Waco Convention Center – Things To Do With Your Team

With a nickname like “Heart of Texas” you’d expect to have high expectations for your trip to Waco. Setting high expectations for anything can lead to disappointment at times. Your trip to Waco will be anything but though. When your team has a tournament at the Waco Convention Center, they’ll be in for one heck of a treat. Not only is the convention center a top notch facility, but the surrounding area is brimming with tons of entertainment options and fantastic restaurants. You won’t want to leave Waco once you start having fun.


Things to Do

McLane Stadium

Waco Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsWaco residents bleed gold and green. They are passionate about Baylor University’s sports teams. Aside from basketball, football is Baylor’s go-to sport to watch. Any teams visiting Waco during the college football season should try and get to a Baylor football game at McLane Stadium. If you want to go all out and show off your love for the Bears, you can hit up the shop for some shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and other clothing and knick-knacks. Come game time, the stadium will be filled with pumped, screaming fans, excited for the awesome spectacle that is Baylor football.

If you can’t make it to a game, you can still check out McLane Stadium by going on a tour. The tour shows off the beauty of McLane Stadium in roughly an hour and a half. You’ll start out by seeing the commons area, press box, and president’s box. Already, you will visit parts of the stadium that fans on game day aren’t allowed to access. Then, your tour guide will show you the locker rooms. Finally, they will take you on the field itself! After the tour, you can appreciate the view of the Brazos River. It runs right along the stadium, and the grounds outside of McLane are also great for a leisurely stroll if it’s nice out. This is the perfect place to go after you finish up at the Waco Convention Center. 1001 S M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Waco, TX 76704


Cameron Park Zoo

This is a must see while you’re near the Waco Convention Center. Cameron Park Zoo has 14 exhibits including African Savanna, Asian Forest, and White Rhinoceros Habitat. Each habitat will captivate you with its array of animals. The zoo divides its animals into five classes. Notable mammals you will want to see are Jaguars, Sumatra Tigers, African Lions, Elephants, and Reticulated Giraffes. The reptiles are another class you can expect to see at Cameron Park Zoo. King Cobras, Galapagos Tortoises, and others will keep you interested for quite a while. Besides these two classes, the zoo also has a large variety of birds, amphibians, and fish. Cameron Park Zoo has events throughout the year that your team can be a part of too. Admission is very reasonable and they even have group rates for parties that have 21 or more people. 1701 N 4th St, Waco, TX 76707


Waco River Safari

Not only can you leave the Waco Convention Center behind once you finish up for the day, you can leave land all together on the Waco River Safari. Interested in a tour? You have two kinds to choose from. The two hour scenic package is perfect for groups who are simply looking to enjoy the sights of the city and learn about its history. Find out how the Brazos River shaped Waco while you see the sights and take pictures of the suspension bridge, McLane Stadium, and numerous nature settings. You may even spot some wildlife like majestic blue herons, turtles basking in the sun, mischievous raccoons, and many others while you sail down the river.

For those who would rather see Waco at night, the two and a half hour sunset package is the way to go. You’ll enjoy all the same sights as the scenic package, but instead of learning about the history of Waco from one of the knowledgeable tour guides, you and your team will get treated to a dinner of cheeseburgers and fries from Bubba’s 33. Baylor Basin, Waco, TX, 76704


Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Football may reign supreme in Texas, but Texans are passionate about all of their sports, both on the collegiate and professional level. This fact is quite evident at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. The hall of fame grows every year as new inductees are brought in. Your team can learn about Texas’ athletes throughout history all in one convenient place. Explore all of the halls and check out the massive collection of Texas sports memorabilia and information. All of the major Texas universities’ sports programs are honored there, as well as every professional Texas sports team.

The major athletes from each sport have their own displays too. From pro football player LaDainian Tomlinson who calls Texas home to legendary NFL coach Tom Landry, the Texas Sports Hall of Fame has it all. Kids will love running the miniature football field or trying the virtual pitching game. The Hall of Fame hosts multiple tours which require a minimum of either 15 or 20 people. To qualify for discounted admission, groups must consist of at least 10 people. 1108 S University Parks Dr, Waco, TX 76706


Dr. Pepper Museum

Any soda drinkers, specifically Dr. Pepper fans on your team? If so, than leave the Waco Convention Center behind and stop by the Dr. Pepper Museum. For any groups of at least 10 people, you have two ways to see the museum, either as a self-guided or guided tour. People with an interest in science are going to want to head to the Liquid Laboratory. There, you are treated to shows on a multitude of subjects. One being ways and dishes where you could incorporate Dr. Pepper into your cooking. Another discusses the connection between smell and taste. A third delves into one of soda’s most important ingredients, carbon dioxide. A fourth show is all about the world of soda flavors.

The Liquid Laboratory isn’t the only place in the museum that your team will want to visit however. Anyone stopping by on Friday through Sunday can be a part of one of the museum’s gallery talks. These talks are on a number of topics, such as the architecture of the Dr. Pepper factory, the once renowned World’s Fair, the role of Free Enterprise and how it relates to Dr. Pepper, and more. Admission into the museum is very affordable, and any groups of 10 or more will receive a group discount. 300 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76701


Waco Escape Rooms

Waco Escape Room has four escape rooms available, three of which are suitable for your team.  Code Breaker puts your wits to the test. See if you have what it takes to pass the test and become a spy. Mastaba gives you some insight on what it would be like to be prey. The crazed monster is coming for you. Can you solve the riddles and escape before he finds you? Waco Escape Room is a great option if you and your team are new to escape rooms. No defining theme, but a lot of fun mysteries and puzzles to solve; Waco Escape room is a smart option for escape room beginners. Each room has a time limit of 60 minutes and a recommended size limit, but that limit may be able to be raised.  Ask the staff for more info. 711 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701


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Places to Eat

Barnett’s Public House

There’s no better place for a gourmet hotdog than Barnett’s Public House. This local eatery can be found close to the Waco Convention Center and they grill up more than just your average hotdog. Bite into a juicy Bratwurst, Banh Mi style hotdog, the Texan, or any of the other tasty dogs that Barnett’s offers. In addition to hotdogs, your team can order tacos, nachos, or flatbreads. Barnett’s also makes a killer bread pudding. 420 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701


Sascee’s Southern Style Eatery

Waco Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsPossibly the best kind of restaurant is one that offers a buffet. At Sascee’s Southern Style Eatery, that’s exactly what your team will get. Owners and husband and wife John and Marcia “Sascee” Neal cook up some of the best southern style cuisine that you’ll find in Waco. As you peruse the buffet, expect to see tons of chicken, pork, beef, and barbeque. Sascee’s also makes all of their tasty sides and plenty of homemade pies. 1824 W Waco Dr, Waco, TX 76701


Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant

Looking for something to eat with a little spice near the Waco Convention Center? Your search can end at Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant. Ninfa’s has all of the Mexican favorites on their menu. Whether you want tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, or any of the other delicious meals Ninfa’s has, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with your order. 220 S 3rd St, Waco, TX 76701


Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe

Nothing beats a classic, quality sandwich from a deli. When you’re in the mood for an awesome sandwich, Schmaltz’s Sandwich Shoppe can hook you up. The secret to Schmaltz’s sandwiches is the bread. Their homemade bread enhances all of their sandwiches and takes them to the next level. No matter what your sandwich preference is, Schmaltz’s can deliver. 105 S 5th St, Waco, TX 76701


Whatever you decide to do in Waco, you can count on your team having a lot of fun. The area near the Waco Convention Center is packed with all sorts of thrilling attractions and awesome restaurants. Take advantage of all the free time you have and see as many of Waco’s sights as you can on your trip.