Lafayette – Things to do with your Team

Originally named Vermilionville, Lafayette was later renamed after General Lafayette of the French Army. The city was renamed in his honor because of his crucial role in providing aid for the American cause during the Revolutionary War. General Lafayette played an integral part in the success of the American forces prevailing in the war.

Over the decades, Lafayette has grown into the center of Cajon and Creole culture in Louisiana. You and your team will experience the Cajon and Creole way of life, along with many thrilling attractions when you go to Lafayette.


Lafayette Science Museum

Lafayette - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsExplore the world around you through interactive digital and physical exhibits at Lafayette Science Museum.

You can experience the inside of the famed Apollo 11, the human body, or the dark, mysterious depths of the ocean in the Virtual Reality Lab.

In the Crawl Space, you can learn about various insects like beetles, centipedes, millipedes, and more as you investigate 19 terrariums.

The museum also has a collection of meteorite samples and rocks dating back thousands of years. Here, you can trace the development of Earth through the layers of rock and note changes in the planet throughout its existence.

At Lafayette Science Museum, you even have the option to visit their planetarium. Sit back and relax as you traverse the stars and learn about constellations, space flight, the universe itself, and other fascinating scientific topics.

Those who enjoy video games will be delighted to know that the museum has a gaming station stocked with games of all genres.

Contact the museum to inquire about group rates for your team. Lafayette Science Museum delivers an extensive journey into the world of science, one that your team will wholeheartedly love. 433 Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA 70501


Kart Ranch Family Fun Center

A facility packed with kid friendly activities, Kart Ranch Family Fun Center will excite the team from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave.

As you can probably surmise from Kart Ranch’s name, they do in fact have go karts that your team can race around in. The only catch is that they must be at least 54 inches tall to drive.

Get a few team members together for an amusing round of mini golf. Kart Ranch’s southern Louisiana-themed adventure mini golf is sure to test your putting skills. You will be expected to navigate your golf ball through a myriad of obstacles as you attempt to limit the number of strokes you take.

If you and your team go to Kart Ranch on the weekend, you can try and scale their rock wall. Kart Ranch also has an arcade, bumper boats, and batting cages. There’s enough to do there that your team won’t tire of Kart Ranch for quite some time. 508 Youngsville Hwy, Lafayette, LA 70508



Honoring the history of Lafayette, formally called Vermilionville, a museum by the same name stands as a reminder of the area’s past. Vermilionville is a historical museum site that was recreated with the influences of 18th century Acadians.

The museum utilizes their 23 acres very well. Several houses occupy the plot of land, each with artifacts and interesting information about the city and the Acadian settlers.

As you walk through the grounds, staff dressed in 18th century clothing will accompany you and add to the historical vibes Vermilionville exudes. These employees know a lot about the history of Vermilionville and will provide additional information that the exhibits do not. Find out the history behind Louisiana’s sacred holiday, Mardi Gras, information about slaves who once worked in the state, and more.

There is also a botanical garden you can walk through and enjoy some peace and quiet. Vermilionville even has a restaurant on site that serves authentic Cajon and Creole cuisine. 300 Fisher Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508


Sky Zone

Let your team run wild, or more accurately, jump wild at Sky Zone. This trampoline park company is popular throughout the country for good reason. They have the most activities of any of their ilk.

Start off in the open jump section. Lined with trampolines on the floor and walls, this is the perfect spot to get acclimated to the high altitudes you can achieve.

Once you get the feel for it, head to any of Sky Zone’s other bounce-filled stations.  Dunk basketballs at Skyslam, play Ultimate Dodgeball as both you and the balls rebound off of trampolines, or dive into the foam zone. Battle a friend at SkyJoust, conquer the SkyLadder or Warped Wall, and scale the FreeClimb rock wall. Sky Zone’s diversity of attractions will surely keep everyone entertained. 3814 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Lafayette, LA 70503


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Lafayette Lanes

A fun-filled day or night await you at Lafayette Lanes. This 40-lane bowling alley has everything you and your team needs. Plenty of different sized bowling balls, shoe rentals, automatic scoring, and a lot of room to accommodate everyone are all part of the package, and for very affordable prices.

Lafayette also has a food and drink menu, so you won’t have to worry about getting lunch or dinner somewhere else. There’s an arcade as well with a host of games for your team to play too. 2825 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503


Acadiana Mall

Lafayette - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4Teams

An above-average-sized mall, Acadiana Mall houses a lot of individual stores under its roof. Venture through Acadiana Mall’s one floor and do some shopping in over 100 stores and four anchors.

Stop by Lunar Golf for a round of glow golf. If you have a sweet tooth, check out Candy Craze. This bulk candy store has all the popular favorites, as well as some lesser known sweets.

That’s not all though! There are many more stores and dining options throughout Acadiana Mall for you and your team to enjoy. 5725 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503


Fabacher Field

Take in an Acadiana Cane Cutters baseball game at Fabacher Field. The Cane Cutters are a summer collegiate league team and play in the Texas Collegiate League.

Regardless of where your seats are at Fabacher Field, you’ll be able to see the game clearly. The fans are friendly and make you feel right at home. Concessions are available for purchase throughout the game as well. For group ticket prices, email the stadium, or call the number listed on the website. 221 La Neuville Rd, Youngsville, LA 70592


Escape Room Lafayette

The perfect place to give your mind a workout and work collaboratively with your team, Escape Room Lafayette will have the team locked in and using their thinking caps to try and escape.

This escape room has a whopping six different rooms, each with their own theme and perplexing puzzles to solve and clues to discover. From stopping a nuclear reactor core from melting, to preventing an assassin from killing the president, Escape Room Lafayette’s rooms will not only stump your team every which way, it will get them having fun in a totally different kind of manner. 2429 W Congress St, Lafayette, LA 70506


You and your team will have a fantastic time when you visit Lafayette. Its mix of historically interesting attractions and exciting activities will keep everyone engaged and having fun.

Don’t forget to order some Cajun and Creole food while you’re there. You won’t find a more authentic spot than Lafayette to try this spicy, flavorful style of cooking.