Mill Creek Park, located in Mill Creek, Washington, is a family-friendly soccer park. The Adult Soccer League provides the utmost quality soccer experience. This league is available for men’s, women’s, and co-ed soccer teams. Players must be at least 16 years old and be permitted by their parents to attend the adult league. In addition to this sports complex offering activities for adults, they also offer youth leagues. These Indoor Youth Leagues are meant for children ages eight through adolescence. These teams are formed according to gender, age, and skill level. Lil Kickers is a child development program designed for children 18 months to 12 years. Finally, the Inflatable Funzone Playground allows children to run, jump, and slide.


Things to Do

Summit Everett

Would you and your team like to experience something new? Summit Everett is a family-friendly, climbing facility located in Everett, Washington. Your team will delight in the various classes and activities that Summit Everett has made available.

This facility is open to the general public, and provides guests with a daily opportunity for Open Climb. Amenable to all skill levels, Summit Everett provides customers with the opportunity for an Intro to Climbing Course. During this course, guests will be introduced to top ropes, learn to fit into a harness, and learn to belay your climbing companion. Now that you have been introduced, come try the exciting youth classes. These classes are designed for children with some previous climbing experience. Open to youth ages 5-14, these classes give guests the experience of interactive learning sessions, where each climber can document their own progress with a goal card.

Once you have climbed to new heights, try a less rocky activity. The yoga classes at Summit Everett are offered on a weekly basis. Summit Everett asks that visitors bring their own mat. Please check the website for more details concerning the plethora of classes. Your team will enjoy these challenging classes. 2820 Rucker Ave, Everett, WA 98201


Escape Scene

Are you or members of your team fascinated by different time periods? Escape Scene is a highly recommended escape room. Come explore prominent eras in history, as you immerse yourself in science fiction and time travel themed games. Guests are not required to complete this series of games, and are welcome to experience one as a standalone game. Participants will receive 60 minutes in order to finish each activity.

S.I.A Brief Deadwood transports players back to the year 1876 in the American West in South Dakota, during the time of the Black Hills Gold Rush. Reclaim the first piece of alien technology which makes time travel possible by finding secret files, and unlocking secrets scattered throughout the game. The outstanding level of creativity offered by this escape room brings a unique gaming environment to Everett, Washington. Travel from America to Egypt. S.I.A Mission Brief Cairo allows guests to be transported to the time of the Egyptologist, Howard Carter. Uncover secrets, solve mysteries, and learn about the Egyptian Gods while you solve puzzles in order to reclaim the second piece of alien technology that makes time travel possible. Next, travel to Germany. In S. I. A. Mission Brief Munich, experience World War II era Germany for high adventure.

Your team will be intrigued by the variety of countries and time periods they will explore at Escape Scene. 1313 Hewitt Ave. Everitt, WA 98201


Doodlebug Sportz

Doodlebug Sportz is a unique paintball facility in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, near Mill Creek Park. This facility has earned the distinction of being equipped with the only indoor paintball arena in Washington. Doodlebug Sportz caters to inexperienced paintball players, and offers a 26,000 square foot indoor arena. Open Group is designed for guests who do not have enough people to form a private group, or who wish to incorporate more players into the game. In these Open Sessions, Doodlebug Sportz combines the players on your group with other guests.

Low Impact Paintballs are designed for children ages six years and older and is held at the indoor facility. The various indoor games from which guests can choose include Civil War, Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, and more! Please check the website for other exciting details to enhance your paintball experience. Your team will be enthusiastic about this exhilarating journey. 3303 McDougall Ave. Everitt, WA 98201


Traxx Indoor Raceway

Mill Creek Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsDo you or members of your team have a need for speed? Traxx Indoor Raceway is happy to oblige! Having been praised as the “Seattle Area’s Premiere Go-Kart Track,” Traxx Indoor Raceway has also been advertised on the popular television show, Northwest Best. A family-oriented facility, this indoor raceway will have your team enthusiastically speeding from activity to activity.

Separated into two floors, Traxx Indoor Raceway provides visitors with laps of luxury! The downstairs track is considered the adult track. Containing 14 turns, it is intended for guests 14 and older. Participants age 11-13 are allowed on the adult track, as long as they take a drivers safety course. Apart from this injunction, Traxx Indoor Raceway requires that children ages 15 and younger have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. On the downstairs, adult track, participants may reach speeds from 30-35 miles per hour. Once you have sped around a track, come experience the various, other activities Traxx Indoor Raceway offers.

