Wisconsin Center – Things To Do With Your Team

One of the more elegant looking convention centers you’ll ever see, the Wisconsin Center located in downtown Milwaukee is not only cool to look at, it’s an efficiently run facility. There’s more than enough room to house a tournament at the Wisconsin Center, seeing as there’s over 188,000 square feet of exhibit space and almost 40,000 square feet of ballrooms.

The Wisconsin Center isn’t the only thing you should plan on checking out though. Take a walk around the nearby area of Milwaukee and you will discover some thrilling attractions that the team will want to go see. Just remember if you’re visiting the during the colder months, pack warm. It gets cold up in Wisconsin!


Things to Do

Milwaukee Public Museum

No matter your team’s ages or interests, Milwaukee Public Museum has something that will fascinate and inspire awe for everyone. With over four million specimens housed throughout three and a half floors, this museum is no slouch.

One of the museum’s most popular exhibits goes by the name of The Third Planet. The focus of this display is the massive change in the Earth millions of years ago and how plate tectonics affected and shaped the world we know today. Guests can explore a limestone cave while they learn about the planet of the past.

The Third Planet is also where you’d find the largest known T. rex skull in the world. Some other life-sized dinosaur replicas are displayed in this exhibit as well. The sheer size of these models really put things into perspective about how large dinosaurs were.

Anyone who is interested in insects is going to want to spend some time in Bugs Alive! 13 different species are housed in terrariums for your viewing pleasure. Observe the tough-to-find Walkingstick. This bug is an expert in camouflage and specializes in disguising itself like a stick or leaf to hide from predators. The colorful jade-headed buffalo beetle is another favorite to keep your eye out for.

Other exhibits you’ll find at Milwaukee Public Museum are a tropical butterfly garden, reproductions of streets in Milwaukee from the 19th century, and displays of every continent and the oceans where you’ll encounter native animal models accompanied by the topography you’d find them in the wild.

After finishing your walkthrough of the museum, don’t forget to stop by the domed theater, the 2 and 3D theater, or planetarium. All three of these  play shows on topics such as venturing through space, gazing at the night sky, and going back in time to sightsee in a world full of dinosaurs. Any groups with 10 or more can quality for group rates. 800 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53233


The Shops of Grand Avenue

In a bit of a time crunch? Do you only have an hour or so before you’re needed back at the Wisconsin Center? The Shops of Grand Avenue are only a five-minute walk away. This three-floor mall has all the stores you could want; over 80 of them in fact.

You can spend as little as a half hour there, just getting a bite to eat, or you can go with the intention of shopping a bit and making an afternoon out of it. The Shops are so close to the Wisconsin Center that you may very well find yourself going there multiple times because of how convenient it is.

If you aren’t in a rush to return to the Wisconsin Center and want to have some mind puzzling fun at the mall, check out Escape Chambers. This escape room has four rooms your team can choose from. Make sure to bring your thinking caps; you might need them. Whatever your interests are, you can find stores and activities at The Shops at Grand Avenue that will entice you. 275 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203


Harley-Davidson Museum

Any fans of motorcycles are going to want to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum. Honoring the historic American company’s rise to prominence as the most renowned motorcycle manufacturer, this unique museum houses more Harley’s under one roof than you’ve most likely seen in your lifetime.

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Find out about the thrill-seeking bike racers who used to speed around a track on motorcycles without brakes and the earlier Harley models that they drove. Many one-of a-kind custom bikes are scattered all over the museum, all of which warrant a moment of appreciation.

The focus of the Harley-Davidson Museum is obviously the evolution of their motorcycles. But, as you walk through each room, you will also learn a lot about the growth of the company and how it became such a resounding success.

Those who get inspired by the awesome custom bikes can take  create their very own Harley. Utilizing a tablet, you can build your own motorcycle and modify it however you want. Anyone interested in group tours of the facility will need a party of at least 12 people. 400 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53201


Milwaukee RiverWalk

Carve out a little time to decompress and relax during an otherwise hectic trip by taking a stroll along the Milwaukee River at the Milwaukee RiverWalk. Spanning 20 blocks  running north to south right near the Wisconsin Center, this paved walkway provides not only scenic views of the river and the city, but statues like the famous Bronze Fonz and displays of local artists’ works.

