Spread out across 50 acres, Twin Creeks Sports Complex has the capability to host many different sporting tournaments. Within the complex are 10 lighted all-purpose fields that are pre-lined for soccer, lacrosse, flag football, and softball. Other sports can be accommodated on the fields besides the ones listed above. In addition to its 10 fields, Twin Creeks Sports Complex offers its guests a clubhouse to relax in and get a bite to eat. There is also Sluggers, another restaurant located at the facility. BBQ and picnic areas can be found throughout the complex as well.


Things to Do

California’s Great America

Twin Creeks Sports Complex - Travel - Hotels4TeamsTo a lot of kids, amusement parks are the first thing they think of when someone says the word “fun.” Fortunately, if your team has a tournament in Sunnyvale, they can visit one. California’s Great America is an amusement/water park with plenty of rides for the team to enjoy. Located about 10 minutes from Twin Creeks Sports Complex, California’s Great America is nonstop fun for you and the kids. The amusement park has eight rollercoasters for all ages. For the younger or novice roller coaster crowd they have two coasters, Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and Woodstock Express. For the more daring coaster enthusiast there are six roller coasters to choose from, one of which is appropriately named Demon.

Besides the roller coasters there are other exciting rides like Orbit, which is essentially an intense version of a Ferris wheel. Orbit swings you around until you encounter some centrifugal force. Some other rides of note are the Drop Tower, and Xtreme Skyflyer. The attached water park has a diverse mix of water slides, pools, and water themed games to play. Depending on when you visit, the park may be putting on a live show or firework display. 4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Bintang Badminton

Have some fun playing a sport that you may not get to play very often. Bintang Badminton is a facility devoted to teaching badminton and providing the people of Sunnyvale and its visitors a place to enjoy the fast paced racket sport. Bintang Badminton has 11 regulation courts. Reserve a few courts and play singles or doubles badminton. This is an amusing way to burn some calories and take part in an activity you might not play much when you’re at home. Bintang Badminton charges one flat fee for admission, not game by game, so you can reserve as many games as you and your team want. 1365 Geneva Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089


Golfland USA

Host your own mini golf tournament or just shoot around casually at Golfland USA. Only minutes from Twin Creeks Sports Complex, this attraction is an awesome place to take any team. You and your team have two obstacle filled courses to pick from. Both courses will test your putting skills with various hindrances. Golfland USA’s courses are meticulously kept and landscaped, assuring that every hole is as lovely as it is difficult. Once you’ve had your fill of mini golf, stop by the arcade. Race your friends, team up and save the world from aliens, and collect tickets to cash in at Golfland USA’s redemption counter. There is also a snack bar for anyone who may get hungry while they’re there. Groups of 15 or more will qualify for group discounts. 855 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Planet Granite

Reach new heights and scale rock walls at Planet Granite. This 28,000 square foot facility delivers a unique, exciting time out and will push you to your limits. Some of Planet Granite’s walls reach 60 feet high! There are over 200 top ropes and routes to explore. Find out how many of them you can conquer. Is it your first time at a rock climbing complex? Planet Granite’s staff will help you get acclimated. The knowledgeable staff will show you how to set up your equipment, share advice about climbing, and aid you in any other way you need. Take advantage of this exhilarating activity while you’re in Sunnyvale. 815 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


AMC Mercado 20

Check out what all the fuss is about for whatever big blockbuster hit is playing currently at AMC Mercado 20. This theater offers the largest selection of movies in the Sunnyvale area, showing a whopping 20 or more movies every day. If you’ve never been to an AMC theater before, you’re in for a treat. Besides a steller cinema, AMC has devoted itself to becoming a full dine-in theater. Instead of the standard popcorn, nachos, and candy, you can order appetizers and entrees from an expansive menu. Treat the team to dinner and a movie at AMC Mercado 20. 3111 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Great Mall

Visit Great Mall if you’re playing a tournament at Twin Creeks Sports Complex for any shopping needs or wants you might have. Great Mall has over 200 stores and 11 anchors for your team to explore. This one floor mall is as big as a mall gets. A large diversity of stores makes Great Mall an interesting place to stop at for all team members. If you’re looking to have a little fun while you’re there, check out Bounce-A-Rama. This inflatable bounce and slide location will have you jumping for joy. They even have an arcade. Great Mall also provides a variety of dining options. Even the pickiest of eaters will be happy. 447 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035


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Places to Eat

In-N-Out Burger

If you’re traveling to Twin Creeks Sports Complex from anywhere besides the west coast, stopping at In-N-Out Burger isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. There’s a reason this famous chain has been around since 1948 and has over 300 locations on the west coast. Experience the legendary In-N-Out Burger for yourself and finally understand why everyone speaks so highly of it. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t try one of their burgers. 604 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Iguanas Burritozilla

Twin Creeks Sports Complex - Travel - Hotels4TeamsStop by Iguanas Burritozilla for some monster sized burritos. Besides ridiculously large burritos, this Mexican restaurant dishes up a host of different taco dishes, taco and burrito bowls, salads, nachos, quesadillas, and more. All of their dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients and taste great. This is an ideal place to bring your team after a game, when everyone is extremely hungry. The portions are so big that there might be some leftovers. 4300 Great America Pkwy #116, Santa Clara, CA 95054


Round Table Pizza

Create your own pizza at Round Table Pizza. You have total control over the toppings you want on your pizza. Go as simple or as crazy as you’d like. Try pineapple and anchovies or stick to a classic pepperoni. It’s up to you. Don’t feel like coming up with your own pizza combination? Round Table Pizza has plenty of their own tasty pizzas you can purchase instead. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, you have a large selection of sandwiches and pastas. 1220 Oakmead Pkwy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


St. John’s Bar & Grill

St. John’s Bar & Grill has been awarded the best burger in Silicon Valley. The restaurant has been in business for over 35 years. St. John’s serves up all the American classics, including various different burgers, chicken sandwiches, and Philly cheesesteaks. The unique twists on these popular sandwiches make for an even more delicious dish. There are so many options; it will make your head spin trying to decide what to order. 510 Lawrence Expy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085


Consider yourself lucky if you and your team are playing a tournament at Twin Creeks Sports Complex. There are a lot of fun attractions and activities to take advantage of and many places to eat. No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll enjoy your trip to Sunnyvale.