pick out the perfect keepsake to bring back home with them for even more educational entertainment. 2145 Museum Boulevard, Jackson, MS 39202


Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Jackson - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsQuestion: What state is home to the leading scorer and receiver in NFL History, Jerry Rice; the leading passer in NFL history, Brett Farve; the second leading rusher, Walter Payton; and the patriarch of the first family of football, Archie Manning? Answer: None other than your team’s travel destination, Mississippi. Celebrate the lives and legacies of these sports legends and many more, along with the rest of the state’s storied sports history at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum in Jackson.

Since the establishment of the hall of fame in 1961 and the museum’s subsequent opening in 1996, the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum has been dedicated to telling and preserving the stories of the greatest athletes and coaches Mississippi has ever known. The interactive kiosks dotted throughout the museum capture the exhilarating sensory experience of sporting events by incorporating elements of sight, sound, and motion, bringing you and your team back in time to great moments in Mississippi sports history that are sure to inspire. Your visit to the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame and Museum will be as affordable as it is inspiring with reasonably-priced admission and discounts for children under the age of 17 and for groups of 12 or more. 1152 Lakeland Dr, Jackson, MS 39216


Trustmark Park

Grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and head on over to Trustmark Park. Watch the Mississippi Braves, a talented double-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Your team is in for a night of action, fun, and laughs. Trustmark Park is all about major league quality games for minor league prices. The ballpark also has discounts for groups starting at 25 people. Don’t sit around at the hotel room, come watch the Mississippi Braves at Trustmark Park. 1 Braves Blvd, Pearl, MS 39208


The Jackson Zoo

Have your team answer the call of the wild with a trip to the Jackson Zoo, the oldest and largest zoo in Mississippi. For almost a century, the Jackson Zoo has attracted visitors from across the state and the rest of the country, thanks to its collection of over 350 animals. At the Jackson Zoo your team will get an up close view of alligators, gazelles, rhinos, and more, as well as endangered species like the amur leopard, Sumatran tiger, and pigmy hippo. The fun isn’t over once your team is done paying a visit to their favorite feathery, scaly, and furry friends either. They can escape from the heat at the Jackson Zoo’s Splash Pad and lounge area; ride atop statues of animals on the Endangered Species Carousel; take a train ride back in time to 1863 on the Replica Steam Train at Livingston Park; browse a wide selection of souvenirs, educational, animal-inspired games and books, and more at the Trading Company Gift Shop; and get their grub on at Zoolicious at the Elephant House Café, run by local favorite Back Yard Burgers. Children under 12 years old and groups of 10 or more are eligible for discounted admission prices. 2918 W Capitol St, Jackson, MS 39205


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LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

Get your team out of the hotel room and into the great outdoors at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. Named for the trading post established on the banks of the Pearl River in the late 18th century by Louis LeFleur, this 305-acre state park provides a touch of lush natural beauty right in the heart of the state capital. Perfect for hiking, fishing, picnic lunches, or even a day of golf at the park’s nine-hole course and driving range, LeFleur’s Bluff is a great getaway from the everyday. 3315 Lakeland Terrace, Jackson, MS 39216


Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Tucked within historic LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is another Mississippi must-see; the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. There you and your team can learn about the state’s local wildlife, as well as wildlife from around the world and throughout time. Get a great view of the state park outside through the museum’s vast expanses of glass overlook; meet over 200 living species in the 100,000 gallon aquarium; explore indoors through 73,000 square feet of permanent and temporary museum exhibits, and outdoors along 2.5 miles of winding nature trails; all of this and more makes the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science a unique and memorable experience for kids and adults alike. 2148 Riverside Dr, Jackson, MS 39202


Russell C. Davis Planetarium

Enjoy a day out under the night sky at the Russell C. Davis Planetarium. There you and your team will be wowed by giant stars, ethereal planets, and distant galaxies as you look up from under the planetarium’s immersive, 60-foot diameter dome-shaped projection screen. Thanks to recent updates to the planetarium’s technology, you will even be free to escape the boundaries of Earth’s gravitational pull for a cosmic sightseeing journey that ends at the edge of the known universe. If there are any aspiring astronauts on your sports team, this attraction is sure to be a highlight of their stay in Jackson. 201 E Pascagoula St, Jackson, MS 39201


Mynelle Gardens

Jackson - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsAt Mynelle Gardens, your group can take a break from the tires of travel in this seven-acre collage of distinct gardens. It features winding pathways populated by well-maintained flowers, shrubbery, trees, and more, in addition to some local wildlife. There you’ll also find cascading pools and various bridges connecting the path to an island oasis nestled in the center of a serene pond. Visitors are welcome to picnic in the garden, so feel free to pack lunches or small snacks for the group before your visit and keep an eye out for an area of the garden with great views that you can enjoy as you dine outdoors. 4736 Clinton Blvd, Jackson, MS 39209


With a motto like “The City with Soul” it should come as no surprise that Jackson is a hospitable travel destination with more fun than you and your team will be able to fit into one visit, and that’s okay; it just means that the next time you’re in Jackson there will still be even more for you to discover and enjoy.