Oakland – Things to do with your Team

Oakland is a unique city because of its mix of urban, industrialized sectors, and the large number of parks in and near the city limits.  Oakland’s port is the fifth busiest in the United States.  The city is a hub of both products and cultural activity in California.

Oakland has over 80 parks within and directly outside of its city limits.  This city will keep your team entertained with attraction after attraction.


Redwood Regional Park

Oakland - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsCalifornia is famous for its gigantic Redwood forests.  You may think that you won’t have time to see any while your team is in Oakland for a tournament, but Oakland is nice enough to bring the Redwoods to you.  Redwood Regional Park is only minutes away from downtown Oakland and allows you and your team to witness the natural wonder that is the Redwoods.

Don’t let the fact that this park is only a few minutes away from downtown Oakland fool you, it’s big.  1,830 acres of preserved, pristine land is available to you and your team to enjoy.  When you enter the park, you forget that you are mere minutes away from a major city.  You instantly feel dwarfed by the monstrous trees, and a sense of calm begins to wash over you.

There are many trails to choose from, all with breathtaking views.  While hiking, you may see some deer, rabbits, or even a golden eagle.  You and your team can reserve one of the four picnic areas scattered throughout the park as well.  Redwood Regional Park brings nature right to the city itself so you don’t have to leave it. 7867 Redwood Rd, Oakland, CA 94619


Oakland Zoo

Before reading this guide, you most likely knew about this next attraction.  Oakland Zoo is famous for good reason.  The zoo is large in size and has an extensive amount of animals on display.  Very quickly, you can tell that the animals that live here are well-kept and cared for.

The animals are divided into five categories, each with a large list of specific species.  Explore and observe a host of different birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and arthropods.  Your team won’t want to leave because they will be so captivated by all of the different animals.  With over 660 animals, who could blame them?

Some animals to definitely check out are lions, chimpanzees, elephants, tigers, zebras, and camels.  Besides zoo exhibits, your team can enjoy a variety of events like animal encounters and animal feedings. 9777 Golf Links Rd, Oakland, CA 94605


Chabot Space & Science Center

Experience life like an astronaut, get up close and personal with the sun, learn about the mysteries of our universe, or just play some really cool pinball machines.  At Chabot Space & Science Center your team can do all of this and more.

This space and science center brings the science right to your fingertips, so you can tinker with objects you’ve only dreamed of.  There are nine exhibits to enjoy.  In addition to the exhibits, Chabot Space & Science Center has shows every Wednesday to Sunday and an observatory!  Gaze at the stars in one of their planetarium presentations or through the lens of one of their three functional space telescopes.

If you are visiting with a group of 15 or more people, don’t forget to inquire about a group discount.  Chabot Space & Science Center is sure to be a hit with your team! 10000 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94619


USS Hornet Museum

Once an active aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet has a lot of fascinating history behind it.  At the USS Hornet Museum your team can discover what makes this former aircraft carrier such a special part of American history.

The carrier museum has 11 permanent exhibits that are available to the public year round like an anti-submarine warfare display and space artifacts from the Hornet’s involvement with the Apollo 11 and 12 missions.  Two featured rotating galleries are also on display and these change every so often.  The USS Hornet Museum will provide your kids with a newfound appreciation of America’s history. 707 W Hornet Ave, Alameda, CA 94501


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Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve

Another one of Oakland’s many parks, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve stands on the sight of a once-active volcano.  Enjoy some fresh air and hike one of its 11 trails.  Maybe if you’re lucky, you will stumble across one of the labyrinths within the park and attempt to navigate your way through that.

The preserve is a great place to stop and has a lot of events going on almost every day.  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is very close to Oakland as you will notice while admiring one of the preserve’s many beautiful views. 6701 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA 94611


Oakland Aviation Museum

Oakland - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsOakland is a city rich in history and because of that, there are many kinds of museums for you and your team to take advantage of.  Another great one to check out is the Oakland Aviation Museum.  Open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., this museum brings a lot to the table at a very reasonable price.

The museum has aircraft on display to the public, some operational, some not.  There are always more aircraft that are in the process of being restored to their former glory too.

Tours are available to groups with 12 or more people.  If a group has kids, the museum asks for a ratio of at least one adult for every five kids.

After spending some time ogling at aircraft, you can head over to some of the other exhibits.  Oakland Aviation Museum has a large collection of aircraft engines, and other aircraft parts, pilots clothing, and presentations honoring aviators.

If you want a more hands on activity, check out one of the museum’s aircraft simulators.  The simulators availability depends on weather, staff, and what rotating galleries are on display, but if they are open you need to give them a try.  Guided by an instructor, you will encounter both normal and abnormal flying conditions.  Some things to look out for are simulated engine fires, storms, malfunctioning landing gear, and oncoming aircraft. 8252 Earhart Rd, Oakland, CA 94621


San Francisco Bay Ferry

California is notorious for its traffic.  At some point during your trip to Oakland you will inevitably run into some yourself.  San Francisco Bay Ferry can grant you and your team an escape from the gridlock.

A simple trip down to Oakland Jack London Square Terminal and you can purchase cheap ferry tickets to one of four stops in San Francisco.  The ferry ride takes a little less than an hour and has ferries coming and going every half hour to hour.  This is an easy way to see another one of California’s major cities, all without having to drive! 10 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94607


The New Parkway Theater

Oakland is about five and a half hours away from Hollywood.  While you won’t be enjoying a movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, The New Parkway Theater offers a pleasant theatergoing experience.

The theater rotates through various movies every day, so the options are always changing.  Lounge on one of their two-seater couches or comfy chairs and enjoy the show.  Order up some delicious starters and entrees from their top-notch food menu and enjoy the movie while a server brings you your food.  The New Parkway Theater also has movie theater classics like popcorn and nachos. 474 24th St, Oakland, CA 94612


Oakland has more places to go and things to see than your team will have time for.  Good news is you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.  Bad news is you won’t have enough time for everything.  This magnificent city will create some lasting memories for your team that they will talk about long after you leave.