Tiffany Springs Park, located in the beautiful suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri is a wonderful park for your team to visit. Situated on over 830 acres, Tiffany Springs Park is home to many baseball fields, as well as miles of expansive hiking trails.

Kansas City is an amazing city to travel to with your team because of its diversity of thrilling attractions and exceptional restaurants.


Things to do

JAGERS Paintball

JAGERS Paintball will enable you and your team to have an exciting experience! Loctaed near Tiffany Springs Park, this facility has the distinct honor of being the world’s first underground paintball arena.

Cut into one of Kansas City’s oldest limestone mines, JAGERS contains five fields and a two-man speedball field. Use of these fields is available throughout the year. However, guests are invited to play above these underground fields, on one of the four outdoor fields. JAGERS is open to all skill levels, from novice to expert paintball players. JAGERS also caters to groups of all skill levels.

“Open Play Groups” are hosted as well. You will earn your group a discount by securing a reservation. Guests are allowed to play on the inside or outside fields. Customers are provided with the necessary equipment such as, CO2, compressed air, paintballs, and safety gear. Is your team mostly under the age of 17? The party package is meant for groups where most participants are under 17.

Apart from the fields of fun, JAGERS also has a pro-shop. The pro-shop sells paintball equipment, and also offers repairs. 9300 NE Underground Dr, Kansas City, MO 64161


Escape Room Kansas City

Escape Room Kansas City is an expertly designed escape room near Tiffany Springs Park. Guests are allotted 60 minutes for each room. They are required to find and solve puzzles and codes that have been hidden throughout the room. After guests have deciphered the codes, they have the option to use them on combination locks, to advance the game and open boxes, crates, and doors.  This challenging design will leave your team griped in suspense until the end of the games.

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Three games have been crafted by Escape Game Kansas City in order to test the wits of your team. The Theory of Everything is a game shrouded in mystery. Your team is asked to solve the disappearance of a 1950s scientist. Escape Game Kansas City adds to the 1950s theme by decorating the room in decor from this era.

Are you or your team a fan of spy novels or movies? Secret Agent is a game which lets you become a spy for an hour! You will attempt to rescue a stolen agency list before your spy agency is put in danger.

Possibly drawing inspiration from the classic Charles Dickens novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Prison Break is a game which combines a timeless characteristic of loyalty with adventure. Your friend has been unfairly imprisoned. You switch places with your friend. Adding to the excitement of the game, the guards have been bribed to assist you in engineering a breakout. Your team will be entertained by such distinctive escape games! River Market 511 W 4th St, Kansas City, MO 64105


Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun

Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are two connecting amusement parks a short ways away from Tiffany Springs Park. Timber Wolf Reborn, a popular ride at Worlds of Fun, has been remodeled, and will debut in late Spring 2018. This roller coaster was the first wooden roller coaster in the park. The helix has been replaced with a high-speed, 70-degree turn. This corner turn will carry riders sideways.

Would your team like to have a bird’s eye view of the amusement park? Falcon’s Flight is one of the newest attractions to Worlds of Fun. 28 two-seater gondolas spin while the base raises riders 100 feet off the ground! Worlds of Fun requests that riders are at least 42 inches tall to ride with a companion, or 48 inches tall in order to ride alone.

Worlds of Fun also includes seasonal festivities. These festivities can involve summertime Southern-style cuisine, or a winter celebration with a multitude of lights. Please check the website for more details.

Come explore exhilarating water rides at Oceans of Fun. A seasonal attraction, Oceans of Fun is open from mid-spring to the early fall and offers group discounts for 15 or more. From the intense water slides at Predator’s Plunge to the Caribbean Cooler Lazy River, there are rides and activities for everyone at Oceans of Fun. The Fury of the Nile is a wild ride featuring team style rafts. Riders embark on an incredible journey amidst strong waves. This ride ends at a scenic waterfall.

If this is not enough of a thrill, grab a partner and try the Aruba Tuba. A 400-foot inner tube slide with plenty of swerves, Aruba Tuba propels riders into a huge pool, Coconut Cove. Guests are invited to enjoy the ride with a partner in a double tube, or sail solo in a single tube.

If you or your team needs to take a break from all those exciting rides, try the Surf City Wave Pool. In this pool, high-tide is every 10 minutes. Oceans of Fun is sure to provide your team with gallons of giggles!  4545 Worlds of Fun Ave, Kansas City, MO 64161


Macabre Cinema

Macabre Cinema is a haunted attraction for your team that operates during the fall! This spooky place is not far from Tiffany Springs Park. These various attractions are owned by Full Moon Productions, one of the country’s foremost companies for haunted houses.

