Van Cortlandt Park, in the Northwest Bronx, features the last traces of the original woodland landscape of New York City. Situated on 1,146 acres, Van Cortlandt Park is the third largest park in this expansive city. This park is home to Van Cortlandt Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Bronx. In 1895, the golf course at Van Cortlandt Park achieved history as the nation’s first municipal golf course. This park is also home to running trails. In addition to all of that, Van Cortlandt Park also provides visitors with 18 baseball fields range from little league to turf and regulation fields. These fields are scattered throughout, Van Cortlandt Stadium, Frank Caryl Field, Frank Kelly Field, Kepler Field, and Woodlawn Field. Apart from this, a pool and the Riverdale Stables are available for public use.


Things to do 

Indoor Extreme Sports

Van Cortlandt Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsWould your team be excited to try intense sports? Indoor Extreme Sports is home to some of the most intense sports in New York City. Your team will be entertained as they try a host of action-packed activities.

The indoor paintball offers the only Paintball Reball Center, where participants shoot rubber balls at their opponents. This Reball Center is the only location of its kind in New York. During indoor paintball, guests will enjoy a state-of-the-art venue. You and your team will be able to play on new turf complete with bunkers. Guests are provided with all the necessary paintball equipment.

Have you ever wanted to experience archery like medieval knights and noblemen? Bring your team to an activity that would make knights envious! On a 3,000 square foot field, engage your friends in the world’s first, safe archery battle. For this activity, participants are instructed to use a bow and a foam-tipped arrow. You won’t want to miss this exciting adventure!

Allow yourself to be transported from the thrill of archery and paintball to an equally exciting game. Black Ops has a theme that feels like you’re in a video game. On an 8,000 square foot venue, participants are placed in a town-like setting, while typical video game music is played. Black Ops is hailed as being one of the most competitive versions of laser tag in the world. This laser tag adventure uses the most recent technology to allow players to track the smallest details of their game. Indoor Extreme Sports recommends that children 12 years and older partake in Black Ops Laser tag. Please check the website for more details. 47-11 Van Dam Street Long Island City, NY 11101



FunFuzion is a fun filled indoor amusement park that’s close by Van Cortlandt Park. Your team will be energized by a plethora of activities like games, rides, bowling, billiards, air hockey, and more.

A 185 foot launch tower, Space Shot, is a thrilling ride for your team. This ride is located on the rooftop of New Roc City. After the ride has elevated you and your team 185 feet, experience a drop, with a few, sporadic bounces. Space Shot is closed on weekdays, except if a group gives prior notice to reserve the ride. Fun Fuzion asks that guests are 52 inches in order to participate in this activity. Next, try the Fun House! How would you like to program your own roller coaster video game? You are welcome to try the virtual reality game, MaxFlight. A roller coaster simulator, MaxFlight allows guests to design their own ride where you can add loops or straight shots and customize your ride just how you want. Once in their seats, visitors are allowed to see a video screen of their coaster track.

After the thrill of MaxFlight, go and experience Yucatan Miniature Golf. Guests are surrounded by lush jungles, bodies of water, and birds characteristic of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. When you are done with these activities, come to one of two food courts at FunFuzion.

The comfort foods on these menus include burgers, hot dogs, french fries, pizza, chicken wings, and more. This facility also serves Kosher food options. Your team will enjoy the variety of activities at FunFuzion. 29 Lecount Pl New Rochelle, NY 10801


The Rock Club

Is your team looking for a challenge? Then look no further than The Rock Club. The staff at this facility provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere while introducing your team to an exhilarating sport.

The Rock Club encourages rock climbing novices to drop-in and explore this wonderful activity for themselves. Guests can climb more than “100 problems on… bouldering walls.” In addition, you are invited to scale across the gym using the highest quality holds, the grips which help climbers successfully scale a bouldering wall. If you prefer, you may make a reservation to Rent-A-Belayer. This person will monitor you in your safety rope. Before you can embark on any of these activities The Rock Club requires each guest to sign a waiver. Please check the website for more details.  130 Rhodes St New Rochelle, NY 10801


Palisades Climb Adventure

Palisades Climb Adventure  is an 85 foot tall, indoor ropes course nearby Van Cortlandt Park! This ropes course is able to hold 75 participants at once. They are located on Level 4 of the Palisades Center.

