Randall’s Island Park is an ideal sports complex for a team who would like to explore New York City beyond the limits of their sporting event. Situated between East Harlem, South Bronx, and Astoria Queens, Randall’s Island Park is at the crossroads of fun events and attractions. In 1992, the Randall’s Island Park Association was created in order to bring the park out of disrepair. The association also provides year-round sporting events. This 480 acre park has been host to such historically notable people as Duke Ellington, Jesse Owens, and Jimmy Hendrix. Randall’s Island Park contains such amenities as a barbecuing area, and a dog friendly park, as well as baseball, football, and soccer fields.

Things to Do

The Battery

The Battery is a 25 acre public park located in Manhattan. Visitors to this park can enjoy tours to such note-worthy New York landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, and The Seaglass Carousel from The Battery. The Statue of Liberty is one of the world’s most recognized landmarks and can be reached from The Battery by ferry. The Battery has been a place of public walking and leisure since 1790 following the end of the Revolutionary War and the demolition of the English Fort George. Ease into your adventure with an aquarium-themed ride. The Seaglass Carousel, located off State Street, has 30 fish ready to take you for a fun and amusingly artistic ride inside spiraling curved glass.

For those who desire a more physical challenge, you may explore such destinations as the Battery Bikeway, and the Battery Urban Farm. A self-guided bike tour throughout Manhattan, the Battery Bikeway provides miles of exhilarating entertainment. A 31-mile path, the bikeway connects the Hudson River Bikeway with the East River Esplanade. Don’t ride past the Battery Urban Farm! Your team will love the educational farm as they learn about sustainable farming and tasting organic fresh foods. A request for a vegetable garden by 8 local students has grown into 5000 students and volunteers who now grow thousands of pounds of vegetables and fruits! Finally, stretch and relax after the day’s events with yoga. The yoga is in the midst of the perennial gardens, overlooking the Statue of Liberty and the New York Harbor May through September. State Street and Battery Place New York, NY 10004

Randall’s Island Golf Center

If your team would like to take a hiatus from their regular sporting event at Randall’s Island Park to enjoy various other sports, Randall’s Island Golf Center may be the place for them! Designed with all age groups in mind, Randall’s Island Golf Center offers miniature golf for kids, and a golfing range for adults, as well as batting cages for all ages. The 36-hole miniature golf is surrounded by a natural theme. Participants are welcome to play limitless rounds of golf on two of the 18-hole golf courses. While playing, members of your team will be surrounded by a waterfall, a cave, and a stream. The golf range includes the opportunity to learn amateur golf through a golf school or through private instruction. Guests are invited to hear live music each weekend from mid-April to the conclusion of October.

If you would like to choose other ball sports, they offer batting cages too. Visitors can select from nine stalls, which offer either softball or baseball pitching machines. Randall’s Island Golf Center playfully pummels the visitor with other sports themed activities. For example, the menu features sports-themed items. Sundays are known as ‘Softball Sundays”, and the menu features a hotdog affectionately known as a “Golf Center Dog”. In addition, private birthday parties are offered. The various activities offered at parties include miniature golf, tetherball, volleyball, ping-pong, dodgeball, bocce ball, and badminton. Of course, a party-goer is always welcome to use the batting cages, provided for them by the golf company. Randall’s Island Golf Center provides more than just golfing entertainment; it is truly a sports extravaganza! 1 Randall’s Island – Golf Center Manhattan, NY 10035

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is a thrilling attraction for the animal lovers on your team! The largest urban zoo in America, the Bronx Zoo boasts 265 acres of park lands. With activities and experiences for all ages, the Bronx Zoo is “a must” for every tourist. The zoo offers either self-guided or guided tours. From March to November, visitors are invited to come see animals from the African Plains Exhibit. In this exhibit, you and your team may be able to see a lion catching some much beloved sun rays, or play on the rocks!

In addition, your team will enjoy the new American Bison Exhibit. As the species was on the verge of becoming extinct, these American Bison have been presented to the zoo as a gift from certain Native American Tribes. Presented to the Zoo in November 2016, bison calves were born in late April of that year. These baby bison are now included in the exhibit, and visitors can see them year-round. In addition, your team is invited to experience the Himalayan Highlands. In the exhibit, guests are able to see snow leopards playing. Please feel free to see these beautiful snow leopards, as this exhibit is open year-round.

Besides the wide variety of animals, the Bronx Zoo also features activities for the entire family. The experiences and activities include a bug carousel, penguin feeding, sea lion feeding, a 4D theater, and a Wild Asia Monorail. In addition, visitors to the zoo are welcome to partake in the unique experience of a camel ride. The bug carousel provides fun for younger age groups. Visitors may ride on a praying mantis, a grasshopper, and other creepy crawly friends. The merry-go-round is surrounded by sliding glass doors, and it is open all year-round.

Don’t miss the unique experience of riding a camel. Offered on Weekends and Wednesdays, the camel rides are available from April to May. They are offered on a daily basis from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Camel rides are also given from September to October, weather permitting. Camel rides take place in the Wild Asia Plaza, and can fit three children or one adult. The 4D theater has films which are similar to 3D films, except they add sensory effects.

