McCormick Place – Things To Do With Your Team

Home to the country’s largest convention center, McCormick Place, Chicago has some cool attractions nearby that your team can take advantage of. McCormick Place alone is a massive center with tons of amenities. The four buildings that make up the convention center span a total of 2.6 million square feet. There are a few restaurants directly within McCormick Place and many more in the vicinity where your team can get a meal. Instead of sitting around at the convention center all day, explore the surrounding area of Chicago.


Things to Do

Soldier Field

Located right up the road from McCormick Place, the legendary Soldier Field is a must see attraction. Home of the Chicago Bears, Soldier Field offers tours year around for visitors who are interested in getting a closer look at the stadium. As you walk around, you will be shown the south courtyard, Doughboy statue honoring WWI infantrymen, the swanky suites, visitor’s locker room, and of course, the field itself. Stand on the same hallowed ground as past and current Chicago Bears players. You’ll never see Soldier Field up close like this at a game. Take advantage of this tour if you’re at McCormick Place. Your group can qualify for a group rate if you bring 10 or more to the tour. 1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL 60605


Glessner House Museum

As you walk through the front door of Glessner House Museum, you will be taken back to the year 1887. The house is now a national historic landmark and has been converted into a museum in an effort to share the past with people of the present. Find out how the Glessner family lived; learn about their stories as you venture through the house. The house is meticulously cared for. A lot of the furniture and items in the house are originals from the 1800s. Besides the Glessner family, the museum also educates you on the architect of this magnificent home. Gain some insight into the designer, Henry Hobson Richardson and the influences he called on when building the house. This fascinating museum will leave you with an appreciation for the earlier years in Chicago. 1800 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


Clarke House Museum

Right near Glessner House sits the oldest house in Chicago, Clarke House. Another historic museum, Clarke House Museum was originally built in 1836. The house actually moved twice during its existence and now resides very close to McCormick Place. Here you and your team can learn about the Clarke family and how they lived back in the early and mid-1800s. You will also get an overview of the remarkable house and its history. Take your team to Clarke House Museum for a captivating story of Chicago’s past. 1827 S Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


Monument of the Great Northern Migration

Stop and pay your respects to the brave African Americans who escaped the south. The Monument of the Great Northern Migration honors slaves who went through trials and tribulations down south and in a search for a better life came to Chicago. The statue sits, welcoming people with a raised hand as if it’s waving. The traveler statue also has a worn suitcase that signifies the long journey he went through to arrive in Chicago. This monument will both humble and interest everyone on the team. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. & 26th Place Chicago, IL 60616


31st Street Beach

McCormick Place - Travel - Hotels4TeamsBet you didn’t expect to be going to the beach while you were in Chicago. Because McCormick Place is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, beaches are within a walking distance. Soak up a little sun and see the spectacular sights of Lake Michigan at 31st Street Beach. If you pack a bathing suit, you can swim in the lake too. There’s even a playground with water features that your team can enjoy while there. 3100 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60616


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Places to Eat

The Burger Point

If you and your team have a tournament at McCormick Place, than you lucked out. The Burger Point is only a few blocks away, and when you see the burgers they have on their menu, you’re going to be sprinting to get there. Choose from 20 gourmet burgers, each topped with fresh, delicious toppings. Avocado, bacon, fried eggs, onions, multiple kinds of cheeses, various bun options; the list goes on and on. You can even make your own burger if you so choose. The Burger Point expands beyond burgers too. They have wings, French fries, and chili on their menu. Make an effort to stop by The Burger Point during your trip. 1900 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616


Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta

Chicago is famous for its deep-dish style pizza. Why not give it a try? A mini-chain with almost all of its restaurant locations right in Chicago, Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta is a staple of Chicago deep-dish pizza. Order up a few pies and get as many or as few toppings and enjoy the sensation that is deep-dish pizza. Make sure to get a couple sides with your pizza. Garlic bread, wings, homemade soups, and more can be tasty appetizers to accompany your pizza. Pizano’s has various other kinds of dishes if anyone on your team doesn’t like pizza. An assortment of pastas, chicken dishes, burgers, and other Italian classics are available. Pizano’s prices are the best around, making it a great spot to order a big meal. 2106 S Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


La Cantina

Enjoy some Mexican cuisine near McCormick Place at La Cantina. Pumping out all the classics like burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and arroz con pollo, La Cantina does Mexican food right. There’s also a fajita grill section on their menu where they cook up different meats and seafood in the fajita style. The menu at La Cantina is packed with plenty of options. Everyone on the team will be able to find a dish that interests them. 1911 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


Strings Ramen Shop

McCormick Place - Travel - Hotels4TeamsThe first dedicated ramen restaurant in Chicago, Strings Ramen Shop serves authentic ramen noodle soups that will warm the belly and satisfy the taste buds. Get your noodle soup cooked up with one of the many meats they offer like beef, chicken, or pork. There are also seafood options which can be incorporated into the soups, as well as a lot of different vegetables. Give Strings Ramen Shop a try while your team is at McCormick Place. 2141 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60616


There’s a lot of interesting attractions to see and plenty of restaurants nearby McCormick Place. Experience a little taste of what Chicago has to offer while you’re there. After catching a glimpse of this great city, your team is going to want to come back and explore all of it.