The activities at Palisades Climb Adventure accommodate the many skill levels of adventure seekers. Various obstacles on the ropes course include a tremor bridge, a vertical rope ladder, a quarter cargo net, and an alternating spaghetti hand-line. These challenging obstacles can be adapted to the physical ability of the individual. For children 48 inches and under, try the Sky Tykes Ropes Course. Does your team have 15 or more members? Groups of 15 or more are encouraged to reserve their spot at Palisades Climb Adventure early in order to receive discounts.

The memorable activities at Palisades Climb Adventure will make a lasting impression on your team, and will continue to be mentioned long after your team has left. 4590 Palisades Center Dr. West Nyack, NY 10994


Bounce! Trampoline Sports

Bounce! Trampoline Sports is an action-packed trampoline park. Your team will be enthralled by the vast amount of activities available to them. There is truly something for everyone at Bounce! Trampoline Sports.

Open Bounce allows  guests tojump on trampoline courts, encompassing two trampoline dodgeball courts and the bouncy basketball area. Once you have sufficiently propelled your body up and down with continuous jumping, propel your body forward as you jump into the Foam Pits. For this activity, you will jump off a trampoline into squishy foam pits. Besides jumping, guests can also feel free to twist and flip into the padded pit. This activity is recommended for people ages six and older.

Do you or members of your team want an extra challenge? Come to the Extreme Bounce! Featuring a ninja-style course, Extreme Bounce has seven challenging elements. Participants will test their agility with activities such as monkey bars, two cargo net climbs, swinging rings, net bags, a balance beam, and a cliff hanger. Bounce! Trampoline Sports strongly recommends that every participant completes an e-waiver. Please check the website for more details.  612 Corporate Way Valley Cottage, NY 10989


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Places to Eat

Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant

Would you team like to try authentic Mediterranean food a short distance from Van Cortlandt Park? Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant provides your team with a bonafide Mediterranean experience with Arabic overtones. This restaurant is renowned throughout the Bronx for its friendly staff and high-quality cuisine. Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant prides itself on serving traditional Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist. Enjoy a taste of the Middle East without leaving New York!

The menu items at this restaurant include hummus, french fries, hamburger, chicken kabab, Yemeni Galabah, and more. This dining establishment also provides customers the opportunity to pick up their food for takeout or Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant will deliver. Please check the website for more details. This restaurant does not deliver food on Sundays. 1907 White Plains Rd Bronx, NY 10462


Cafe Viva

Van Cortlandt Park - Travel - Hotels4TeamsCafe Viva is a restaurant serving various types of pizza and Italian dishes. Items available to order on this menu include a sautéed veggie platter, toasted garlic bread, salads, sausage and peppers sandwiches, pasta, baked pasta, and plenty of different types of pizza. Ever accommodating, the menu at Cafe Viva serves gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options. This restaurant offers its guests a chance to order online. In addition, Cafe Viva will deliver.  2578 Broadway, NY, NY 10025


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes offers fine, Southern-Style cuisine. This dining establishment was started by two people, Chad Cooper and Sean Eggleston. These two entrepreneurs take pride in their restaurant and lovingly prepare the lunch and dinner menu items fresh. Your team will enjoy the variety of comfort food offered by Sweet Potato.

The items on the lunch and dinner menu for this restaurant include buffalo wings, catfish strips, sweet potato lump crab cakes, soup, chicken and beef, yellow rice, herb steak fries, string beans, and corn bread. This restaurant offers a Sunday Brunch. Come and partake in the welcoming atmosphere. 393 North Ave. New Rochelle, NY 10801


Kai Fan Asian Cuisine

Kai Fan Asian Cuisine is an authentic Asian restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner, this establishment specializes in Thai cuisine and sushi. Noted for their friendly staff, this restaurant is also known for its delicious cuisine.

The Thai items on this extensive menu include egg rolls, dumplings, pastrami entrees, chicken entrees, beef entrees, fried rice, Lo Mien, and more. Are you or your team hungry for sushi? At this restaurant, the sushi menu items include Hosomaki, Uramki, Sushi Dinner Combination, Sushi Party Platter, and more.  3717 Riverdale Ave Bronx, NY 10463


With a personality all its own, the Bronx will create lasting memories for your team. Van Cortlandt Park has hosted the most demanding athletes and looks forward to seeing you soon too!