Woods Tennis Center, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, is a public park. This public park offers either partial or full scholarships to both children and adults in order to pursue their learning of tennis. In addition, tennis rackets and free court time are made available for residents in the immediate vicinity.

Observing the community oriented activities at Woods Tennis Center, one is able to appreciate their motto, “Taking the Game to the Community.” Besides perks offered to local residents, classes are also provided to the general public.

Woods Tennis Center offers lessons available to children ages four to 15. These Junior Lessons” are operated in compliance with the USTA-ROGY Tennis guidelines, as well as the Missouri Valley ROGY Pathway. The USTA sponsors Free Play Days. These Free Play Days are available for youth every Friday. The Little Aces Class is designed for children ages four to six years of age, and assists them with body control and movement. Many more classes are offered for various childhood age groups and differing skill levels at Woods Tennis Center.


Things to do

Museum of American Speed

See an impressive array of historically notable cars near Woods Tennis Center at the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed. This museum was founded in 1992 by Bill and Joyce Smith. Today, this museum resides at the Speedway Motor’s campus, and is 150,000 square feet.

The goal of the Museum of American Speed is to present the chronology of racing engines, as well as to preserve materials significant to racing history. Replete with cars from every era, this museum is separated into two floors.

Are you and your team interested in learning about the origins of one of the most famous car shows? Known as “America’s Greatest Hot Rod Show,” the Detroit Autorama has been showcasing cars on an annual basis since the 1950s. If your team would like to learn about some of the earliest luxury cars, head on over to the luxury cars exhibit. This exhibit focuses on the Dusenberg, an automobile characterized by its lavish features, manufactured in 1913.

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When you have exhausted your learning capacity for opulent vehicles, race to the exhibit Legends of Racing. Featuring a 1965 Mustang GT and a Shelby Series 1 Roadster, Legends of Racing will have your team on the edge of their seats. The NASCAR exhibit showcases a replica of a 1956 Pontiac Sedan. If all this has not satiated your appetite for antique cars, another whole floor awaits your arrival upstairs.

On the second floor, your team will see another array of vintage vehicles. Come and see a 1932 Model T. Would you like to see one of the original hot rods? The Craig-Hunt T-Powered Race Car, was built for racing, but became a hot rod.

The exhibit of the Ford Flathead V8 gives visitors the opportunity to see a “1950s roaring roadster.” Car enthusiasts may recognize the name Ford Flathead V8, as the line from which the Gran Torino came. A sports car, the Gran Torino has been immortalized in movie history in the 2008 film, Gran Torino. Your team is sure to appreciate this collection of historic cars. 599 Oak Creek Dr, Lincoln, NE 68528


Sun Valley Lanes

Sun Valley Lanes is a bowling alley, which is ideal for some lighthearted fun with your team, and it’s close by Woods Tennis Center. Praised as “Lincoln’s premiere bowling center,” Sun Valley Lanes features Xtreme Bowling twice a week. During Xtreme Bowling, 32 lanes are transformed into a glow-in-the-dark extravaganza. Sunday Nights are known as Sunday Spectacular. Guests have the opportunity to test their Xtreme bowling skills. In addition,

Wednesdays have been dubbed Wacky Wednesdays. This event takes place on Wednesday Night, and similarly transforms the bowling alley in glow-in-the-dark fluorescent lights. Xtreme Bowling Packages include two hours of bowling with free shoe and ball rental.

During the daytime hours from Monday through Friday, Sun Valley Lanes offers Lunch-n-Bowl. Participants receive two games of bowling, along with shoe rental and lunch. Apart from these fun activities, Sun Valley Lanes offers a variety of dining options.

Sun Valley Lanes offers catering for group events, including sports teams. Guests may choose from buffet or a la carte, to help them enjoy their event. Ever accommodating, Sun Valley Lanes features the Splitz Bar & Grill. This restaurant offers, pizza, french fries, wraps, and salads. They also offer fountain drinks. 321 Victory Ln, Lincoln, NE 68528


Defy Gravity

Visit a trampoline park in Lincoln, Nebraska known as Defy Gravity. With all the activities that this park has made available, it now stands at the summit of entertainment in Lincoln. Your team will love the high-spirited activities afforded to you by the various attractions.

A 24-foot, transparent duel climbing wall will test your scaling abilities. After you have reached new heights, you are invited to challenge yourself with Lazer Maze. The Vault Challenge was inspired by the movie, Mission: Impossible. This maze was created to test your agility. Participants must navigate through entwined laser beams. When players have successfully navigated through the laser beams, they will reach a bank vault full of holographic money. Participants are required to steal the money, and traverse the maze in order to return with the swindled cash.

Once you have completed this task, celebrate your achievement at the Open Jump. With 12,000 square feet of trampolines, this attraction is sure to entertain you and your team. While enjoying Open Jump, guests are invited to choose one of two trampoline games.

Dunk City features three dunk lanes and adjustable basketball hoops. Free Fall is a new attraction where visitors will be propelled from a trampoline into a huge air bag. Visitors who wish to participate in jumping actives must sign a waiver. Please check the website for more details. If you are finished with these activities, try the Japanese-inspired games.

