San Jose – Things to do with your Team

Once the official capital of California, San Jose is now referred to as the capital of Silicon Valley.  This cultural hub is the third most populous city in California and the tenth most populous city in the United States.  Being that it’s so heavily populated, there is a lot to do with your team when they aren’t playing a game.  Located in northern California, San Jose is in a convenient spot to visit the famous, towering trees known as the Redwoods.


Big Basin Redwoods

San Jose - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsIt’s no surprise the first thing on this list has to do with the Redwoods.  San Jose is in a prime location in northern California, so you and your team really have no excuse to not pay these natural wonders a visit.  Big Basin Redwoods is the state’s oldest park dating back to 1902.  The Redwoods have been there much longer though, some even predating the Roman Empire!  The park is about an hour from San Jose, but you might never get the chance to see these magnificent trees again.  Once you’re there, there are many trails to choose from for all fitness levels.  These trails take you through the forest and give you a firsthand experience with the legendary Redwoods.  While venturing on the trails, you might get lucky and spot some herons or discover a waterfall.  Seeing the Redwoods is an item that’s on many peoples’ bucket list, so if you and your team are ever in San Jose you can’t pass up the opportunity to go. 21600 Big Basin Way, Boulder Creek, CA 95006


California’s Great America

To a lot of kids, amusement parks are the first thing they think of when someone says the word “fun”.  Fortunately, if your team has a tournament in San Jose they can visit one.  California’s Great America is an amusement/water park with plenty of rides for the team to enjoy.  Located just 20 minutes north of San Jose, California’s Great America is nonstop adventure for you and the kids.  The amusement park has eight rollercoasters appropriate for all ages.  For the younger or novice roller coaster crowd they have two coasters, Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and Woodstock Express.  For the more daring coaster enthusiast there are six roller coasters to choose from, one of which is appropriately named “Demon”.  Besides the roller coasters there are other exciting, gut-wrenching rides like Orbit, which is basically like an intense version of a Ferris wheel.  Orbit swings you around until you encounter some centrifugal force.  Some other rides of note are the Drop Tower, and Xtreme Skyflyer.  The attached waterpark has a diverse mix of waterslides, pools, and water themed games to play.  Depending on when you visit, the park may be putting on a live show or firework display. 4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Eastridge Shopping Center

Just because San Jose has so much for your team to explore doesn’t mean you can’t take a breather and relax at the mall.  With over one million square feet, Eastridge Shopping Center has two floors and over 150 stores for your shopping pleasure.  Round 1 Bowling & Amusements, located right in Eastridge Shopping Center, offers a lot for the team to do.  Not only do they have bowling, but also billiards, an arcade, and Karaoke.  If bowling isn’t your style, Eastridge also has an AMC Theatres where you can unwind and enjoy a movie.  Like all malls, there is enough diversity in food choices that will please everyone. 2200 Eastridge Loop #2062, San Jose, CA 95122


Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

San Jose - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4TeamsBoth a zoo and small amusement park, Happy Hollow Park & Zoo has a lot of birds, reptiles, and various mammals on display throughout their 16 acre property.  Observe ferocious Jaguars, playful Meerkats, Giant Anteaters, African Spurred Tortoises, Blue and Gold Macaws, and more!  After watching the animals, you can head over to their amusement park.  Happy Hollow Park & Zoo features a carousel, roller coaster, and petting zoo, among other attractions. If your team’s tournament is at the San Jose Convention Center, this is a perfect attraction to visit since it’s so close by.  748 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95112


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SilverCreek Sportsplex

Looking for a sports complex with plenty of sports to play for a cheap price?  SilverCreek Sportsplex is your best bet.  SilverCreek puts its 240,000 square feet to good use, offering many different sports in the facility.  You and your team will have the option to choose from soccer, flag football, badminton, dodgeball, and baseball, just to name a few.  SilverCreek has something for everyone and it allows your team to get away from the tournament and enjoy playing sports in a more casual setting. 800 Embedded Way, San Jose, CA 95138


Fujitsu Planetarium

San Jose is the center of one of the most technologically bustling regions in the world.  Technology and Space seem to go hand in hand.  Fujitsu Planetarium is a great spot to explore the galaxy.  Fujitsu is the largest school planetarium west of the Rockies.  Just a short 20 minute trip west of San Jose, located at De Anza College, this planetarium offers a fun and interactive experience that is sure to mesmerize your team.  Fujitsu has two types of shows available.  For the astronomy enthusiast, there is an educational astronomy show that delves into the mysteries behind the planets and stars.  For those who want an epic, captivating spectacle, there are laser displays that will keep your eyes glued to the ceiling while the lasers playfully dance around. 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014



If your team needs a rest physically from the tournament, why not give their minds a workout?  Omescape will put your teams’ cooperation to the test.  This escape room lets you choose between five options: Kingdom of Cats, Dark Altar, Joker’s Asylum, Pandemic, and Sorcerer’s Sanctum.  All five of them have a time limit of 60 minutes.  The maximum number of players per each room varies, but exceeds no more than 10, so depending on the size of your team you might have to split up between multiple rooms.  That shouldn’t be a problem though because it will give your team a lot of different stories to discuss with each other about how they did or didn’t make out of the room in time.  Make sure to book your visit with Omescape before arriving. 625 Wool Creek Dr E, San Jose, CA 95112


Raging Waters

The largest waterpark in northern California, Raging Waters, has 23 acres of water related fun to help your team cool off after a game.  Raging Waters has nine slides in various sizes depending on how much of an aquatic daredevil you are.  Not all of these slides are body slides either.  Some of them allow you to zip down on tubes or pair up with a friend and race them down the slide on mats.  For those who prefer their water based activities at a lower velocity, Raging Waters has an endless river where you can lounge on an inner tube and let your worries float away.  If an endless river sounds too relaxing for you, there is also a wave pool and Pirate’s Cove that allow you to be more interactive with the water. 2333 S White Rd, San Jose, CA 95148


Regardless of what your teams’ interests are, San Jose has something for all.  Visiting the Redwoods is a must since you’ll be in northern California already.  Besides that, San Jose and the immediate surrounding cities offer a plethora of things to do and attractions to see within a half hour drive.  The hardest part will be figuring out which attractions to see while you’re there.