Wilmington Convention Center – Things To Do With Your Team

You and the team will have a blast if you’re heading to Wilmington for a tournament. This gorgeous city set along Cape Fear River will entertain you from the first second to the last.

Named the “best American riverfront” by USA Today, Wilmington boasts a wonderful walkway adjacent to Cape Fear River and runs by the Wilmington Convention Center. Wilmington is also home to America’s second largest domestic television and movie production facility, which means you might spot some Hollywood actors while you’re there.


Things to Do

Museum of the Bizarre

Enter a world where the unusual and inexplicable are explored and showcased for all onlookers to see at the Museum of the Bizarre.

Not far from the Wilmington Convention Center you and your team will discover exhibits and sights like you’ve never encountered before. See the mysterious Fort Fisher Mermaid. Gaze at a footprint belonging to the elusive Big Foot or gander at the Crystal Skull of Knowledge. The great magician Houdini’s ouija board can be found there as well. Anyone who is a movie buff will appreciate the extensive collection of movie props that the museum has on display.

There’s plenty more odd and eerie exhibits at the Museum of the Bizarre awaiting for your team to uncover and gawk at. Keep your eyes peeled and let your imagination run wild during your visit. 201 S Water St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Wilmington Railroad Museum

Trains seem to be a very common interest among kids. Maybe it’s due to blaring horns or the elegance of steam engines and locomotives of the past. Or, maybe it’s because of the sheer awesomeness of the modern high-speed trains. Regardless of why children universally love trains, it’s a cool topic to learn about.

Bring your team to the Wilmington Railroad Museum to indulge their fascination of trains. As you approach the museum, you’ll be greeted by a red caboose car and a steam engine. You can even enter various train cars with your team while you’re all there.

Aside from the train cars, the museum has displays of a lot of artifacts dating back all the way to 1840. Antique luggage, old train lanterns, and even some interesting lesser-known information on the history of hobos and freight hoppers are available for you to enjoy at your own pace.

It also comes as no surprise that the Wilmington Railroad Museum owns a plethora of model trains and towns. These elaborate setups can be found all over the building. Guided tours are offered for any groups of 10 or more and group discounts are offered. 505 Nutt St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Halyburton Park

Mix things up a bit while you’re enjoying some downtime away from the Wilmington Convention Center. Instead of heading to an indoor attraction, bask in the sunshine and warm North Carolinian weather at Halyburton Park.

This park has a diversity of activities available, so everyone will be pleased with a trip there. Learn about some wildlife and the environment at the park’s nature preserve. You’ll leave with a newfound appreciation of the world around you.

Halyburton provides numerous playground areas that are perfect for letting your kids use some of their pent up energy and blow off some steam after a long day at the convention center. If you’d prefer to take a relaxing stroll around the park, you’re in luck. There are multiple trail systems you can utilize that take you all around Halyburton. This park can even function as a great spot to eat a meal outdoors with your team. 4099 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC 28412



Wilmington Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsSo, you have a tournament at the Wilmington Convention Center, which is near the acclaimed “best riverfront in America?” With a title like that, it sounds like you should go see it for yourself.

The Riverwalk may only encompass a mile of the spectacle that is Cape Fear River, but within that mile-long boardwalk are some serene sights to behold. This is an excellent attraction when you only have a little time, or are looking for something relaxing to do.

Lining the boardwalk are shops and restaurants, making it easy to grab quick bite or sit down as a team and have a nice dinner. Battleship North Carolina is also able to be seen from the boardwalk, giving you a cool angle to admire the ship and snap some photos of it. The closest entrance near the convention center is located behind the Hilton Wilmington Riverside hotel. 301 N Water St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Cape Fear Museum

The Cape Fear Museum has the capability to keep your team engaged for quite a while because of all the enthralling exhibits and activities offered. Couple that with the fact that it’s just a short walk away from the Wilmington Convention Center and you have a real winner of an attraction.

One of the most popular galleries is the spaced-themed learning center. Modeled after the International Space Station, this hands-on area is filled to the brim with spectacular gadgets. Your team can control a robotic arm and attempt to use it to complete challenges. Microscopic experiments are another neat thing to try while you’re there. Anyone who wants to learn more about the real International Space Station, the life of astronauts, and new Space Age technology is free to do so in this section of the museum.

As you’re walking around the museum, you very well may stumble upon the fossil arrangement of the giant ground sloth. This animal dates back a whopping million and a half years ago. Be thankful that sloths aren’t as big today!

Another major section of the museum you won’t want to miss is the Michael Jordan Discovery Gallery. This portion is all about nature and the ecosystems of the Wilmington area and North Carolina. Crawl inside a beaver lodge, feed a Venus flytrap, discover interesting facts about plants and animals, and so much more. Who knew learning could be so fun? Cape Fear Museum does offer group discounts. 814 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401


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Places to Eat

Copper Penny

The menu at Copper Penny is diverse and full of food items that would please any team. Some of their delicious starters include nachos, baked meatballs, and buffalo shrimp. For the main course there are more than enough dishes to choose from. A laundry list of burgers, sandwiches, and some very savory wings will please even the pickiest of eaters. 109 Chestnut St, Wilmington, NC 28402


Cousins Italian Deli

Found only a few blocks from the Wilmington Convention Center is Cousins Italian Deli. The majority of their menu consists of sandwiches, but these aren’t your everyday, ordinary sandwiches. You’ll find a few breakfast sandwiches on the menu, but the real winners are the hot and cold lunch sandwiches.

Everyone one of these delectable sandwiches are made with fresh, quality ingredients and when assembled together will take your taste buds on a journey that you won’t soon forget. 7 N 3rd St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Platypus & Gnome

Wilmington Convention Center - Travel - Hotels4TeamsEasily the most uniquely named restaurant you’ll go to in Wilmington, maybe ever, Platypus & Gnome cooks up some amazing meals that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other establishments.

Starting with appetizers, a go-to for many customers is their candied bacon. This sweet, smoky bacon is topped with pecans and a maple bourbon glaze. It’s to die for.

There are a few off the wall burger recipes like an elk burger and a turkey andouille burger. Platypus & Gnome also gives you the option of customizing your own burger. Some scrumptious sandwiches are never a bad pick either.

Probably the most decadent entrée on the menu is the Turducken. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. Platypus & Gnome’s take on this over the top dish is sure to please. 9 S Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Stuffedwich Sandwich Shop

Take a trip to Stuffedwich Sandwich Shop whenever you only have a little time before you’re needed back at the Wilmington Convention Center. This quick and easy sandwich spot has a very large menu. There is good selection of hot and cold sandwiches, hamburgers, wraps, and salads.

Stuffedwich also has a few kids options, some breakfast sandwiches, and allows you to create your own sandwich from the kind of bread, cheese, meats, and other ingredients. 11 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401


Wilmington is a city full of fun activities for you and your team to enjoy. The Wilmington Convention Center is located right in Wilmington’s vibrant downtown, directly next to one of the country’s most remarkable riverfront views. It’s a great city to explore with your team.