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Father's Day: Three Recognizable Sports Dads - Hotels4Teams

Father’s Day: Three Recognizable Sports Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all of those awesome sports dads out there! Games wouldn’t be the same without you in the bleachers cheering on the team. This Father’s Day, we decided to take a look at three very recognizable sports dads that raised professional athletes.

Craziest NFL Coin Flips

Every NFL game starts off the same way: with a coin flip. Heads or tails. As simple as flipping a coin is, there have been a few mishaps over the years. Since today is Flip a Coin Day, let’s go back and take a look at the top three chaotic coin flip fumbles in NFL history.

Stephen Curry is Back!

Well folks, that’s probably a wrap on the Warriors-Rockets series. Stephen Curry is back ladies and gentlemen. After his second half performance in game 3, it looks like he’s back to 100%.

Shout-out to Team Moms

Today celebrates one of the most important people in everyone’s lives: mothers. To the moms that are always in the stands, getting snacks ready for the team, and chauffeuring kids to and from practice. Thank you!

Around the NHL Playoffs

It’s tough to keep up with the NHL playoffs. With at least one series playing every night, very few can find time to watch all the games. If you’re looking for an update on every series, you’ve found it.

Around the NBA Playoffs

It’s tough to keep up with the NBA playoffs. With at least one series playing every night, very few can find time to watch all the games. If you’re looking for an update on every series, you’ve found it.

Donovan Mitchell’s Awesome Dunk in Game 2 vs Rockets

It may have been Joe Ingle’s night with a career-high 27 points for the Utah Jazz, but Donovan Mitchell had the sickest play of Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals. The rookie had a nasty one-handed putback dunk after missing a shot in the paint.

You have to check this play out.

NFL Round 1 Grades

Missed round one of the NFL Draft last night? See all the picks here, as well as analysis on whether each player was a good pickup or not.

Maple Leafs Extend Series to Game 7 vs. Bruins

The NHL playoffs has its first game 7 courtesy of the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1 victory yesterday over the Boston Bruins. In every sport, momentum is a contributing factor. In playoff hockey, it’s more than that. The Bruins may have the home field advantage going into game 7, but the Leafs definitely have momentum on […]

Oakland A’s Pitcher Sean Manaea Throws Season’s First No-Hitter vs. Red Sox

After Saturday, it’s pretty easy to pick out the Oakland A’s best moment of the season thus far: pitcher Sean Manaea recording a no-hitter against the seemingly indomitable Boston Red Sox. Not only was Manaea’s performance a highlight for the A’s, but the 2018 season as a whole. This was the first no-hitter of the […]

Shohei Ohtani Wants to Up His Playing Time

The start of the baseball season always dominates sports headlines. But as far as the 2018 season goes, Shohei Ohtani has monopolized baseball talk. It’s no surprise why. Just two weeks into the season, the two way star is being lauded as the second coming of Babe Ruth. Let that sink in for a moment. […]

Kyrie Irving Out for Rest of Season

The Boston Celtics’ regular season is ending the same way it started, with a devastating injury to one of their key players. Starting out with small forward Gordon Hayward dislocating his ankle in the very first game of the season to Kyrie Irving, the Celtics starting point guard and widely agreed upon best player, being […]

Ravens Sign RGIII to One Year Deal

Robert Griffin III has been given another chance to return to the gridiron after signing a one year deal with the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday April 4th.  After not being on an NFL roster in 2017, RGIII has been chomping at the bit to play football again. In an interview with ESPN last December, RGIII […]