New Orleans – Vegetarian Guide

New Orleans, Louisiana, welcomes more than 10 million visitors each year. With this influx of tourists coming to the area, the Big Easy has expanded its food scene to accommodate all types of eaters. Fully vegetarian and vegan restaurants are all over the city, and regular restaurants usually offer a few meat-free options.

Visitors of all kinds will be able to find something to eat, especially at the following eight eateries.


1000 Figs

New OrleansOnce a popular food truck, 1000 Figs is now a restaurant filled with meat-free and traditional eaters alike. Their stylish and chic interior sets the scene for some delicious and colorful food.

Vegetarians and vegans will love the flavorful falafel fried to perfection, served with tahini, cilantro-chile, or garlic sauce. Their healthy Mediterranean meals pair perfectly with their array of white wines imported from Lebanon.

1000 Figs not only has a goal to serve wholesome food, but to plant a total of 1,000 trees across New Orleans. So far, they’ve planted 300!

The reviews of 1000 Figs speak for themselves: on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor, the restaurant has a close-to-perfect rating.


Killer Poboys

A “po’ boy” is a popular New Orleans sandwich, typically filled with meat and served on a loaf of French bread. Vegetarians can get the chance to try this iconic sandwich by visiting Killer Poboys.

This eatery features meat-free options just as enjoyable as the original, so everyone can enjoy the New Orleans classic. Killer Poboys has a Cheddar omelet po’ boy for breakfast, a fried cauliflower po’ boy with crispy kale, avocado, and pickled radish, and more.

Killer Poboys is located near the infamous Bourbon Street but is tucked away, so it’s not part of the boisterous party scene. But its good location doesn’t negatively impact its prices. Killer Poboys is reasonably priced, making it the perfect place to stop for lunch as you explore New Orleans.


Auction House Market

Who doesn’t love a good food hall? This style of eatery is especially prevalent in cities, and New Orleans is no different.

Auction House Market is a hip and airy dining destination popular with locals and tourists alike. There’s a variety of food to choose from, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.

Try a tofu sushi roll from Aloha Lei; an onion, pecan, and blue cheese empanada from Empanola; a barbecue jackfruit salad from Happy Jaxx; a Caprese panini from Sola Deli; and more. Everyone can find something to love at Auction House Market.



New OrleansCarmo is a unique restaurant that serves vegetarian-friendly food with an international twist. Their dishes are influenced by cuisine from a variety of countries, including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. Carmo uses these influences to take guests on a culinary journey around the world.

They have options for vegans, vegetarians, and traditional eaters alike. Try the smoky Creole avocado appetizer or dive into some kottu roti. This Sri Lankan dish contains fried noodles, shallots, garlic, peppers, and curry. Finish the meal off with vegan Kahlua chocolate pecan cake.

Carmo’s bright and colorful decor reflects the vibrancy of their delicious and flavorful food. They’re located in the hip and funky Arts District and have been delighting customers with their unique fare for years.

They’re also incredibly environmentally conscious. Carmo uses completely renewable energy, composts food waste, and sources all their ingredients from local vendors. With this in mind, guests can enjoy vegan food and know that the restaurant is making a positive impact.


Sneaky Pickle

Sneaky Pickle is a popular, mostly vegetarian restaurant that uses traditional New Orleans cooking methods to create new, unique dishes. It’s a low-key establishment that doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once you venture inside, you’re treated to incredible food.

Owner and chef Ben Tabor connects with the community by sourcing all his ingredients locally and only using seasonal produce. While Sneaky Pickle isn’t completely vegetarian, chef Tabor assures customers that he prepares all meat dishes separately from any meat-free food.

One of the best parts is that all the dishes at Sneaky Pickle are $10 or less, perfect for vegetarians looking for a healthy and affordable meal.



Whether you’re curious about plant-based food or have been a committed vegan for decades, Seed is a fantastic place to eat. This bright, comfortable, casual cafe is completely vegan, as is the chef that prepares everything. This way, customers can enjoy a quality meal made by someone who understands their dietary preferences.

Some customer favorites are DIY salads, the Southern-fried tofu, vegan po’ boys, and artichoke cakes breaded and drizzled with Buffalo sauce. There’s something for everyone at Seed, making it a must-visit for vegetarians visiting New Orleans.


Green Goddess

New OrleansYou’ll find Green Goddess down a quaint alleyway in the French Quarter. This hidden gem has an adorable outdoor seating area that immerses the diner in an authentic New Orleans atmosphere. You’ll feel like part of the community as you sit outside on a warm day, eating some delicious vegetarian food.

Try some vegan queso croquettes, a watermelon kale salad, or Thai tofu. In addition to vegetarian and vegan food, there are meat and seafood dishes available for traditional eaters. This way, your entire group can find something to try.

Another fantastic part of dining at Green Goddess is the fact that they have plenty of cocktails to enjoy alongside your meal. Spark your appetite with a Cocchi Fiz, which features aperitif wine, gin, sparkling water, and a lemon. Another great option is their Desert Rose cocktail, which contains tequila, orange liqueur, rose water, grapefruit, and sparkling water. No matter what you choose, you’ll be enjoying a cocktail that pairs perfectly with your flavorful meal.


Bearcat Cafe

The menu at Bearcat Cafe is unlike any other you’ll find in New Orleans. It’s divided into two sections: Good Cat and Bad Cat. The Good Cat section features light and healthy dishes that fit into a healthy diet, while the Bad Cat section features indulgent dishes for those who want to treat themselves. As you could imagine, most of the meat-free dishes are on the Good Cat side of the menu.

Bearcat is open for breakfast and lunch, making it a great place to start your day. Choose from dishes like vegan huevos rancheros, vegetarian portobello “cheesesteak,” and meat-free gumbo. Many customers recommend the vegan grilled cheese with arugula and apricot. You’ll enjoy Bearcat’s food while relaxing in their minimalist dining area, surrounded by wide windows, white and grey accents, and charming houseplants.