Nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains is the city of Roanoke, Virginia. This bustling city is one of the leading destinations for sports tournaments in Virginia thanks to its multiple complexes. Any soccer team traveling here is going to most likely be playing at Merriman Soccer Complex. This facility has room for three full sized soccer fields, and each one can be divided into two junior sized fields. Because Merriman Soccer Complex is a smaller venue, your team is going to have a decent amount of downtime in between matches. That fact turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Roanoke is brimming with a diversity of awesome and engaging attractions, as well as a large selection of great restaurants. Your team will always have something to do or somewhere to eat.

Things to Do

Science Museum of Western Virginia

The Science Museum of Western Virginia opens the door of curiosity and inquisitiveness and takes it to the next level with all of its astounding displays and activities. Anyone who is interested the environment is going to want to head to the Healthy Earth Gallery. Examine geological specimens, create mountains and rainfall, and construct the environment however you envision it. Programming and coding has become one of the most in demand skills of today. So much so that schools are teaching it starting in elementary school. The museum extends this shift in society with its WonderLab. This section is all about learning coding through fun games and stories. Find out if you can get the Code-a-pillar to crawl around by writing proper coding. Write your own stories and program games all through your fingertips.

When it’s time to give your brain a rest, take a peaceful stroll through the Butterfly Garden and Bug Zoo. Everywhere you look, you’ll see beautifully colored butterflies and other insects fluttering through the air and crawling on plants. The next portion of the museum is the ideal spot for those who like to play. Toy Joy is where you can find giant Legos to build whatever you want. Look through a large kaleidoscope. Create masterpieces on an oversized Light Bright. Experience the world of the popular game Minecraft through the museum’s unique exhibit known as Mirrorcraft.

The science museum is also home to Hopkins Planetarium. Here, your team can travel through the stars and learn about them, along with the planets and other mysteries of the universe. Groups of 15 or more people are eligible for group discounts, but most notify the museum at least two weeks in advance to their arrival. 1 Market Square SE, Roanoke, VA 24011

Mill Mountain Zoo

What better way to kick off a trip to Roanoke than by visiting the local zoo? Mill Mountain Zoo houses a modest variety of animals native to countries all over the world. Observe mammals such as howling red wolves, prowling snow leopards, prickly porcupines, silly otters, and adorable red pandas. Do a little bird watching as you check out vultures, golden pheasants, and other aviary creatures. Some of Mill Mountain Zoo’s notable reptiles include Burmese pythons, Chinese water dragons, and tortoises. Group tours are available and are the perfect way to learn more about the animals than just by visiting the exhibits with your team. Group rates are offered for any parties of 10 or larger. Because you’ll be traveling with kids, the zoo asks that your group has a ratio of at least one adult for every 10 children. Mill Mountain Spur, Roanoke, VA 24014

Valley View Mall

It’s common knowledge that kids love going to the mall. Whether it’s just to hangout or actually shop, malls always seem to be popular among younger kids and teenagers. Cash in on this adoration when you’re done at Merriman Soccer Complex by taking the team to Valley View Mall. This place has something to please all interests. Between 109 stores, five anchors, and two floors, it’s safe to assume that everyone can find something they want to do. The avid shoppers of the group can disperse and revel in Valley View’s wide selection of clothing, shoe, and other kinds of stores. Stopping to get something to eat won’t be a problem either. With eateries ranging from American to Japanese and everything in between, all hungry stomachs will be satisfied.

You may think that Valley View Mall is just about shopping and food. If so, you’d be wrong. Teammates who aren’t big shoppers have a couple exciting options available to them as well. Test your mind and collaboration skills at All in Adventures. Locked in a room with your team, you have 50 minutes to decipher clues, find hidden objects, and escape. 10 one of a kind themed escape rooms are available for your team to try. Break out of prison in Escape From Alcatraz, uncover the secrets of the Pharaoh’s Tomb, and more! All in Adventures rolls out a new experience every 18 weeks, so there’s always something new to try.

Gamers will go crazy over VR Center. Providing players with immersive virtual reality games from PlayStation VR, Xbox One, Oculus, and HTC Vive, VR Center has over 680 games for your team to play. Speed around a track in a race car in Throw a touchdown pass in Madden 18. Explore frozen wastelands and lush forests in the critically acclaimed Skyrim. No matter what your taste in video games is VR Center has the variety to please everyone. 4802 Valley View Blvd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012

AMC CLASSIC Roanoke 10

If you’re looking for a movie theater to take the team, this is the one. AMC CLASSIC Roanoke 10 lives up to its name. Boasting 10 screens with as many as 10 different movies showing at any given time, AMC CLASSIC Roanoke 10 is the best movie theater around. Going to the movies is the perfect activity after a long day at Merriman Soccer Complex. Like many AMC theaters, AMC CLASSIC Roanoke 10 is a full service dine-in cinema. Meaning your options for food are much more expansive than popcorn and nachos. Browse their full menu for a great dish and get it delivered to you while you watch your movie. 4494 Electric Rd, Roanoke, VA 24014

Roanoke Star

Lighting up the night sky, the Roanoke Star has been emblematic of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is a famous landmark of the area that’s been around since 1949. Residing atop Mill Mountain, this 10,000 pound, 88.5 foot high illuminated structure is a must-see attraction. The star isn’t the only thing to check out when you visit. The view by the Roanoke Star is extraordinary and well worth taking a few pictures of. Hiking trails meander through the park area as well and can be a relaxing and scenic experience that your team will enjoy. Roanoke Star is also located near Mill Mountain Zoo and Discovery Center. 2198 Mill Mountain Spur, Roanoke, VA 24014

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Places to Eat

Burger in the Square

Nobody grills up burgers better than Burger in the Square. This classic hamburger joint only serves fresh hand cut and ground daily patties, so you know you’re getting a fresh, juicy burger every time. Standard burgers like a cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger can be ordered, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg at Burger in the Square. Their burger favorites consist of 19 unique options like the Switzer Burger topped with Swiss cheese, sautéed onions, and au-Jus sauce. The Texas Chili Burger is another fantastic choice. This burger is accompanied by chili, cheddar cheese, sautéed onions, jalapenos, lettuce, and tomato. Burger in the Square has more than burgers. Hotdogs and barbeque are on the menu as well. 3904 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke, VA 24018


Italian food is widely popular with kids and adults. For some of the freshest near Merriman Soccer Complex, go to Remini’s. With their mix of Italian and Greek dishes, you can’t go wrong eating at Remini’s. Start your meal off by digging into some rice balls and flatbreads. For a main course, choose from a host of pasta dishes, chicken parmesan, Sicilian steak, sausage and peppers, and other traditional Italian meals. 4210 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke, VA 24018

Ben Gui Sushi

Voted best sushi in the Roanoke area for the last three years, Ben Gui Sushi is devoted to serving high quality sushi and fresh fish. Between the sashimi, sushi rolls, teriyaki, and tempura, everyone can find something delicious to eat. 4353 Starkey Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018

Frank’s at Brambleton

Frank’s at Brambleton is a safe bet when you don’t know where to take your team for lunch or dinner. Order some tasty pizzas and let your team go to town on them. If you’re looking to mix it up and get more than pizza, Frank’s also offers pasta, subs, and calzones. Everything at Frank’s is a kid favorite dish, so there’s no need to worry about someone not finding a meal that they want. 3743 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke, VA 24018

Don’t miss out on discovering Roanoke’s exciting attractions. There are more than enough things to do near the Merriman Soccer Complex that can keep you and your team busy for the duration of your trip. The city is full of thrilling attractions to keep you entertained and top notch restaurants to keep you well-fed.