Sacramento Convention Center – Things To Do With Your Team

Designed for flexibility and outstanding service, the Sacramento Convention Center is all about providing guests with an excellent experience. The facility boasts 137,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space, two ballrooms encompassing 35,000 square feet, and even has a Starbucks and APizza on site.

The Sacramento Convention Center is truly an extraordinary building. As impressive as the convention center is though, you don’t want to spend your whole trip there. That’s where Sacramento’s exciting attractions come into play. Venture out of the Sacramento Convention Center and see a bit of California’s capital city for yourself.


Things to Do

California Museum

All things California are housed inside the California Museum. This place is the embodiment of the state and all of its interesting history and legacy. Start things off at the beginning of known history at the California Indians: The First People exhibit. Artifacts and oral histories of over 100 local tribes are archived there. Learn words from Native American languages by using the interactive language kiosk. Stop by the California Hall of Fame while you’re at the museum to see some of California’s influential people.

The museum’s longest running exhibit, Uprooted!, is all about the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. This powerful gallery allows you to experience life behind barbed wired fences. Recreated barracks like the ones that housed Japanese Americans are on display and add to the authenticity of the exhibit. Photos and artifacts of the conditions from internment camps give you a firsthand look into the experiences of those whom were imprisoned. You may even be able to hear first person accounts of experiences with these camps from actual Japanese Americans who were forced to stay in them. The California Museum offers group discounts for any parties consisting of 10 or more people. 1020 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Esquire IMAX Theatre

Going to the movies is always a welcomed activity. Seeing a movie in IMAX is even better. Only a short walk from the Sacramento Convention Center, you can take a trip to Esquire IMAX Theatre for an outstanding, immersive movie screening.

This cinema may not have a long list of movie choices, but they do show the biggest hits. Esquire typically has three different movies playing. Your team will have a hard time deciding which one see. Group package deals are offered and can save you some money if you have a big group going. Grab some popcorn and candy, take a seat, relax, and enjoy the IMAX spectacle that is Esquire IMAX Theatre. 1211 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814


California State Railroad Museum

Sacramento Convention Center Complex - Travel - Hotels4TeamsYou don’t need to be a train enthusiast to appreciate the California State Railroad Museum. As you walk through the building, you will discover a rich history of the railroad and even spot some restored locomotives.

The museum’s exhibits encompass a variety of topics about the influence of the railroad in California. One of the displays educates visitors about the Union Pacific Railroad. Learn about the building process and the lasting effects the railroad brought to the region. A more hands-on exhibit called Fast Tracks allows you to take the helm in a modern train simulator. You can actually control and drive the train as if you were an actual conductor.

The coolest aspect of the museum though is the collection of restored trains that are displayed. Many of the trains were built in the 1800s! Restored locomotive engines can also be found at the museum. Your team might even get the opportunity to take a train ride. Check the museum’s website for a schedule to learn more. 125 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


Sacramento History Museum

Take a little time away from the Sacramento Convention Center to learn about Sacramento’s past at the Sacramento History Museum. The city’s origin and development is quite interesting and the exhibits at the museum will captivate your team.

Realize how the gold rush turned the unsettled territory of Sacramento into a booming town. Trace the growth of the first 50 years of the city and how it grew rapidly in the 1800s. Gain some insight into how prospectors searched for and mined gold by examining equipment that they used. Samples of gold are also showcased. Other galleries at the museum include a historic print shop, a community exhibit that focuses on the development from the time of Native Americans living in the area to modern day Sacramento, and the importance of agriculture. Other temporary exhibits are featured as well.

Besides the museum, you can take part in an underground tour of the city. Underneath Sacramento exists a series of tunnels that you can explore with the help of a tour guide. These tunnels are there because after a massive flood hit the city, the streets were raised as a precaution so that might never happen again. Uncover the secrets of the tunnels below Sacramento in the one hour tour and see a part of the city that most people don’t even know about. Tour groups cannot be larger than 20 people. 101 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814


California State Capitol Museum

Being that Sacramento is the capital of California, it comes as no surprise that the capitol building is located there. This domed architectural wonder functions as not only the state government’s headquarters, but also as a museum. The California State Capitol Museum offers tours of the historic building where you and your team can see the governor’s office, the senate, and more. As you enter the capitol, set the scene for the tour by watching few short introductory videos detailing the history of the building and Sacramento. 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Escape Sacramento

Looking to get away from the Sacramento Convention Center and want something to do that tests your mind? Check out Escape Sacramento. This highly rated escape room provides three choices: The Space Station, The Heist, and The Séance. Each room varies in difficulty and of course the theme you’ll be roleplaying. Unique clues and puzzles are included. Test your teamwork in an entirely new kind of way at Escape Sacramento. Find out if your team has what it takes to overcome the baffling challenges and escape before the 60 minutes are up. 1831 I St, Sacramento, CA 95811


Places to Eat

Frank’s Fats

Sacramento Convention Center Complex - Travel - Hotels4TeamsA fusion of Asian and American cuisine, Frank’s Fats cooks exquisite meals for affordable prices. Kick off your meal by passing around some appetizers like Mongolian baby back ribs, honey-glazed barbecue pork, or spring rolls.

The list of entrees available might take you a while to peruse and ultimately cause you to make a tough decision. Frank’s offers chicken, duck, beef, and seafood dishes. They have a good amount of vegetable options, as well as fried rice and noodle meals. Frank’s Fats will be one of the best meals you have during your visit to the Sacramento Convention Center. 806 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Pizza Rock

Enjoy some tasty pizza at Pizza Rock. This Rock N’ Roll themed pizzeria makes 15 specialty pies along with the standard plain pizza. You also have the option to create your own and put any toppings you want on it. Pizza Rock has a few Sicilian-style choices as well. Pasta and hamburgers can be ordered too if you don’t want pizza. 1020 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Lucca Restaurant & Bar

Mediterranean meets California in a casual dining atmosphere at Lucca Restaurant & Bar. From the most open eater to the fussiest, everyone can find something at Lucca that they’ll be happy eating. They have tons of appetizers and entrees. You can order pasta, sandwiches, chicken, pork, and much more. You can count on a delicious meal at Lucca Restaurant & Bar. 1615 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814



Italian food is one of the most universally loved cuisines. Kids and adults alike enjoy eating Italian. Satisfy the craving by eating at Paesanos. Pasta and pizza make up the bulk of the menu, but Paesanos has sandwiches and a sizable number of appetizers too. 1806 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811


There’s so much to do near the Sacramento Convention Center. Your trip will be filled with fun times and scrumptious food. Make the most of your visit to California’s capital. Don’t hang out at the convention center any longer than you have to. Explore the streets and get a little excitement on your trip.