Montgomery – Things to do with your Team

Montgomery has been an American city since 1819.  Since that time, it has been a major focal point of development in the south, and most notably a key location during the Civil Rights Movement.  In its recent years, Montgomery has been revitalizing and improving itself.  The city has won several national awards like “happiest city in Alabama”, and “best historic city”.  During your stay, you and your team will have many historically interesting and recreational options alike for you to spend some downtime exploring.


Civil Rights Memorial Center

A major center of events during the Civil Rights Movement, Montgomery has been the site of racial struggles, such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Selma to Montgomery marches.  This city is loaded with historical museums of all kinds, but the Civil Rights Memorial Center provides a one of a kind experience that everyone who visits Montgomery should witness.  Your team will remember the lessons they learn at the Civil Rights Memorial Center for the rest of their lives.  Going through the center doesn’t take very long, but the humbling experience it brings is astonishing.  A circular black granite memorial is the center piece of the memorial.  Engraved on it is the timeline of major events of the Civil Rights movement and martyrs who gave up their lives for the fight to end segregation and injustice.  Even though we are decades removed from the Civil Rights Movement, inequality and racism is still very much a part of the world.  A wall of tolerance is displayed in the center, and any guest can add their name to it and pledge to fight against hate and intolerance.  Make sure to find the time to visit the Civil Rights Memorial Center when in Montgomery for this unforgettable experience. 400 Washington Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104


Montgomery Zoo

Montgomery - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsWidely recognized as the best zoo in Alabama, Montgomery Zoo allows you to live on the wild side.  Categorizing its exhibits into continents, Montgomery Zoo displays animals from all over the globe.  Explore the jungles of Africa while observing cheetahs, elephants, and giraffes.  Trek through Asia’s countryside and encounter animals like tigers and rhinos.  Or stay in your own backyard in North America and study bald eagles, cougars, black bears, and more.  A sky lift ride is available if you want to get a bird’s eye view of the entire zoo.  Paddle boats and a train ride are also options for some extra fun.  If traveling with younger kids, the kid park will be very well suited for them.  It offers a petting zoo and museum for only a few extra dollars.  Have a budding zoologist in your group or just simply someone interested in animals, Montgomery Zoo’s keeper talks should be an event worth checking out to hear from the keepers that take care of the animals. 2301 Coliseum Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36110


Riverwalk Stadium

A minor league baseball field like no other, Riverwalk Stadium will treat your team to America’s pastime.  The stadium is actually an old train station, and even cooler yet, the station is still in service!  Trains traveling to and from Montgomery may pass by while the game is going on.  Head over to Riverwalk and cheer for the Montgomery Biscuits.  They own the peculiar team mascot well though, and instead of launching T-shirts into the crowd during games, they launch fresh made biscuits.  If you aren’t so lucky to catch one of the airborne baked goods, the stadium does have them for sale along with brisket, ribs, and other southern classics.  Riverwalk Stadium offers group ticket prices for groups of 20 or larger, but be sure to call ahead to make arrangements. 200 Coosa St, Montgomery, AL 36104


Bama Lanes

Enjoy some frames, and tackle that 7-10 split with your team at Bama Lanes.  While not technically in Montgomery, Bama Lanes is only about 20 minutes away in the neighboring town of Prattville.  The 24 lane bowling alley can provide an enjoyable respite from the Alabama heat or inclement weather.  Even if the weather is jovial, Bama Lanes’ low prices make it the perfect affordable outing for the team.  A snack bar and game room are located right in the alley too so your team has more options for entertainment.  Keep an eye out for one of their events or deals; they promote them often. 3020 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36109


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W.A. Gayle Planetarium

Montgomery - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsFor any aspiring astronaut or astronomer, a trip to a planetarium sounds like a dream come true.  Venture out into the stars and stare into the celestial objects of space, learn about real life outer space issues, or have in depth discussions with the planetarium narrators about constellations all while remaining gravity bound in Montgomery.  W.A Gayle Planetarium switches out its shows every month, so there is always something new added to the cycle.  Each show lasts about an hour.  Shows of the past have been on the life of meteors, the growing problem of space junk around the International Space Station, and the mysteries of the universe.  Whatever the show is, the W.A Gayle narrators are very knowledgeable on the subject matter and not only entertain, but educate as well. 1010 Forest Ave., Montgomery, AL 36106


AMC CLASSIC Festival Plaza 16

Always a safe bet for an activity and one that your team will have zero qualms with, a movie can be a great idea for an end of the day, relaxing event.  Ideally the bigger the theater, the better since they will have more movies and show times, making it easier to plan what time you can go; AMC CLASSIC Festival Plaza 16 fits the bill.  This 16 screen theater has at least that many movies running during the day.  This AMC theater still runs matinee prices during the day, making an earlier movie an attractive option. 7925 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116


The Shoppes at Eastchase

The Shoppes at Eastchase take an atypical approach to its layout.  Most major malls tend to bundle most if not all of their stores under one roof in some massive building.  This place does quite the opposite.  Spread out across a few blocks, Eastchase organizes its stores in a system of strip malls.  Every time you wish to visit a new store, you must go outside and walk to it.  Because of this unusual floor plan, Eastchase has more room than the average mall to include things like fountains, sitting areas, and plant life.  Developers have recognized this unique opportunity and the mall has been continuing to grow ever since it opened its doors in 2002.  Eastchase offers many of the major stores and food options for your team to browse and enjoy all while getting some southern sun. 7274 Eastchase Pkwy, Montgomery, AL 36117


Breakout Montgomery

Solve clues and find hidden objects with your team at Breakout Montgomery.  Choose from one of four themed escape rooms, each with their own situation and guidelines.  Become a spy, get locked in a ritzy mansion, hired to locate missing art, or get kidnapped and try and crack the codes and escape before the 60 minute time limit.  Check their website for promotion codes for 10% off your visit. 6715 Taylor Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117


A city rich in history and fun attractions for you and your team, Montgomery is fascinating.  Your team won’t want to leave.  The amount of interesting historical sites and museums is shocking.  This city definitely warrants a second trip to visit everything you didn’t have time for on the first go around.