Guests are welcome to scale a climbing wall, try a bouncy basketball house, or attach themselves to a velcro wall! Are you looking for something designed for the younger members on your team? This facility provides special go-karts for children ages 3-10, on their upstairs track. These go-karts are capable of reaching speeds from 7-10 miles per hour. Your team will be captivated by these thrilling activities! 4329 Chennault Beach Rd. Mukilteo, WA 98275


High Trek Adventures

High Trek Adventures is an aerial adventure park equipped with a ropes course close to Mill Creek Park. One course, the Cadet’s Course, is created for children. The Captains Course is designed for young adults and adults. Considering all this, one can see that this aerial park was truly designed with all age groups in mind. These two courses consist of 60 obstacles on which guests are welcome to balance or climb. Visitors are also welcome to swing through various elements of the course. Bring your team on a journey to explore aerial courses that will amaze them, and add a whole new meaning to walking on air!

Suspended in the air 15 to 50 feet, young adult and adult customers are connected to the course by a built-in steel cable, allowing guests to wear a full body harness. While enjoying these courses, customers can choose from such activities as walking over aerial bridges, swinging through floating foot loops, and crossing giant spider webs. Participants have the option of deciding the route and height best suited for them. Are you or members of your team new to this activity? No problem, High Trek Adventures includes three different skill levels for customers. This facility provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels, so everyone is included.

Please check the website for details concerning waivers for your upcoming aerial excursion. If conquering your fear of heights has made you hungry, come explore the food options. Choose from a selection of energy bars, chips, and candy. 11928 Beverly Park Rd. Everitt, WA 98204


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Places to Eat

Saw Mill Cafe

Would your team like to experience a mix of old and new cuisine just a short drive from Mill Creek Park? Opened in 2005, Saw Mill Cafe is a modern restaurant which provides a laid back atmosphere for customers. A spacious restaurant with friendly staff, the Saw Mill Cafe has a 1940s theme. Blending old and new, this dining establishment provides their patrons with both classic and modern comfort food. Open for breakfast, the breakfast menu includes, eggs benedict, breakfast quesadillas, Huevos Rancheros, old fashioned or traditional French toast, and more. Is your team hungry for lunch? The Saw Mill Cafe has a lunch menu which includes burgers, chicken fried steak, Pacific cod & chips, chicken strips, and more. This restaurant is open for dinner as well! 15409 Main St. Mill Creek, WA 98012


La Palmera

La Palmera is an authentic Mexican restaurant that opened in 1991. This restaurant ensures that customers receive a top-notch dining experience by lovingly preparing their dishes, ensuring that every detail of the food is suited to a customer’s highest expectations. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu items include appetizers, soups, salads, burritos, seafood, and more. The menu options at La Palmera accommodate various dietary preferences. Vegetarian and gluten free options are offered for both lunch and dinner. You cannot leave this restaurant without trying one of their delicious, cinnamon churros. Don’t forget them on your birthday! Guests will receive 10 dollars off any entree for their birthday. La Palmera also allows you or your team to order your food online. 15224 Main Street #202 Mill Creek, WA 9801


Mahal Indian Cuisine

Mill Creek Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsMahal Indian Cuisine is an authentic Indian restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner, the menu items for this restaurant include vegetarian appetizers, Pakoras, Tandoori bread, soup of the day, lamb and goat entrees, seafood entrees, and more. The menu for this restaurant is family-friendly, and offers a Kids Corner. Apart from the extensive menu options, this restaurant offers an all you can eat lunch buffet every weekday. This restaurant provides customers with the opportunity to order online. 7425 Hardeson Rd Unit B Everitt, WA 98203


China City

Opened in 1991, China City is proud to have been serving customers for over 20 years. Their restaurant in Mill Creek is a lovely dining area, meant to provide a respite from the crowded shopping center. Serving Chinese-American cuisine, the staff at China City takes pride in preparing all of their items fresh. Open for lunch and dinner, this dining establishment serves rice and noodles, chicken, meat, and seafood. Ever accommodating, the restaurant gives guests the chance to enjoy vegetarian and vegan menu options. 15402 Main ST 101 Mill Creek WA 98012


Mill Creek is an impressive city and Mill Creek Park is an awesome park. Both of them will make lasting memories for your team. The plethora of captivating activities, combined with quality dining experiences, will entice your team to this interesting city again and again!