Seattle Center – Things To Do With Your Team

The Seattle Center is surrounded by multiple big name attractions. If you walk a couple minutes in any direction, you’ll stumble across something exciting to do. The famous Space Needle can be seen protruding out of the Seattle skyline and in fact is located just a tenth of a mile from the Seattle Center. Science and kid’s museums are also in the area. Branching out beyond a tenth of a mile, you’ll discover plenty more places to check out with your team.


Things to Do

Space Needle

Seattle Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsSeattle’s most iconic landmark, the Space Needle, is only a short walk away from the Washington State Convention Center. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit the observation deck of this 605 foot tall tower. From 520 feet up, you’ll be able to see views of Mt. Rainier, the Seattle skyline, Elliott Bay’s waterfront, surrounding mountain ranges, and more. Pack your camera, so you can preserve the views you’ll be experiencing and show them off to the people back home.

Tickets may be purchased either online or at the base of the Space Needle. For groups of 15 or larger, booking online at least two weeks in advance is highly recommended. Any groups of 15 or more will also receive a group discount. You won’t find anywhere else in Seattle that offers as astounding a view like the Space Needle. Make sure to stop by for some high altitude sightseeing. 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109


Pacific Science Center

The mysteries and sheer awesomeness of science are just a short walk from the Seattle Center at Pacific Science Center. The diversity of exhibits to play with and learn about is astounding. Science on a Sphere is one of the most cutting edge exhibits you’ll ever have the pleasure of witnessing. Explore Earth by examining a high tech projection. Utilizing datasets, Science on a Sphere displays weather patterns in almost real time. What you are essentially looking at is a shrunken down clone of the world. This is one exhibit that’s certainly out of this world.

Another gallery, Tinker Tank, is all about letting loose creatively. With a mix of staff led and individual activities, you can fiddle and create until your heart is content. Play with wind tables and gravity walls. Construct giant objects from Legos. Tinker Lab hosts daily challenges as well. Participate in experiments like an egg drop, work with hydraulics, crash testing, and other cool events.

Pacific Science Center caters to animal lovers too. Walk through the butterfly house and take in the sight of tons of butterflies fluttering around you. This is the perfect spot to relax if you need to take a break from a busy trip. There’s also a touch pool full of marine animals native to the Puget Sound. After you visit the animals, you can enjoy a show at the Laser Dome. You can even watch a movie in the center’s IMAX theater. The number of things to do at Pacific Science Center is immense. Plan on spending a lot of time there. 200 2nd Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


Pike Place Market

Besides the Space Needle, Pike Place Market is one of Seattle’s most well-known attractions. This open market overlooking Elliott Bay has a all kinds of shops and goodies. Carve out some time in your busy schedule to take a stroll through the market and maybe pick up a few things. You can get some fresh produce at the farmer’s market. Purchase some kooky knick-knacks for yourself or a souvenir for someone back home. Walking through the market might be tough for anyone who’s hungry. Fortunately, there are many eateries at Pike Place where you can grab a quick bite. Experience a little Seattle culture at Pike Place Market. You may just find something really neat. There isn’t a specific address for this attraction since it spans a few blocks, but if you search “Pike Place Fish Market”, you’ll find yourself in the heart it all.


Seattle Children’s Museum

If your team is on the younger side, the Seattle Children’s Museum is a must see attraction. This museum provides many kid friendly events and galleries and is easy to get to from the Seattle Center. Explore COG City as you learn about different scientific concepts like gravity and velocity. Play with air flow pipes, shoot balls into buckets, load up conveyor belts, and more. Another section called Fort Adventure lets you build your very own fort.  Get creative and assemble spectacular forts that you can be proud of. Show off your artistic skills in the Imagination Studio. Take advantage of the extensive list of supplies the museum provides and paint, draw, or craft. The Seattle Children’s Museum has many more exhibits for you to enjoy. 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109


Museum of Pop Culture

Celebrating pop culture of the past and present, the Museum of Pop Culture is a unique museum full of enthralling exhibits. Any fans of Star Trek are going to be delighted to learn that there’s an entire gallery devoted to the sci-fi classic T.V. show. Dozens of props and artifacts like intergalactic weapons and uniforms of some of the series’ most prominent characters are on display.

What kid doesn’t like playing video games? The museum’s collection of indie games is diverse. You’ll get the opportunity to play games you’ve never heard of before. Games are periodically rotated into the cycle to keep things fresh and exciting. Exhibits on other sci-fi favorites like Men in Black, Blade Runner, and War of the Worlds are showcased as well. A science fiction and fantasy hall of fame can also be found at the museum. Groups of 15 or more will receive discounted ticket prices. 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


Hourglass Escapes

Escape rooms seem to be all the rage lately. You can take the team to one after you leave the Seattle Center. Head to Hourglass Escape for some intense, teamwork filled fun. They have four rooms to choose from. The first one is Rise of the Mad Pharaoh. You have to help Dr. Carter escape the tomb before an ancient evil rises from the grave. Another room, Tales of the Ghostly Galleon, tasks you with helping a rescue team. You must save Jacques Cousteaudian from a ghost pirate ship before the ship sinks. Check Hourglass Escapes’ website for more info. 3131 Western Ave Suite 422B, Seattle, WA 98121


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Places to Eat

Dick’s Drive-In

Stop by Dick’s Drive-In for some good old fashioned burgers and fries. This joint is a blast from the past with its classic drive-in setup. You may not find the fanciest of burgers there, but you can rest assured that they’ll be delicious. Order one with a side of fries and a creamy milkshake. You won’t be disappointed with a meal from Dick’s Drive-In. 500 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


Uptown China

Kids eat a lot. It’s a fact of life. Take your team to Uptown China for some large portions of tasty Chinese food. Like most Chinese restaurants, Uptown China’s menu is really big. They cook beef, pork, chicken, and seafood entrees. Vegetable and tofu dishes are also available. There are some fried rice and noodle meals too. 200 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


Agave Cocina

Seattle Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsAre you in the mood for some spicy Mexican food? Agave Cocina has what you’re looking for. They serve the favorites like tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. Tasty chicken and steak entrees are some of the other options you can order. All of Agave Cocina’s dishes will make the team happy. 100 Republican St #100, Seattle, WA 98109


Zeeks Pizza

Zeeks Pizza is a local Washington chain. They aren’t a pizza chain like Papa John’s or Dominoes. Their variety of pies is quite impressive. Some of them are topped with all kinds of meats, others with tons of vegetables. They also have some interesting specialty pizzas like buffalo chicken and a Texas style barbeque chicken. You can build your own pizza as well. 419 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109


You and your team will be lucky to travel to Seattle. Near the Seattle Center alone you have a plethora of attractions and restaurants to enjoy. The Space Needle and Pike Place Market are very close to the convention center. These are two of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks. No matter what you do in Seattle, try and go to these two attractions before you leave.