Verizon Soccer Field, in Little Rock, Arkansas, is designed to help families foster a love of soccer for their children. Offering Recreational and Competitive Soccer, Verizon Soccer Field delivers something for all skill levels. They provide programs such as Little Rockers and Lil Kickers for children three years of age, as well as Recreational Soccer for people ages 4-18. Recreational soccer is the largest of the programs offered. In addition, a Development Academy is offered for children ages eight and nine and includes Classic Style Training. Children ages 10-18 are invited to try out for competitive soccer. If this is not enough soccer for your child, try a 4 day long summer camp. Children ages 7-17 are eligible to enroll. Interested in learning about some tournament soccer competitions hosted at Verizon Soccer Field? For the past 12 years, they have hosted the Showcase of the South Tournament. In addition, Verizon Soccer Field has been home to the largest sports competition in Arkansas: Capital City Cup.

Things to do

Mystery Mansion

Mystery Mansion is an escape room, set in a Southern-style mansion for your team! Players can choose from five game rooms, and have 60 minutes to complete each individual game. One popular game, Foster’s Fortune, places the players on a quest to locate the Stolen Double Eagle Coin from 1933. This game has space enough for eight players, and is suited for children over age 14. Another game, SuperNova, consists of locating the lost research of a run-a-way Astrobiologist. The participant must solve puzzles and codes in order to finish the game. SuperNova has been hailed as an “intense puzzle race until the end”.

Are you and your team interested in going back to school? Riddle High School is set in the 1980s. Following the 1980s theme in a school, the game has props such as letter jackets, pom-poms, and lockers. This escape room attraction has terrific reviews. 2122 S Broadway St, Little Rock, AR 72206

Big Rock Fun Park

Big Rock Fun Park is an amusement park which will provide hours of entertainment for your team! This fun filled theme park is located nearby Verizon Soccer Field. For the daring, thrill seekers on your team, test your courage with the Aerial Adventure. Climb a set of stairs and strap on a safety harness, before walking on a rope. This is a climbing adventure. Participants must be 48 inches tall, and weigh no more than 250 pounds. This amusement park asks that you sign a waiver. However, people under age 18 are required to have either a parent or a guardian sign their waiver. For those who like to keep their feet on the ground, but still require adventure, try the Amazing Maze. Accommodating for all ages, Amazing Maze is Big Rock Fun Park’s newest adventure! Participants in this quest will be twisted and turned, in order to reach the various check points.

After you are done following the twists and turns of the Amazing Maze, it may be time to follow the twist and turns of the mini golf course! Big Rock Fun Park offers two 18-hole courses. Are you or your team members excited by racing cars? The go-karts at this amusement park will allow you to race your opponent. Participants can choose from either a single go-kart, or a go-kart with 2 seats. Your racing will become even more exciting on this competitive track. The amusement park requests that drivers are 56 inches tall. A valid driver’s license is required of drivers with passengers and passengers are to be 36 inches tall.

Big Rock Fun Park invites guests to use their stealth in Lazer Frenzy. This game is indoors. You must navigate under, over, and through the laser beams, in order to finish the game. Besides practicing your agility with laser beams, the amusement park offers guests an arcade, bumper boats, and batting cages. Big Rock Fun Park contains special offers for groups: between 25-49 people, 50-99 people, and 100 people or more. This amusement park also offers “Daily Deals.” Please check the website for specific details. Big Rock Fun Park will be a memorable adventure for your team! 11411 Baseline Road Little Rock, AR 72209

Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock Zoo is a fun and educational attraction for your team. Housing 725 animals, on over 33 acres, this zoo is a fun event for all ages. Your team will be able to interact with the animals at the Arkansas Heritage Farm. This exhibit allows your team to touch, feed, and groom the animals. For this exhibit, Little Rock Zoo has partnered with Heifer International, a charitable organization dedicated to combating global hunger and poverty. Participants will be able to interact with animals such as various species of sheep, chicken, geese, turkeys, African Pgymy Goats, miniature donkeys, and miniature horses.

If you are interested in trying another exhibit, maybe you would like to see a gorilla who sets records! Trudy, a female gorilla, has been said to be the oldest gorilla to have been under the care of humans. In 1988, Trudy was one of the first gorillas to have been featured in an exhibit for the state of Arkansas. Today, she lives a carefree life in the “gorilla yard”.

Does your team need a break from all the exhibits? Little Rock Zoo houses Arkansas Carousel, an antique carousel which is the only functioning carousel of its kind in the world. Are you looking to extend your time at the zoo? The Little Rock Zoo offers a “zoo snooze”. This “zoo snooze” is a sleep-over activity that educates children about farm life. While at Arkansas Heritage Farm, children learn fun activities such as grooming animals and making butter. This sleepover activity includes breakfast, snacks and drinks, and is meant for families of children ages 6 through 11.