The Macabre Cinema is a unique attraction. Instead of guests simply viewing the scary scenes, they become part of the scenes. Macabre Cinema features a on-hour walkthrough in a 1930s-style movie theater. Guests move through four floors as they partake in the action of contemporaneous and classic horror scenes.

If you are feeling brave enough, tour The Beast. This has been hailed as one of the largest haunted houses in America. In order to exit The Beast, one must slide down a four-story slide.

If these two attractions do not scare you, you are invited to the Edge of Hell. This haunted house has a snake hidden inside. Named Medusa, this python currently holds the world record as one of the longest snakes in captivity! This is a scream of a good time for your team! 1222 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64101


The Cave Bouldering Gym

The Cave Bouldering Gym is a wonderfully exciting indoor rock climbing experience for your team! Located 10 stories underground, The Cave Bouldering Gym has an expansive 38,000-square-foot terrain. This landscape contains more than 80 boulder obstacles that are designed for all skill levels. Extra training gear, along with a slack line, is available for those who require more support.

Besides interesting activities on an impressive landscape, The Cave Bouldering Gym also offers rock climbing classes. Classes offered include private or specialty instruction. In this class, guests are given a chance to advance their skills in rock climbing.

While this facility provides private instruction, they can also cater to groups. The Cave Bouldering Gym asks that you bring a waiver with you to one of the specialty classes. 3150 Mercier St, Kansas City, MO 64108


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Places to Eat

Tin Kitchen

Looking for a Southern-Style Smokehouse restaurant near Tiffany Springs Park? Then look no further than the Tin Kitchen. Built in 1842, the building previously was home to a hardware store. Today, the Tin Kitchen is the sole occupant of the building and is located in the historic district of Weston, Missouri. Guests can even see the old pressed-tin ceilings and walls in the dining room.

The Tin Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner. Their extensive menu includes, salads, burgers, kid’s meals, and barbecue sandwiches, as well as barbecue platters. Don’t forget to try their delicious deserts! Apart from their lunch and dinner menu, Tin Kitchen also is available for catering.

Is your team having a special event? Tin Kitchen will supply all the food you and your team need. Among their catering items include certified Angus beef brisket. This mouthwatering brisket is smoked for up to 16 hours. Your team will love the decadent Southern flavor of Tin Kitchen. 509 Main St, Weston, MO 64098


Minsky’s Pizza

A gourmet restaurant near Tiffany Springs Park, Minsky’s Pizza has received “Kansas City’s Best Pizza.” This restaurant is also Zaggat rated. In addition to its various gourmet pizza selections, Minsky’s also provides guests with a choice of hot sandwiches, handmade calzones, pastas, garden fresh salads, appetizers, and desserts.

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Apart from these items, Minsky’s also caters to various dietary needs of their customers. Minsky’s offers gluten-free menu items. In fact, they have received GREAT Kitchens training from the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness. Always accommodating, Minsky’s caters to dairy-free diets as well. This restaurant has Daiya Deliciously Dairy-Free Cheese. Your team will appreciate their carry out and delivery options! 205 N 291 Highway, Liberty, MO 64068



Grunauer serves authentic Germanic cuisine in the middle of Kansas City. This restaurant is open for lunch. The lunch items include Austrian-style chicken, hamburgers, fish, Hungarian beef goulash, and more.

If you and your team would like to dine at this restaurant for dinner, Grunauer provides a dinner option for their guests as well. The dinner menu includes goulash, steak-frites, salads, and soups. Your team will appreciate the international cuisine and won’t have to leave the American Heartland to try it. 101 W 22nd St, Kansas City, MO 64108


Habashi House

Just a short drive from Tiffany Springs Park, Habashi House has Middle Eastern Food made fresh. Located in the Historic City Market, this restaurant has been praised as being “home to the best falafel sandwich.”

Open for lunch and dinner, Habashi House provides guests with a choice of pita with dip, salads, and sandwiches. In addition to these delicious morsels, Habashi House makes grilled chicken, grilled salmon, and Arabic rice. 309 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64105


Kansas City, Missouri is a unique location for your team. With a variety of fun and entertaining attractions, and both local and international cuisines, your team will want to return to Kansas City again and again!