Topeka – Things to do with your Team

The name Topeka comes from a Kansa-Osage, a Native American language, phrase meaning, “place where we dug potatoes.”  The city can trace itself back to Native American roots dating over thousands of years.

Through the centuries, Topeka witnessed many impactful historic events, most notably in regards to slavery.  Topeka was a major stop on the Underground Railroad and a lot of abolitionists lived in the area.  Decades later, Topeka was the site of the landmark Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education, which declared that segregation of schools is unconstitutional.

Fast forward to present day, Topeka has evolved into a historic, lively city packed with attractions for your team to visit.


Topeka Zoo

Nearly 400 animals await you and your team at Topeka Zoo.  Walk through a tropical rain forest or feed exotic birds in the bird feeding aviary.  Watch the zoo’s animal ambassadors interact with zoo keepers in the wildlife theatre and learn more about their species.

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The zoo divides its animals up into different exhibits.  Housing large land mammals like elephants, hippos, and giraffes, the Animals and Man section will definitely be a highlight of your zoo experience.  Passing by the conservation exhibit, Disappearing Apes, expect to see playful gorillas and orangutans.  You will also see big cats like tigers, cougars, and bobcats in their respective areas.

Topeka Zoo offers group admission rates for groups of 15 or larger. 636 SW Zoo Pkwy, Topeka, KS 66606


Sports Center

Amassing a bunch of entertaining activities for kids in one convenient location, Sports Center knows exactly what your team likes to do for fun.  Boasting three difficult 18-hole mini golf courses, you’re going to have to really focus to finish under par.  A driving range is also located onsite in case you’d rather hit the golf balls harder and farther than a mini golf course would permit.

Speaking of hitting things, at Sports Center you can find nine batting cages if golf isn’t your thing.  You have three pitch options to choose from, slow or fast pitch softball, or baseball.

Anyone who is 48 inches or taller can enjoy some high velocity action in Sports Center’s go-kart track.  Kids under the minimum height requirement can still take part in the fun by buddying up with someone else in a two person go-kart.  An arcade full of older and newer games can also be found there. 6545 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66615


Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

Topeka is filled with museums, but Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is the best option for your team.  Unlike many interactive museums, Children’s Discovery Center offers a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Build whatever your heart desires with the help of instructors and tools; explore the wonders of science and play with things like wind tubes and flying machines in the science gallery.

Head outdoors and get a little exercise while you utilize the center’s climbing facility.  Once you reach the top take the zip line down and start your ascent all over again.

Take a blissful walk through the butterfly garden and gaze at all of the unique butterflies fluttering around you.  Your team will stare in wonderment, and not even realize they’re learning because of all the fun they will be having at Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. 4400 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS 66604


Lake Shawnee

Typically when you take a trip to a city with your team, you’re always on the go, playing a tournament, going to this spot or that spot.  You never get the chance to relax until you climb into bed.

While you’re in Topeka, break the mold and take a breather at Lake Shawnee.  Bask in the sun while lounging on their beach area adjacent to the lake.  Enjoy the park’s scenery and take a walk on one of the trails.

If you want to do something a little more physical, Lake Shawnee has volleyball courts to play on, or you can go swimming in the lake.

This is a peaceful spot to eat a meal as well.  Lake Shawnee provides multiple picnic spots and a sheltered area that the team can take advantage of. 3137 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605


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Trampo Lazer Rockball Park

A mouthful of a name, Trampo Lazer Rockball Park pretty much lets you know its attractions in the name: a combination of trampoline park, laser tag arena, and rock wall.

Team up with your friends and become the most dominant laser tag team ever assembled.  If you’d rather jump and climb, hit the trampoline park and flip through the air, play dodgeball, or scale the park’s rock walls.

Besides those three main attractions, Trampo Lazer Rockball Park has zip line and arcade, so you can keep the fun times rolling. 2134 SW Westport Dr, Topeka, KS 66614


West Ridge Lanes & Family Fun Center

Whether you’re hunting for a 300 game or trying your best to break 100, bowling is an amusing activity.  Bring the team to West Ridge Lanes & Family Fun Center for some strike and spare fun.  Go during the day for the open bowl times or visit at night on Friday and Saturday and bowl under the glowing lights.

West Ridge takes their bowling alley to the next level by including a mini golf course and go-karts in their facility.  So on the off chance people on your team don’t enjoy bowling, they will have other options available to them. 1935 SW Westport Dr, Topeka, KS 66604


Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center

Plan on being in Topeka over the summer?  If so, than you should check out Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center.  A great place to escape the summer’s heat, the aquatic center’s three water slides are perfect for those who like their water rides at a faster speed.

Topeka - Things to do with your Team - Travel - Hotels4Teams

If you go to water parks to unwind, than floating down the lazy river is your best option.  A large pool with two diving boards is offered with admission; work on those dives or cannonballs. 300 NE 43rd St, Topeka, KS 66617



Can your team put their minds together and collaborate to solve Keynundrum’s complex escape rooms?  There’s only one way to find out.

Keynundrum provides five room options, each with their own difficulty and solve rate.  Jewel Thief is suited for beginners and tasks you with uncovering the mystery of the thief’s heist.  You must find proof before it’s too late.  Chaotic Classroom takes you back to school.  The teacher assigned projects for you to complete.  You need to find the test answer sheet too.  Otherwise, you get an F!

Keynundrum’s three other rooms, Murders of Crows, Murder Motel, and General Tao’s Back Room, will keep your team busy as well with all of their perplexing clues to solve. 2900 SW Atwood Ave, Topeka, KS 66614


While you and the team are in Topeka, the array of attractions to pick from will be immense.  There are no incorrect choices.  Regardless of what you do, your team will enjoy doing it.  The diversity of activities is a blessing because it means that no one will be upset with where you go.