The Wild Asian Monorail is a tour which takes guests on a ride through a simulated Asian Wilderness. Animals that can be seen along this journey include red pandas, elephants, and rhinos. This ride lasts twenty minutes. Additionally, the Bronx Zoo has a Children’s Zoo. In this zoo, guests are invited to pet animals such as goats, sheep, and donkeys. You and your team will create lasting memories from all the exciting experiences at the Bronx Zoo. 2300 Southern, Blvd, Bronx, NY 10400

Randall’s Island Park Alliance’s Urban Fram

Randall’s Island Park Alliance’s Urban State Farm provides guests with a variety of opportunities. Vistors have an exciting opportunity to encounter the 4,000 square foot sustainable garden. Located at the southern portion of Randall’s Island Park, this destination has activities for the entire family. Amenities include athletic fields, Ichahn Stadium, Sportime Tennis Center, a golf center, waterfront and natural areas. Randall Island Park is home to soccer, softball, baseball, football, field hockey and rugby fields. In fact, this destination comprises roughly half of all the playing fields in Manhattan. Randall’s Island Park Association ensures that the athletic fields can be used by adult leagues and teams.

Ichahn Stadium was opened on April 23, 2005 and has quickly become Randall’s Island Park Association’s flagship attraction. The stadium is visible from the East Side of Manhattan. Ichahn Stadium meets the International Amateur Athletic Federation requirement to serve local, national, and international track and field events. Over the years, the stadium has even seen Olympic training and trials. Not to be outdone by the track, a soccer field lies to the north of Ichahn Stadium. Sportime Tennis Center offers adult and junior tennis programs, athletic training and youth camps. Various amenities include 20 indoor-outdoor tennis courts, a fitness center, and a tennis center cafe. Sportime Tennis Center is open every day of the year, except specific holidays. If your team would like to try this attraction, please check the website for additional details. Randall’s Island Park Association is an attraction which your team will not want to overlook during their trip to New York City. Icahn Stadium 20 Randall’s Island Park 10035

South Street Seaport Museum

South Street Seaport Museum is full of wonderful exhibits such as the Street of Ships. In addition, visitors can learn about hundreds of artifacts which were vital in shaping the American economy. Your team can also tour historic ships. These ships include a 1907 lightship “Ambrose”. This historic ship is often referred to as a “floating lighthouse”. The important job of Ambrose was to guide floating sea vessels from the Atlantic Ocean to the New York Bay. In addition, your team will be able to see a “Pioneer Schooner”. This ship is available for public rides from May to October. When your team is finished with these ships, you are welcome to view the South Street Seaport Museum’s 26,500 artifact collection. These historical artifacts tell the story of how New York City came to be a major port city and how it contributed to the development of the economy in the United States. 12 Fulton St New York, NY 10038

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Places to Eat

Ellary’s Greens

Looking for a health conscious restaurant on Randall’s Island Park? Ellary’s Greens is the dinning establishment for your team. With a location close to the John Enroe Tennis Academy, your team has the option to play a quick game before grabbing a bite to eat. Although the lunch and dinner menus are varied, Ellary’s Greens contains options for vegans and vegetarians. Included on the menu as well are gluten free options, as well as dairy free options. The restaurant offers guests the ability to order online. In addition, Ellary’s Greens offers catering “a la carte”. However, if you would like the restaurant to cater, please send them an email 48 hours ahead of time. 33 Carmine Street, West Village New York, NY 10014


Nocciola, located in East Harlem, is an Italian restaurant. This dining establishment is committed to serving all of their mouthwatering dishes with the freshest ingredients! Nocciola is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This restaurant also offers a weekend brunch. Guests are welcome to order online. In addition, Nocciola will cater special events. However, please email them in advance if you wish to have your event catered. 237 E 116th St New York, NY 10029

Patsy’s Pizza

Patsy’s Pizza is said to be a landmark dining establishment in East Harlem. Opened in 1933, by Italian newlyweds, this pizzeria gained popularity by attracting both Italian immigrants and New Yorkers alike to their restaurant’s delicious cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner, this dining establishment boasts coal-oven pizza. The menu is varied, featuring true Italian classics such as lasagna and raviolis, but also has steak and fish. Eat in or take out, no delivery and cash only. Patsy’s Pizza will host small or large events. However, please call or e-mail them to make reservations for your event. This restaurant also offers catering. Should you wish to utilize the restaurant in this way, please call or e-mail in order to make a reservation. 2287 First Avenue New York, NY 10035


George’s, three blocks south of the World Trade Center, is an ideal restaurant for a hungry team. George’s is known for their big portions! Destroyed during the attacks of September 11, 2001, this dining establish was rebuilt with a second story. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant has a varied menu with items like fresh sandwiches and chef inspired dishes. The restaurant also includes a weekend brunch with one-hundred different egg dishes! Please contact George’s for any catering requests. This dining establishment will also let guests order online, and delivery is free! 89 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10006

Randall’s Island Park is surrounded by both historical landmarks and modern attractions, which distinguishes New York City as one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, and nestled on the shores around New York Harbor, people have enjoyed the public parks and various attractions for generations. A trip to Randall’s Island Park will be a memorable experience for your team!