The Ultimate Warrior Course is an obstacle course designed to challenge your entire body strength. Participants must swing themselves from trapezes suspended in midair onto a platform. During this obstacle course, guests are required to wear gravity socks. Please check the website for additional details.

If this obstacle course is too challenging, maybe you would like the Trampoline Ninja. In this interactive game, participants enter a trampoline-filled room. A voice emanates from one of the trampolines. It challenges the player to select the height they wish to jump. The player must then jump on top of the ninja stars, which randomly appear on the trampoline. Your team will be captivated by the exhilarating games offered at Defy Gravity! 345 Sporting Village Dr, Lincoln, NE 68502


Escape Lincoln

Escape Lincoln is ranked as one of the top escape rooms in Lincoln, Nebraska. Your team doesn’t have far to go from Woods Tennis Center to visit this thrilling attraction. Guests have 60 minutes to complete the various games.

Poe Nevermore is a new escape game. This game will transport visitors back in time to the year 1849. Edgar Allen Poe has recently died, and you are tasked with finding his last literary work.

From the middle of the 1800s, travel through time to the 1980s. In the escape game Retro Rush, a gaming legend has died and has left a 1980s themed dare for you and your team to complete. You will have one hour to solve the challenge so you and your team can claim a prize!

If you would like an adventure, come to Sideshow Curiosities. In this game, you and your group attend an old-fashioned carnival as it comes to town. After the festivities, you are invited backstage. However, when you reach your destination, you quickly discover that you have been locked inside.

Before your visit, please consult the website for details of the rules put in place by Escape Lincoln. 140 N 8th St, Lincoln, NE 68508


Champions Fun Center

Is your team excited for both indoor and outdoor fun near Woods Tennis Center? Look no further than Champions Fun Center. With so many attractions, your team will be eager to embark on such an exciting excursion.

For the thrill seekers on your team, come explore the four-story free fall. If guests have a further need of intense thrill, try a racing experience! Participants are welcome to race the go-karts at Champions Fun Center on a quarter-mile track; the longest track in Nebraska.

If you prefer a calmer activity, come relax with mini golf. This 18-hole course features a mini town. Surrounded by the mini town, guests peacefully putt through model light houses, over a bridge, and alongside a turning water mill.

If your team prefers to explore, come to Adventure Maze. Bounce inside a three-story maze and slide down a corkscrew slide! Champions Fun Center also offers batting cages, an arcade, and bowling. 1555 Yolande Ave, Lincoln, NE 68521


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Places to Eat

Honest Abe’s

Honest Abe’s is a family-friendly restaurant right by Woods Tennis Center that your team won’t want to miss! Their menu features a variety of comfort foods. Guests can choose from classic and rotating burgers, salads, french fries, handcrafted shakes, and more.

The culinary options on this menu will truly transform your teams dining experience into a fun and meaningful event! Ever accommodating, Honest Abe’s offers vegan and gluten free options on their menu. 126 N 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68508


The Oven

The Oven is an authentic Indian restaurant near Woods Tennis Center. Located in downtown Lincoln, this restaurant focuses on North Indian food.

Renowned for its rich colors and flavor profiles, Northern Indian food is traditionally cooked in an oven known as a Tandoor. At this restaurant, meat and seafood are marinated for hours in a combination of yogurt and spices. This food is then cooked in the tandoor, sealing in the spices. This restaurant uniquely prepares your menu items in this way.

Open for lunch and dinner, their extensive menu includes various appetizers and soups, house favorites, Indian bread, Tandoori cuisine, vegetarian entrees, and more. 201 North 8th Street, Lincoln, NE 68508


The Parthenon

You are invited to partake in a divine dining experience! The Parthenon, borrowing its name from the famous Greek Temple to the Goddess Athena, is an authentic Greek Restaurant.

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This popular restaurant was started by George and Mike Kazas, two sons of Greek immigrants. Taking pride in their restaurant, these entrepreneurs offer guests a chance to dine amidst beautiful flowers on their outdoor terrace.

Open for lunch and dinner, the menu items for this restaurant include a chicken gyro platter, mousaka, beef souvlaki, a falafel sandwich, horiatiki salad, and more. The Parthenon will also deliver your food to your car as part of their “carry out service.” 5500 S 56th St, Lincoln, NE 68516



daVinci’s is a family-owned Italian Restaurant. The same family who owns and oversees this restaurant also oversees Champions Fun Center. Opened in 1978, daVinci’s was modeled after the famous Italian painter, Leonardo DaVinci. Like the painter, the owners of this restaurant strive to achieve excellence in everything they do. The owners of daVinici’s pride themselves on preparing the freshest ingredients, and their sauces are made daily.

Open for lunch and dinner, menu items for this restaurant include pizza, baked pasta, hot hoagies, cheesesteaks, salads and soups, combo meals, and deserts. Feel free to ask daVinci’s to cater your special event. This restaurant also offers online ordering. 2901 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516


Woods Tennis Center, in Lincoln, Nebraska, is surrounded by fun activities and international restaurants. The American heartland has truly attracted a plethora of cultures, which continues to enrich its character.