Lewiston – Things to do with your Team

A man by the name of Benjamin Bates is largely responsible for putting Lewiston on the map.  This textile tycoon built a mill in Lewiston and started both an economic and population boom in the city.  In the 50 years from 1840 to 1890 the population of the town increased by roughly 20,000.  Many people from the U.S and Canada came in search of jobs and a new start.  Thanks to the influx of people and the success of the textile mill, Lewiston became the wealthiest city in Maine for years.  Lewiston’s proud history and rapid growth has made the city a vibrant destination worth visiting if you’re in Maine.


Museum LA

Lewiston owes a lot of its sustained growth and success as a city to Benjamin Bates and his textile mill.  This mill employed thousands of Lewiston residents, Canadians, and Europeans throughout its existence.  This hugely influential piece of Lewiston’s history is immortalized in Museum LA.  The LA portion stands for Lewiston-Auburn.  Auburn is the neighboring city to the west of Lewiston, located on the other side of the Androscoggin River.  Museum LA focuses primarily on the social and technological history of Lewiston and the Bates Mill.

While you walk through the museum, you will be greeted with an extensive look through Lewiston’s past.  Old clothing, shoes, machinery, photos, and other artifacts are displayed for you to investigate.  Delving further into the history of Bates Mill, Museum LA doesn’t just concern itself with the mill, but also with the employees who worked there.  You can get a firsthand experience into the lives of these mill workers.  Museum LA also has featured rotating exhibits that are worth checking out. 35 Canal St, Lewiston, ME 04240


Roy’s All Steak Hamburgers & Golf Center

Lewiston - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsA combination of delicious food and mini golf seems like as good a place as any to visit when you’re in Lewiston.  Roy’s All Steak Hamburger & Golf Center will be a stop where your team can have tons of fun, guaranteed.  The 18-hole mini golf course is sure to challenge even the most experienced mini golfer.  This landscaped, well-kept course has a host of obstacles designed to mess you up and add strokes to your score.

In addition to mini golf, your team can work on their golf or baseball swing at Roy’s driving range and batting cages.  When you need to refuel, Roy’s menu offers a lot of choices.  Besides a variety of hamburgers and hot dogs, Roy’s cooks Maine classics like lobster rolls, fried haddock, and other fresh seafood options.  There are also a lot of ice cream selections like sundaes, slushies, and more. 2514 Turner Rd, Auburn, ME 04210


Aero Air Park

Have some wall to wall bouncing excitement at Aero Air Park.  This trampoline park provides all the amenities you need for having an awesome time.  Jump from trampoline to trampoline and showoff some flips in the jump arena.  Trampolines on the floors and walls make this a one of a kind trampoline experience you won’t soon forget.  Bounce high into the air and land safely and comfortably into Aero’s foam pit.  Play some trampoline dodgeball or dunk on a regulation size hoop with the help of a trampoline.  You can also enjoy a fully stocked arcade and some quality frozen yogurt when you visit Aero Air Park.  Groups of 10 or more are eligible for discount. 40 East Ave, Lewiston, ME 04240


Family Time Dine & Play

At Family Time Dine & Play, the only objective is to deliver an action packed time for everyone who enters.  Form a squad, grab a laser gun, and fight to become the best laser tag team around.  Run around the black light arena, peek around corners, and attempt to hold vantage points in an effort to bring your team to victory.  In between rounds of laser tag, spend some time sliding down the inflatable slide or jump around in the bounce house.  If you like trying to find your way out of a maze, Family Time houses a three story maze to challenge your sense of direction.  Those who enjoy playing video games will be happy to know that there is an arcade on the premises.  Family Time even has a candy corner where you can buy candy bars and candy in bulk! 550 Center St, Auburn, ME 04210


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Sparetime Recreation

Bowling in Northeastern United States can be a little different than what you might be used to.  Sparetime Recreation does offer normal 10 pin bowling that your team knows and loves.  Rent out a couple lanes, order a few pizzas and bowl until your heart’s content.  However, if you want a unique bowling experience, try candlepin bowling.  Only played in Canada and northeastern states, candlepin bowling is fairly similar to tenpin bowling, but getting a strike is noticeably harder due to the shape of the pins.

There are a few subtle differences between the two variations as well.  If you are interested in candlepin bowling, but are unsure how to play, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for some help.  This might be one of the only opportunities you will get to try this unique kind of bowling.  Don’t miss out on this amusing activity. 24 Mollison Way, Lewiston, ME 04240



If you and your team happen to be in Lewiston, pay a visit to RolloDrome.  Central Maine’s oldest roller rink, RolloDrome has been providing people with roller skating fun for over 60 years.  Whether you’re extremely comfortable on four wheels or a first time skater, RolloDrome will show the entire team a great time.  Skate around on the maple hardwood rink with your teammates while the sound system bumps some tunes.  Playing anything from classic oldies to current pop, RolloDrome knows how to get the rink pumped up.  When you’re taking a break from skating, you can watch sports on their giant television.  Your team will have such a good time at RolloDrome that they will want to purchase their own skates, so they can skate whenever they want. 12 Riverside Dr, Auburn, ME 04210


Flagship Cinemas

A movie theater is a simple event to plan and one that the team is always happy with.  Head to Flagship Cinemas to enjoy a movie and relax after a game.  The theater has 17 movies to choose from.  With so many options, the team will be able to find a movie everyone agrees on.  After selecting your movie you can purchase whatever snacks you want and sit back in a comfortable chair and unwind. 730 Center St, Auburn, ME 04210


Beaver Park

Lewiston - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsWitness some of Maine’s beautiful nature at Beaver Park.  Take a relaxing stroll through the park on one of the many walking trails.  Bring your camera with you, so you can snap a few photos.  If you visit the park in the summer, bring your bathing suit and swim in the pond to escape the heat. You and your team can pack some bagged lunches and eat lunch in one of Beaver Park’s picnic areas if you need a place to have a meal.

In the winter time you definitely aren’t going to want to be swimming, but you might want to do some ice skating.  If the Parks and Recreation department deems that conditions are good, visitors are allowed to skate on the pond.   Pinewoods Rd, Lisbon, ME 04250


You will have a surplus of attractions to see and activities do while you’re in Lewiston.  If you are traveling during the colder months, pack warm.  It is Maine after all.  Regardless of what time of year you visit, you will enjoy your stay in Lewiston.