The RiverWalk is divided into a few sections: downtown, historic Third Ward, and Beerline B. Each area presents a different look of Milwaukee and is a testament to how diverse the city is. Get some fresh air at the Milwaukee RiverWalk while you have a tournament at the Wisconsin Center. Entrance near 106 W Wells St, Milwaukee, WI 53203


Discovery World

Part science center, part aquarium, Discovery World attracts visitors of all ages because of its engaging exhibits. Experiment with the laws of physics through various hands-on contraptions. You can launch rockets, fly air cars around a circuit, or play around with electromagnetism, all in the name of science. Experience a sight most people never get to see and enter the inside of a nuclear reactor. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe, and really cool too. The science center has even meticulously constructed a replica schooner ship that you and your team can climb aboard and investigate.

Quite possibly Discovery World’s most popular attraction, the aquarium portion houses many kinds of marine life. Tanks occupied by animals from the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and the Great Lakes are swimming around, waiting for you to go see them.

Many of these tanks are of the look, don’t touch variety, but there’s one spot where you can handle as much as you’d like. The touch pool area lets guests pet creatures like sting rays, sea urchins, and sturgeons, all while a staff member educates you on animals in the tank.  Discovery World is one attraction you won’t want to miss out on when you’re in Milwaukee. 500 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Pabst Mansion

Is your dream to live in a giant mansion with dozens of rooms and a big chunk of property? Well unfortunately, a trip to Milwaukee can’t quite achieve that for you. However, you can take a tour of one of these amazing houses if you visit Pabst Mansion.

The home of the Pabst family, most famously Frederick Pabst the owner and original brewer of Pabst Brewing Company, the Pabst Mansion tour is a culmination of the family’s history and the growth of the Pabst Brewing Company. Enjoy a 75-minute guided tour of this gigantic house and get a taste of the high life while you learn all there is to know about the history of the Pabst family and their successful brewery. 2000 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53233


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Places to Eat


Fully customizable and made just how you like it, Build-a-Breakfast/Build-a-Burger is all about options. You can order breakfast at eight at night or a hamburger at nine in the morning.

On the breakfast menu, you’ll find dishes like biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and chicken and waffles. You always have the option to build a breakfast burrito or omelet if you’re in the mood for something specific.

Same goes for BB’s burgers. Pick from a selection burger patties, sauces, toppings, and buns. At BB’s you really can have a burger exactly how you like it. There are also a couple pool tables in the restaurant to enhance the dining experience even more. 633 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Milwaukee Brat House

You can’t visit the Wisconsin Center without trying a Wisconsin classic, the bratwurst. Milwaukee Brat House is just the place to do so if you’re nearby at the Wisconsin Center.

You’ll find 15 varieties of sausages at the Brat House. It’s going to be tough to decide which one to order. To go along with your brat, you need to get some cheese curds. You don’t want to miss out on the full Wisconsin cuisine experience.

Some other well-known menu items at the Brat House that are worth your consideration are Fritos pie, a jumbo Bavarian pretzel, and many of their sandwiches and burgers. 1013 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53203


Calderone Club

Who doesn’t like Italian food? If your team is craving some while you’re at the Wisconsin Center, take a trip to Calderone Club.

Cooking up authentic Italian pasta, meatballs, chicken, and veal dishes, this place has all the hits to please the team. Calderone Club offers some specialty pizzas too, available in three sizes: junior, medium, and large. 842 N Old World 3rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53203


The Soup House

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It can get a bit chilly in Milwaukee. Nothing can warm you up like a hot bowl of soup from The Soup House. Their soup recipes are as eclectic as their décor, but rest assured because the crazy combinations of ingredients they combine make for some delicious soups.

The Soup House doesn’t have a set menu, but instead offers six different soups every day of the week. Each week they put out a new menu. Some of the fan favorites like buffalo chicken and chicken soup appear very frequently, but others are a bit rarer in terms of how often they are on the menu.

The Soup House is primarily a lunch spot and consequently, is only open until two in the afternoon. Only cash is accepted. 324 E Michigan St, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Use the Wisconsin Center’s central location to your advantage when you’re there for a tournament with your team. You won’t run out of things to do because there’s simply more attractions to visit than you could in one trip. Remember to get a taste of some Wisconsin delicacies while you’re there.