This zoo also offers group reservations. The Little Rock Zoo generously offers older children the chance to assume the responsibility of a zookeeper. This activity lasts one hour, and is for ages 12 to 18. If these activities sound intriguing to you and your team, please come visit the zoo. The activities and exhibits offered by this zoo are so family and team oriented, it is no wonder The Little Rock Zoo was voted as a favorite by Little Rock Family Magazine. # 1 Zoo Drive Little Rock, AR 72205

Arkansas Skatium

Does your team need a break from racing around at Verizon Soccer Field? You are invited to race around several skating rinks at Arkansas Skatium. Would your team like to practice hockey? One day maybe you will achieve fame like Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, and Jaromir Jagr. “Learn to Play Hockey”, a program offered by Arkansas Skatium, was created with the goal of teaching students the fundamentals of ice hockey. These classes are offered on Saturdays, and one can try the first class free of charge. If you or your team are excited about the Winter Olympics, or if you simply want to put your agility to the test, come try the figure skating. Arkansas Skatium gives guests the opportunity for a one hour “drop-in”. If you need a little time to warm up to figure skating, try ice skating.

Every Tuesday and Friday ice skating is made available to the public. Arkansas Skatium presents the customer with the opportunity for, “open, public skating.” There is something for the whole team at Arkansas Skatium. Always accommodating, they have declared Thursday Nights “cheap skate”. Participants are free to either roller skate or ice skate, and this facility provides what is needed. Arkansas Skatium is an entertaining and family friendly attraction for your team. 1311 Bowman Rd, Little Rock AR 72211

Museum of Discovery

Is your team looking for a unique experience? Look no further than Little Rock’s Museum of Discovery. Having been featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show, the Museum of Discovery has received national acclaim. Considering the high-quality exhibits, it is not hard to understand why. Is your team ready to mix some fun with education? You are invited to come try the “Mindbender Mansion” exhibit. People of all ages will be entertained in this exhibit, as they attempt to solve puzzles and complete group activities. Learn how to become a part of “Mindbender Society” by collecting clues and figuring out passwords from puzzles.

Come and view an exhibit that is at the crossroads of science and entertainment! The Tesla Theater derives its name from inventor Nicola Tesla. His invention, known as a “musical bi-polar Tesla Cable” has been honored with a Guinness World Record. This exhibit features 250,000 volts at high-frequency, which humans can see.

Putting a fun and interesting twist on science, the skilled teachers at the Museum of Discovery can play popular musical selections on this famous device. If these exhibits have you or your team interested in learning more about the museums opportunities, you are invited to explore their family-friendly options. The Museum of Discovery offers a summer camp for children ages six to thirteen. Taking into account the natural curiosity of children ages four to six, the Museum of Discovery offers a one day camp. However, the special activities do not only take place in the summer. This facility provides guests with the opportunity to participate in year-round, Saturday Discoveries. The Museum of Discovery provides guests with interactive activities, your team will remember long after you have left. 500 President Clinton Ave., Suite 150 Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201

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Places to Eat

Sims Barb-B-Que is a traditional, Southern-style, barbecue restaurant near Verizon Soccer Field. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner; Sims Barb-B-Que accommodates various dining preferences. The main menu features sandwiches such as Pork BBQ Ribs, Chopped Pork, Chopped or Sliced Beef, and more. If you would like something additional with your sandwiches, try the side dishes. These side dishes include BBQ beans, BBQ sauce, Green with Cornbread, Green Beans and more. Additionally, your team has the option of ordering from the take-out menu. The delicious take-out menu includes sandwiches and side dishes. Please call the restaurant for more dining details. Sims Barb-B-Que is the perfect spot for your team if you desire a traditional, Southern style restaurant. 1307 John Barrow Rd Ste A, Little Rock, AR 72205-6531   

The Faded Rose

Looking for a taste of New Orleans, but you and your team are in Little Rock? Come to The Faded Rose, a New Orleans-style restaurant started by Ed and Laurie David, who came to Little Rock from New Orleans. This dining establishment has been pleasing guests for 30 years. The Faded Rose is proud to prepare fresh steaks, and classic Creole, as well as a blend of spices to prepare their own sauces. Bring your team to experience the distinguished style of New Orleans inspired dishes. Open for lunch and dinner, the Faded Rose has an extensive menu. This menu includes appetizers, soup, salads, gumbo, beans, Rose’s Famous Steak Dinner, and more! This will be a fun outing for your team!  1619 Rebsamen Park Rd, Little Rock Arkansas

Three Fold Noodles + Dumplings Co.


Three Fold Noodles + Dumplings Co. is a Chinese inspired restaurant. Open for breakfast, this menu includes Breakfast Baozi. The sides include a Tea-Scented Egg. Breakfast is served Monday through Friday. For the lunch and dinner menu, guests can choose the level of spiciness and their choice of protein with each entree.  Located in a renovated bank, this is not your average Chinese food! This restaurant is closed Sundays. 611 South Main St. Little Rock, AR 72201=

Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a restaurant which captures the flavor of the deep south! This restaurant is known for their catfish, shrimp, oyster, crab, gumbo, and Po’boys. They offer an extensive and varied menu. Please note, that this restaurant uses peanut oil to fry. For those less adventurous, they also carry burgers and chicken tenders. The Flying Fish is home to the world’s first “Billy Bass Adoption Wall”. Any customer who donates a “Billy Bass” receives a free basket of catfish. Don’t forget about the “Liar’s Wall”. You can post your picture of yourself and your latest “catch” and lie about the size of the fish! The Flying Fish will be an experience of smiles for your team. 511 President Clinton Ave. Little Rock, AR 72201 (in the river market) 

Experience Verizon Soccer Field and the rest that the South has to offer and enjoy all the tastes and talents in the state of Arkansas. Your team will build life time memories and want to come again and again.